"Aminexil" for hair: description, preparations, instructions for use, reviews

In the article, we will consider how to use Aminexil for hair.

Nowadays, people often suffer from baldness. The main reason for this pathological phenomenon is the presence in the scalp of too high a number of hormones that can destroy hair rods and bulbs.

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The growth and development of hair is significantly affected by lifestyle: poor sleep, frequent stressful conditions, unbalanced nutrition. Manufacturers of the most famous cosmetic brands produce a unique product “Amineksil” for hair, the action of which is aimed at combating hair loss. This drug in a short time helps to restore hair on the head.

Cosmetic Characteristics

Aminexil hair treatment product is available in the form of a liquid, the main substance of which is a substance derived from minoxidil. It is highly effective in solving hair problems and is used in the treatment of baldness.

At the same time, experts prescribe it even in cases when there is almost no hair left on the head. The composition of this lotion contains many different vitamins and minerals that actively influence the development of follicles and hair growth.

Aminexil hair softener softens the skin, fixes hair at the roots, enriches their composition, and promotes growth. The drug does not allow collagen to harden, which allows vitamins and minerals to flow freely to the hair follicles.

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Release form and terms of use

The drug for the treatment of alopecia is made in ampoules. The necessary course of treatment is prescribed by the doctor after a diagnostic study. In this case, one of the prerequisites for successful therapy is to follow the instructions of a specialist. Usually this tool is used 1 time for three days for 2.5 months.

Using this lotion is easy. The tool is recommended to carefully rub into the skin of the head, massaging it with light movements. After this procedure, the liquid should not be washed off.

Aminexil preparations produced by different brands are almost no different from each other. Ampoules contain approximately 1.5% of the main active element, the rest are excipients. The products of all these firms are in great demand in the market.

Aminexil Advants

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Concentrated indelible care in ampoules Aminexil Advanced - a revolutionary novelty from the French manufacturer of salon cosmetics "Loreal", designed to strengthen and intensive care for weak hair. The cosmetic formula for hair loss includes active substances, among which are a unique anti-aging component of omega-6 and an effective nutri complex, combined in optimal concentration for quick restoration of hair health. Aminexil hair ampoules from Loreal can be purchased in professional stores.

It should be noted that this cosmetic product does not eliminate the main causes of the disease. If baldness is caused by hormonal problems, then drugs can help strengthen the bulbs. At the same time, manufacturers do not guarantee that after a course of treatment the hair will not fall out further.

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This remedy for alopecia has undergone several studies, and today is in great demand among consumers. In addition, several clinical trials have been performed that have shown excellent results. The main substance minoxidil has been noted as an effective component against baldness.

Means "Amineksil" works effectively even in severe forms of the disease. However, the appointment should take into account the cause of the deterioration of the hair. If a cosmetic medicine did not give the expected result, then the cause of the development of alopecia is hidden in something else. In addition, this drug is not suitable for prophylactic use.

How to use to get the result

In most cases, after regular use of Lotion or Aminexil ampoules for 3-4 months, you can already see a real positive result.

It should be noted that at the beginning of treatment, the agent can initiate severe hair loss. This, as a rule, indicates that the drug has begun to perform its functions, so do not go into panic. The fact is that dead hair begins to actively fall out, and new healthy follicles are formed in their place.

Instructions for "Aminexil" from hair loss should be strictly observed.

If its use is discontinued without completing the course of therapy, the vasodilation also stops, so there will be no expected effect and after about six months the patient will get the initial result. In this regard, to obtain a beautiful lush hairstyle, it is recommended to adhere to the rules of the use of this drug.

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In the advertisement, one can see such a statement that the Aminexil hair loss remedy helps to solve a similar problem within 2 weeks, but this is impossible. This is due to the fact that this period is too short for the appearance of a new hair follicle. The first hairs can be seen only after at least two months.

This drug is contraindicated for allergic reactions.

Application for androgenetic alopecia

This disease in humans can occur due to the following reasons:

  • in men, a genetic predisposition to baldness (a very high probability of losing hair prematurely in those whose fathers bald early);
  • an excess of dihydrotestosterone in the body (sex hormone);
  • hyperfunction 5-alpha reductase (specific enzyme).

The enzyme 5-alpha reductase controls the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. With its high activity, the level of dihydrotestosterone in the body increases, which directly affects the development of hair follicles in such a way that they go into a calm state ahead of time. As a result, too much hair falls out, which is a sign of alopecia.

The use of Aminexil in this disease does not give a one hundred percent positive result, since the reason lies in the imbalance in the body's hormonal balance. Nevertheless, with a strong loss, it is possible to significantly slow down the process of dying of the bulbs and enhance the growth of new hair.

Other aminexil-based drugs

Today in the pharmaceutical market you can find the following drugs based on the active substance of the aminexil agent. These include:

  • Vichy Aminexil.
  • Dixidox DeLuxe Forte.
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According to the information from the patient’s reviews about Aminexil hair loss remedies, we can conclude that it does not have a positive effect in all cases of use. Many patients were satisfied with this drug and note that their hair began to recover gradually and become thicker. Another group of patients who had probable hormonal causes of alopecia, did not get a positive result when using this medication.

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