Camping in Crimea

Camping in the Crimea is a paradise for freedom-loving natures who do not tolerate hotel regimes and organized excursions. Camping is ideal for those who prefer to move freely at the call of their souls across the endless plain and mountain open spaces. This is also a great way to organize a very economical trip with an absolutely free route.

Camping in Crimea is the best solution for spending holidays with health benefits. Sea air, warmth, sun, sandy beaches - all this, surrounded by friends and the same freedom-loving neighbors, will save you from city dust and boredom.

Today, relaxation is quite expensive. Flights, hotels, excursions. Even the Crimean coast has ceased to please with democratic offers. But this is if you go through a travel agency. Camping in the Crimea is a completely different matter. Traveling with a company in your car will not hit your pocket, and living in tents will save money on a lot of all kinds of entertainment that the sea coast offers.

Prices for accommodation in tent towns are several times lower than hotel rates. For campers and campers, prices are even lower.

Experienced tourists choose campsites on such grounds as proximity to water, the presence of shade during hot hours, population density (the smaller the better the rest), the absence of discos (which kill the opportunity to enjoy nature), the beauty of the landscape, the presence of a dining room, stationary toilets and showers low prices.

Those who already know what campsites are in Crimea are aware that the conditions they offer are quite comfortable. Do not think that tents are just a sleeping bag. In organized campsites for a completely ridiculous fee, tourists are given mattresses, pillows, fresh linens, bedside tables. There are beds in tents. Showers with hot water are nearby. Also nearby are toilets, washbasins, children's, football and volleyball courts, left-luggage offices, parking, gazebos, places for making bonfires and so on. In general, the conditions are even too comfortable to feel all the charm of a "wild holiday".

In tents offered by the most advanced campsites, as a rule, there is electricity, sockets, a refrigerator. From the infrastructure - a shop, a dining room. More simple tent camps are suitable for unassuming tourists. Well, those who want to combine comfort and freedom need to choose a more publicized campsite, for example, camping on the Golden Beach in Feodosia.

But camping in the Crimea is still not primarily comfort, but freedom. This is an opportunity to feel like a savage in the open air, on the coast of a vast sea, near a fire that thousands of years ago our primitive ancestors also kindled.

Crimea camping Lazurny is located on the very shore of the Black Sea, near Feodosia. Here, travelers are also offered all the amenities on the campsite. There are houses without amenities and cottages with amenities to choose from. Nearby is a market, department stores and grocery stores. On the territory there are a dining room, showers, a parking lot, table tennis, cafes, bars, a bus stop. This is one of the most popular youth campsites of Crimea.

But camping in the reserve Tikhaya Bay offers completely different conditions. There is only a unique nature and no achievements of human civilization in the form of showers, toilets and other signs of a comfortable life. This is an option for radical "savages" who want to test their strength and live really simply in nature.

Another camping site near Feodosia is located in Koktebel. Here, except for tents, there are houses. Convenient gravel driveway is in good condition in any weather. There is also a wild parking lot, but it is much more difficult to drive up to it. But to the center of Koktebel from the campsite is only five minutes walk.


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