Electronic bidding - how to participate? Step-by-step instructions, trading floors

Today, government procurement is considered a more effective tool to support business than benefits or subsidies. There is also such a norm that municipal and state customers are obliged to place about 10-20% of the annual volume of deliveries of finished products, the provision of services and the performance of work with representatives of small businesses. The calculation in this case is very simple: small and medium-sized businesses often use narrow specialization. In other words, they have a small assortment of goods that are characterized by high quality. However, only large enterprises can contain a special structural unit that would organize participation in electronic bidding. They also track government orders and timely submit relevant applications.

electronic bidding how to participate step by step instructions

Electronic bidding: how to participate

Step-by-step instructions today are quite common on thematic sites and forums. Let's try to understand this procedure in more detail.

An order is placed by a state or municipal enterprise in several ways:

- through bidding;

- request for quotes;

- purchase from a single supplier.

However, there are certain limitations to the last two procedures. So, a request for quotations is applicable only if there are lots at a cost of up to 500,000 rubles. Purchasing from a single supplier is carried out according to a limited range of goods, which may require evaluation both by price and by a variety of other criteria. Often, this procedure is carried out during procurement in the defense industry, science or high technology.

electronic trading platforms

Electronic auction as an effective tool

In modern business environment, electronic trading floors are the main way to place a government order. Their share today is almost 60% of the total trading amount. This type of auction is considered a highly effective tool in the fight against corruption. The advantage of this system is the anonymity of the participants, transparency of information and high competition. Electronic trading platforms allow you to prevent any bribes at the initial stage.

Auction Search

electronic trading floors Sberbank
What are electronic biddings, how to participate, step-by-step instructions - all information about this can be found on the official websites, where notices of auctions are published. Moreover, they should be placed no less than 7-20 days before the deadline for filing applications, depending on the initial price. The following electronic trading floors are known:

- Sberbank;

- "RTS-tender";

- MICEX "Public procurement."

Each of these sites has its own auction register. These sites are equipped with a convenient search form. Also, a consolidated list of auctions is on the corresponding information site of the Russian Federation. The search can be carried out immediately according to several criteria, which greatly facilitates the process of determining the desired lot.

The Ministry of Economic Development is responsible for the legal regulation of state orders. The Federal Antimonopoly Service monitors the placement of orders.

Digital Signature Processing

This procedure must be completed if the business entity is going to participate in electronic bidding. You can purchase such an electronic digital signature in any certified center that has the appropriate accreditation on the trading platform where the company or individual entrepreneur is going to bid. The addresses of such certified centers by region can be found on the public procurement website.

An electronic digital signature is issued within three business days. It allows the document to be assigned an electronic status in legal form, which is a confirmation of the participant’s material liability for decisions made during the bidding process.

electronic bidding of seized property


No business entity has the right to participate in the auction without appropriate accreditation at the site where electronic bidding takes place. How to participate, step-by-step instructions on entry - all this corresponds to each individual trading platform.

In general terms, this procedure goes like this. You must go to the official website of a particular site, fill out a special form for accreditation, as well as an application to open an appropriate account. An appropriate package of documents (constituent documents, extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, a protocol on the appointment of the head of the enterprise and a power of attorney for the right to participate in tenders) must be attached. In this case, the applicant for accreditation must fulfill the special requirements that are presented by the trading floors.

Within five days, the site operator considers the application and confirms the possibility of accreditation or refuses, which should contain special comments with a note of the mistakes made. Electronic trading floors do not impose any restrictions on the number of accreditation attempts. However, it will still take five business days to review each subsequent application.

After accreditation, each participant will create a personal account on the trading floor. Its functionality allows you to submit applications for participation in electronic auctions, take direct part in them, as well as submit requests for clarification of tender documents.

Transfer funds to the account

This is the next step that is necessary to ensure your participation in electronic bidding. If electronic bidding and auctions are held among representatives of small businesses, then such a payment should be about 2% of the maximum initial cost of the entire order. Other cases involve the payment of 5% of this order value. After the end of the auction, the amount will be unlocked, and it can be withdrawn from the account.

Only after the receipt of money to the electronic site account does the participant have the opportunity to send an application to participate in the auction.

Increase-Oriented Bidding

Carrying out various marketing research aimed at ensuring the expansion of the list of potential customers and monitoring prices is one of the services provided by trading platforms. Electronic auctions are not just an effective tool to reduce costs during the procurement of goods, but also a means of maximizing profits in the process of their “increase” prices when selling property or rental services.

electronic trading platforms rosseltorg

Electronic bidding at the Sberbank site

Sberbank-AST electronic trading floors have been operating since 2009.
This business entity is one of the three largest operators in conducting electronic open bidding. He also has the right to conclude state contracts for the supply of goods, the performance of work and the provision of services for federal needs. The main purpose of this electronic site is to place orders for municipal and state needs. At the same time, Sberbank-AST organizes electronic auctions for commercial entities with the provision of personal electronic platforms for large customers.

Electronic Trading Platforms "Rosseltorg"

This is one of the largest electronic bidding operators. It is known as the "Single Electronic Marketplace."

Rosseltorg electronic trading floors are characterized by rich experience in conducting auctions, an extensive staff of highly qualified specialists and unique technological solutions. This company seeks to outpace the positive dynamics of the public procurement market. Constantly modernizes its infrastructure, as well as implements innovative solutions in order to ensure reliable protection of the entire electronic bidding process.

electronic bidding association

MICEX trading floors

The MICEX electronic trading platform is authorized to organize open electronic auctions. As mentioned above, it is among the five federal trading floors in electronic form. ETS CJSC is the operator of this platform, which conducts electronic trading. How to participate? Step-by-step instructions for this trading platform are on the official site of the MICEX Group.

This group is an exchange structure that provides, on the basis of a single platform, relevant services for organizing clearing, electronic trading, as well as information and depository services. Within the framework of the MICEX, work is being carried out simultaneously on several market segments (stock market, foreign exchange, money and commodity markets).

The structure of this group includes a branch network of exchange centers located in St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Samara and Nizhny Novgorod.

Electronic bidders have the following features:

- have the right to access information about various open electronic auctions that are held on the MICEX trading platform;

- may take part in an electronic auction in accordance with the rules of the relevant Regulations;

- Feel confident that the rules for electronic auctions are the same for all bidders.

Sale of seized property

In the conditions of modern business, the problem of non-repayment of leasing and bank loans is of particular relevance. The most common material damage compensation tool for financial institutions is the electronic bidding of seized property. The sale of such property may be of interest to a wide range of individuals. Moreover, in practice, the Russian Federation lags significantly behind European states, where the sale of collateral by banks has long been regulated by a well-established mechanism. Electronic bidding of seized property greatly simplifies the process of its implementation.

For banking institutions, this form of implementation is beneficial. Indeed, for them, the seized property is a kind of “ballast”, since its maintenance leads to an increase in unproductive expenses.

It is also necessary to remember that the prices of the sold seized property are often underestimated, as banking institutions need to sell it as quickly as possible.

electronic bidding and auctions

Electronic Marketplace Association

The Electronic Tendering Association is an integration of several shopping and procurement systems.

The work of these associations is carried out in the following areas:

- the formation of an effective regulatory system for corporate and public procurement;

- standardization of working methods associated with the use of electronic digital signatures on trading floors;

- providing relevant and high-quality procurement information.

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