How to turn on the water heater: recommendations for the operation of the device

Unfortunately, the residents of most modern multi-storey buildings are familiar with the problem of periodic shutdown of hot water. Therefore, many citizens who do not want to put up even with short-term inconveniences, acquire boilers. But for comfortable operation it is not enough just to install the device, you also need to know how to turn on the water heater correctly.

how to turn on the water heater

First start up

It should be understood that the installation of a boiler must be handled by a qualified specialist. Otherwise, the device will lose the right to warranty service and repair. The first launch of the equipment is also desirable to entrust the master. However, if this moment has already been missed, then you can do it yourself.

Before turning on the water heater, it is necessary to check the quality of installation and make sure there are no leaks. To do this, you need to draw water into the device disconnected from the network. To understand when the tank is completely filled with water, you must always open the hot tap. Water flowing out of it will be a signal that the boiler is full. After this, it is necessary to screw on the tap and carefully inspect the equipment. After making sure that there are no leaks at the connection points, you can connect the equipment to the mains and set the desired temperature for heating the water.

how to turn on the water heater

How to use a working boiler?

It's one thing to figure out how to turn on a storage water heater. But many are wondering how it should work so that you can save energy. Today, there are two diametrically opposing opinions about the operation of the device. So, some people argue that it is more economical to turn off the boiler at a time when they are not used. In fact this is not true. It is much easier for the device to constantly maintain the set water temperature than to heat it again.

In addition, experts assure that a constantly filled tank is less susceptible to corrosion. The second nuance that should be taken into account during the installation process is the grounding of the device. It is necessary to make sure that the wizards involved in the installation do not miss this important point, because the safety of the whole family depends on it. Before turning on the water heater, you need to check if there is water in it. A running empty device will instantly fail.

how to turn on the storage water heater

The choice of water heating mode

Before how to turn on the water heater, it is necessary to decide in what mode it will work. Some owners are trying to save money by setting a low temperature for heating water. In reality, this only reduces the efficiency of the device and does not give any savings. However, in some modern models of boilers, an economical mode of operation is provided. In this case, the water will heat up to 55 degrees. The saving is that at this temperature the minimum level of scale formation is achieved, which eliminates the need for owners to often clean the tank.

how to turn on the instantaneous water heater

Features of the operation of the flow boiler

Such devices are convenient in that they do not provide for a limitation of the volume of hot water. The only caveat is that it is not designed for simultaneous showering and washing dishes. In addition, with a strong pressure of water, its temperature will not be too high. Before installing such a water heater, you need to make sure that the electrical wiring of the apartment is powerful enough to withstand such a load. Incorrect installation can leave not only your apartment, but also the whole house without electricity, so a specialist should deal with the installation of the device.

How to turn on the instantaneous water heater correctly? Check the pressure level of the tap water. If it is good, then you can turn on the system; if not, then it is better to postpone the launch. The temperature of the water heating is regulated using the buttons located on the device. At the end of water procedures, turn on the tap and turn off the device. In most modern models, it is provided that the settings exhibited for the first time are saved, so during subsequent starts, water will be supplied from the device immediately, heated to a predetermined temperature. During operation, scale forms in the system, which must be periodically removed by washing the filters under high pressure of running water.

How to turn on the water heater after the protection has tripped?

Like any other modern technology, the boiler is equipped with a built-in protective device. It is located inside the thermostat and is triggered in case of excessive overload of the device. In most cases, automatic shutdown of the boiler indicates a serious malfunction. With a single operation of the protection, you can simply press the button located on the thermostat and turn on the device. In the event of tripping of the protection within a short time, it is necessary to find out the reason for the shutdown and tackle it.


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