The most resistant nail polish: reviews of professionals and lovers

For those who do not use gel polish, the question “How to find the most resistant nail polish?” Always remains open. Reviews of friends can be contradictory, since the condition of the nails is different for all people. To choose the best brand that suits a particular woman, you should seek the advice of professionals.

The fact is that on the strong, healthy nails the cheapest varnish perfectly holds. It can only be erased from the end of the nail, but will never begin to break off or become covered with cracks. On weak nail plates, which bend with some movements, not a single varnish will last long. How to choose a middle ground?

Persistent Varnishes - New Formula

Professionals trust not many names, so the brands of the most persistent nail polishes are widely known. This is OPI, CND, Orly. Less well known are Essie and IsaDora. With the advent of gel polishes, the fashion switched to them, but lovers of ordinary varnish remained. It is convenient to independently apply and remove varnish, take it with you on a trip, change the coating as often as you want. This fails with gel polishes.

Salon resistant varnishes

Finally, hybrids appear in the nail industry. These are gel varnishes that can stay on your nails from a week to two. They look on the hands like a gel - the same voluminous and dense. But they are removed in the same way as varnish. Shelves are replaced by assortment - they now have the so-called weekly varnish coatings.

Proper application is the key to success

Often the persistence of manicure is affected by the method of applying varnish. With an insufficiently fat-free surface, the varnish will not be able to fix well on the keratin of the nail and will not give strong adhesion. Do not neglect the base - it was created specifically for the first layer, which creates good adhesion.

Some companies additionally produce nail conditioners, which further increase the durability of the coating. All these products are considered auxiliary, but they are the ones that make up the professional varnish coat. Colored varnish - the second phase in application - is designed for a prepared nail. It is not surprising if the reviews about persistent nail polishes are negative. They do not last long in violation of technology.

Top Coat

The final coating, or top, is the required layer. It is transparent, adds volume and requires additional drying time. Therefore, lovers do not always buy it. But it is he who protects the varnish from external influences, cracks and burnout. With it, the varnish is worn much longer.

Vinylux Nail Polish

CND was the first to produce a durable varnish and taught how to apply it correctly. The fact is that for such coatings the usual top is not suitable. Therefore, the purchase of resistant varnish is done immediately in two bottles: color and top. These coatings interact with each other when dried.

Fresh varnish requires no more than ten minutes to dry. During this time, the gel molecules have time to react and create a solid film. Unfortunately, this varnish quickly polymerizes when stored improperly, becomes excessively thick and dries on hand for a long time.

Weekly Vinyl Varnish

This varnish is not cheap at all. It is focused on business class salons, although it is available on sale. Reviews of persistent nail polish of this brand were at first laudatory, but then the first ones were dissatisfied. It turned out that this coating does not hold on thin and flexible nails. Under it, gel strengthening is required. Following the first swallow, the remaining manufacturers began to produce their analogues, only slightly changing the formula. But until now, it was still not possible to create a cover suitable for absolutely everyone.

OPI Infinite Shine

Following CND, a similar varnish is released by the leader of the nail industry - OPI. A base is added to the product. This three-phase coating works only with each other, due to which fast polymerization is achieved. Complete drying of the layers takes twenty minutes. According to reviews, the persistent nail polish Infinite Shine is worn for a week, and sometimes more. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for thin soft nails.

OPI Infinite Shine System

The price category of varnish is high, it is more suitable for salon use. But if you want to constantly wear your favorite color, it can be recommended for home application.

Lac Sally Hansen

This company is known as a manufacturer of salon-grade varnishes for home use. They have a medicinal composition, do not contain harmful ingredients - in general, they are consistent with the highest quality. The manufacturer produces several rulers, and each of them has several collections. Their composition is constantly updated in accordance with the latest developments in the nail industry.

Recently, the company has a gel polish. This is a two-phase system, incompatible with other brands. The price is slightly lower than for products from CND and OPI. Buyers, whose nails are naturally strong, are very happy, but the owners of problem nails were not satisfied. In general, no magic happened - the analogue of “Vinilux” is intended for hard nail plates.

Lac Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen still has an old, proven product - Xtreme Varnish. A very budget option that is easy to apply and dries quickly. It will not be worn for a week, but due to a short change of coating it does not take much time and nerves to apply.


All lovers of varnish coatings are constantly looking for an inexpensive permanent nail polish. Often, in order to keep the manicure for a long time, you have to resort to strengthening the nail plates with a gel or acrylic. A thin layer of such material will provide sufficient rigidity. But at home this operation is difficult to perform - a gel needs a lamp, while acrylic requires quick application. Therefore, for every woman, the answer to the question about the most reliable varnish remains open.


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