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Elena Vesnina - Honored Master of Sports, Russian tennis player. On the list of her accomplishments are victories in two Grand Slam tournaments in 2013 and 2014, victories in 14 WTA tournaments and the Federation Cup 2007 and 2008. He is an eight-time finalist of the Grand Slam tournaments, of which three times in the mix and five times in doubles.

Elena Vesnina

early years

Elena Vesnina was born in 1986 in the Ukrainian city of Lviv. At the age of 6, she began to play tennis, when her parents recorded her daughter in the section of Yuri Yudkin in Sochi. He became her first coach and raised interest in sports in little Elena. It is not surprising that by the age of 18 she already had many awards. The future athlete won several children's tournaments in various age groups and decided to continue her career as a professional tennis player.

Parents fully supported the decision of the child and even insisted that Elena connect her life with sports. The school in Sochi was the first step and opened the door to competitions at a higher level. Elena is still grateful to mother Irina Vesnina and dad Sergei Vesnin for such an opportunity. Parents also influenced the athlete’s younger brother, Dmitry, who works as a tennis coach in Sochi.

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Carier start

Elena Vesnina got to the first big competition when she was 16 years old. She had to play against Dushevina for the N. Ozerov Cup. The tournament is a traditional competition in Sochi and is declared as one of the most prestigious. Then an unknown girl was able to win a difficult match and get a WC from the International Tennis Federation (ITF). This victory gave her confidence and faith that this was only the beginning. And so it happened: at the moment Elena has 6 ITF titles in doubles and 2 in singles.

First participated in the WTA International Tournament in Moscow in 2003. Elena played against Czech tennis player Mikaela Pastikova, and the latter turned out to be stronger: the Russian athlete did not win the victory.

However, already in 2005, Elena Vesnina, together with Anastasia Rodionova, were able to win the WTA title in the Canadian city of Quebec, and two years later to win the tournament in Hobart, paired with Elena Likhovtseva. It is worth noting that at the beginning of her career, Elena experienced financial problems and could hardly afford to go to tournaments. However, a series of victories in competitions with prize pools of millions of dollars saved the tennis player from such worries.

tennis player Elena Vesnina

Sports achivments

In 2006, the athlete took part in the Australian Open Tennis Championship, which is one of the Grand Slam tournaments. Tennis player Elena Vesnina was able to pass 3 circles, but in the fourth she gave the victory to Nadezhda Petrova. However, in general, the debut was very successful.

One of the most significant events in the life of a tennis player is the Federation Cup, which Elena won in 2007. These are the largest competitions held in women's tennis, in which Russia won only 4 times.

She won the next title together with Dinara Safina in 2008 at the tournament in Indian Wells. A year later, she took part in the WTA tournament in Auckland. According to Elena, she was very nervous before the competition, as this was her first final and she had already met her rival, Russian tennis player Elena Dmitrievna, earlier on the court. Elena Vesnina recognized her as an excellent player and could not win. In the Australian Championship, luck did not smile at her either, and Elena did not go further than the first round. However, later she was able to earn the title of 39 racket of the world, and this list includes only the most powerful tennis players.

Personal life

Elena Vesnina, whose personal life is carefully hidden, very rarely talks about any events not related to sports. However, some facts are still known.

Elena Vesnina personal life

At the end of November 2015, a Russian tennis player got married. The media learned about the wedding after, thanks to the social networks and messages that guests left there. The wedding was held secretly and without the participation of journalists, even the name of the spouse was not called. It is known that his name is Paul. Elena, like many Russian athletes, kept everything secret until the last, unlike many western stars. Perhaps she did not want to frighten off her happiness.

Fans often learn some moments from life from social networks. Elena Vesnina, whose photo rarely appears in the media, pretty actively updates her page on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, often adds pictures and shares news. Perhaps soon a photograph of the athlete’s husband will appear there.

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