Manicure on square nails. Square Nail Manicure Ideas

No wonder that the square shape of the nail is considered the most practical and convenient. It ensures the safety of the nail plate from delamination, so that the neat appearance of the hands lasts much longer. The laconic form allows a woman to do many important things at home and at work. In addition, a manicure on square nails is ideally suited to a comfortable everyday style, and to a strict business one. This form of nails is chosen by active women who follow fashion, but at the same time are accustomed to comfort.

manicure on square nails

Modern technologies and an abundance of all kinds of materials for nail art open up the broadest prospects. In order to make a stylish manicure, it is not at all necessary to go to the salon, many ideas are quite suitable for independent implementation. Get inspired by the ideas presented, arm yourself with the necessary tools and go for it! Your beautiful pens will always be in the spotlight.

Short nails and their features

Experts say that for nails of short length it is safe to apply varnishes of those colors that are not applicable to long ones. For example, extravagant red on long nails can look vulgar, and black - predatory. But on short square nails, such varnishes look very beautiful. The same applies to poisonous shades: green, orange, yellow.

manicure on square nails

If you decide to make a manicure on short square nails, you can choose a gentle and pastel scale. Of course, for a business office style, it is better than dark or bright. It’s not worth cluttering small nails with painting. But the idea of ​​a "special nail" is quite suitable for manicure for a short length. The jacket also looks very nice. You can apply colorless varnish to square nails, paint the edge white and make a few additional accents. For example, on some nails you can draw fragments of lace, peas, small flowers. If you want to use glue elements (rhinestones, half beads) for manicure, use the smallest that you can find.

Long square nails

If nature has endowed you with strong nails of the correct shape, do not be afraid to allow yourself long nails. The square shape will look very neat and effective. You can use a variety of ideas for manicure on square nails for the holiday. And in everyday life, make a choice in favor of varnishes in pleasant unobtrusive shades of the current gamut: lilac, soft turquoise, coral. At the beginning of the working week, when time is short, a lot of work remains, but at the same time you need to look good, cover the nails with a calm beige or warm gray varnish. It will be combined with any clothes.

manicure on square nails

Classic French and its interpretations

This type of manicure has come into fashion a long time ago, but is not going to give up positions. Today, not only the classic white and beige combination is used for him, but also many others.

french square nails

For decoration, you can use stamps, stickers, decals. If you draw well, use this skill to make square nails. For example, flowers or hearts can be drawn on the nails of ring fingers. This type of manicure is especially convenient for those who have to not only work hard, but also go out. Square nails decorated with a french jacket are perfectly combined with a business dress and evening.

Manicure with the help of water

Nails decorated with water manicure sometimes look like ornamental stones: malachite, turquoise or agate. What nature has done, we can easily repeat. Before you make a water manicure, you need to decide on the color scheme. Choose one saturated primary color, one light in the same gamut and a couple of contrasting ones. In small quantities, gold and silver varnishes can be used.

how to make water manicure

For work, we need a container of water. It should be wide enough so that it is convenient to dip fingers into it. Prepare a piece of cotton wool moistened with nail polish remover, a sharp skewer or needle, a greasy cream. In addition to decorative varnishes, you will need a base and fixing agent.

Before making a water manicure, cover the skin around the nail with cream, let it soak a little. Pour varnishes into the water, make streaks with a skewer. Dip your fingers in water, as if diving under a layer of varnish. Allow the spot to spread over the nail plates. When it is completely dry, proceed to cleanse the skin.

how to make water manicure

Coat a layer of decorative varnish with a fixative. Then your water manicure will look neat on square nails and last longer.

Geometry lessons

Angular marigolds blend perfectly with geometric design. Thinking through a manicure, you can use triangles, rhombuses, stripes. Be sure to use applicators in your work - special strips that will allow you to draw straight and neat lines.

manicure for short square nails

A manicure for short square-shaped nails will look especially beautiful with clothes decorated with a geometric print.


The next idea looks like the work of a salon master, but is simple enough for self-realization. You can easily make such a manicure on square nails using a simple tool and any favorite varnishes. The main condition is that they must mix well in color. For gradient manicure, both contrasting colors and close in spectrum are used.

Cover the nail with a lacquer of a shade that is lighter. For further work, use a foam applicator or sponge. Put a drop of both varnishes on it, rub the border with a skewer. Press firmly to the nail, evenly distributing the varnish over the entire surface. When it dries, clean the skin near the nail.

square shaped short nails manicure

Veil manicure

Not too new, but very impressive is the following type of manicure, which is great for square nails. The combination of laconic form and lace design is always advantageous.

square shaped short nails manicure

Such a manicure on square nails can be done using a stamp, translations, stencil. The most spectacularly looks lace, neatly drawn with a thin brush. By the way, in this way you can diversify a beige gel manicure . If you are bored with its deliberate simplicity, but it is still in too good condition to remodel it, you can draw a veil on it using ordinary varnish.

Most important day

manicure ideas for square nails

Often choose a manicure for square nails and brides. This form looks both strict and romantic. If you make such a manicure at the wedding with gel, it will look beautiful for many days after the wedding. When choosing a design, give preference to classics.


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