How to unsubscribe from Yandex mailing lists: quick and easy

According to official Yandex information, about 90% of all emails that come to e-mail are unwanted mailings and spam. From 15 to 20% of their senders do not leave an opportunity to unsubscribe, the rest often complicate this process.

how to unsubscribe from Yandex mailing lists

Where does so much spam come from?

Spam accumulates unnoticed. Once you register on a suspicious resource, you can "infect" your mail for a long time. This is how an email address falls into the hands of scammers and is distributed through many e-mail databases without the consent of the owner.

How to unsubscribe from Yandex mailing lists?

You can unsubscribe from unsolicited mailings and get rid of spam in your mailbox in just a few clicks. Where can I find the unsubscribe button, what should I do if the sender has not left such an opportunity, and how to get rid of a large number of unwanted subscriptions in one click? How to unsubscribe from Yandex mailing lists?

Via the site of the sender of letters

How to unsubscribe from Yandex mailings through the sender’s website? As a rule, such an opportunity is provided in each letter. The Yandex Requirements for Fair Mailings stipulates that the sender must give clear instructions on the process of unsubscribing from the mailing list. These steps should not be difficult for the user and can take a maximum of ten minutes.

how to unsubscribe from Yandex mailing list

How to unsubscribe from the Yandex mailing list? Everything is simple. In one of the unwanted emails you need to find text with the following contents: "If you no longer want to receive information from the site [resource name], click here" or just the "Unsubscribe from" link. Most often it is written in small print at the very bottom of the letter. The ability to unsubscribe may look like this:

how to unsubscribe or prohibit mailings to Yandex mail

The link, as a rule, leads to a site where you need to confirm your intentions, or a "farewell page" with information that the user has unsubscribed from the newsletter.

Yandex mail unsubscribe

However, not all senders of letters follow the rules of honest internet marketing. Often, a user may be required to authorize on a resource or restore a username and password. In this case, you can unsubscribe from unsolicited mail using the mailer.

In your inbox

Recently, a blog post appeared on Yandex that added the ability to unsubscribe from unsolicited mailings directly from your mailbox to the service (Yandex. Mail: unsubscribe from mailings). Not only is it very convenient - you do not need to go to third-party web pages, remember or restore long-forgotten passwords, but it is also possible even in cases where the sender did not provide for the possibility of unsubscribing. The latter, by the way, is considered a serious violation of the basic rules of Internet marketing.

So, how to unsubscribe from Yandex mailing lists using a mailer? All suspicious emails by default fall into the Mailing list folder, but can remain in the Inbox. First you need to open one of the spam emails. At the top there are buttons: "Spam", which provides for the removal of the letter and in the future sending the like to the "Spam" folder, and actually "Unsubscribe". The location of the buttons can be seen below in the photo.

how to unsubscribe from Yandex mailing lists

Automated Services

There are third-party automatic services that analyze incoming mail, and then offer a list of potentially unwanted senders of letters. With one click, you can get rid of a whole bunch of unwanted subscriptions and clear your spam email.

How to unsubscribe from Yandex mailings in automatic mode? The service does an excellent job. All you need to do: go to the service’s website, click on the Get started now button and enter your email address in the field provided for this. Next, you need to open access to the service to your mailbox. will provide a list of mailings that the email owner has subscribed to. In one click, you can leave letters in the "Inbox" (Keep in inbox) or unsubscribe (Unsubscribe). In addition, the service provides an interesting additional option: the Rollup function will collect all the newsletters that arrive during the day and send them all together at any convenient time. This option is very useful for those who like to read the news in the morning with a cup of coffee or before going to bed, because now you do not need to waste time trying to "collect" all the letters in a box.

how to unsubscribe or prohibit mailings to Yandex mail

There is no need to use the service on an ongoing basis. Enough preventative cleaning from time to time is enough to keep all incoming letters neat and not get lost in the mass of unnecessary newsletters.

Spam Mailbox Protection

The best protection of your own mail from spam and unwanted subscriptions is filtering web pages where you need to enter an email address. In order not to wonder: “How to unsubscribe or prohibit mailings to Yandex mail?”, You need to refrain from registering on suspicious sites.

Not all resources comply with the rules of honest mailing. Web pages are often used to collect personal addresses of inexperienced or curious users, who then fall into open e-mail databases, and the owner begins to receive tons of letters with advertising and unnecessary information.


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