UV lamp for manicure: types, tips for choosing

At this time, manicure is becoming more and more popular and prosperous. There are more and more diverse techniques for applying this or that type of coating, more interesting and beautiful designs of nail manicure appear. Today, few people use ordinary varnish, since the gel coating, which lasts much longer on the nails, has taken over the world. And in the event that the master has enough experience in creating a manicure with such a coating, then for a rather long time no external damage or chips will appear on it. If you are interested in the question of which UV lamp for manicure is better, you must be a master yourself or just want to try to apply gel polish yourself. Before reading this article further, you should understand this issue. Only after that it will be possible to decide which ultraviolet lamp for manicure is best for you and the nature of your occupation. So, we wish you a pleasant reading.

Want to do a manicure for yourself or for your clients?

Not every girl finds it convenient to visit beauty salons or twice a month to go to the other end of the city in order to get a beautiful and high-quality manicure coated with gel polish. For this reason, many of the fair sex begin to try to independently create their own manicure. Others want not only to decorate themselves, but also to make other people's nails more beautiful (for a fee, of course).

And in that, and in another case, the first question that such girls most often ask is "How to choose an ultraviolet lamp for manicure?". And this question is quite appropriate. After all, if someone already tried to order the "simplest" lamp for manicure, he was convinced that this was not so simple ...

Many questions are asked about the cost of a UV lamp for manicure. Why can some of them cost about five hundred rubles, while the cost of others increases even to ten thousand? What does the number of built-in lamps affect? Why can ultraviolet lamps be sold separately from the “case” of nail dryers? What is the difference between ultraviolet lamps and LED lamps? All these questions are relevant, and all the details of the characteristics of the lamp are very important. After all, it will depend on them what time your work will last on nails.

So, you should ask yourself the question: why do you want to buy a lamp for drying nails? Will this ultraviolet lamp for manicure be used exclusively by you, or do you want to provide it to clients over time who will come to you to get your own manicure? Answer this question yourself and continue reading the relevant paragraphs of this article.

the simplest lamp

Manicure for yourself

If you want to learn how to do manicure exclusively for yourself and are not interested in particularly complex techniques for working with nails, such as extensions, then you will have to spend less than those girls who really want to do manicure. You will be quite enough with an ultraviolet lamp, the power of which will reach thirty-six watts. The same goes for a diode lamp: if you want to buy it, the power should be exactly the same.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money on a lamp because you are not sure that you will really work with it for a long time or you just want to try it, but at the moment you do not have enough money to buy a good lamp, then you can order a set for manicure with an ultraviolet lamp from any online store. But you should pay attention to product reviews, which will be posted not only on this site. This set includes not only an ultraviolet lamp, but also manicure means of coating, so you should look at this option as well. Good lamp company "Jess Oil" for independent work with manicure.

ultraviolet lamp

Want to become a manicure master?

If you belong to the second group of girls who are going to make their money working with clients' nails, you should look at the thirty-six watt diode lamp, but it would be much better if you purchased such a fifty-four watt lamp. In the case when you are going to not only create manicures and gel coatings, but are also interested in nail extensions, you better buy a hybrid (two in one) lamp, more about these nail extension lamps will be discussed a little later. Which lamps are the simplest and most affordable for you? Jess Oil lamps are also suitable for working with clients. These were the most basic and main characteristics of the lamps. Further in the article, the remaining characteristics will be analyzed, the advantages and disadvantages of the devices will be indicated, and you, already based on these facts, will have to choose the best purchase option for yourself.

the lamp is on

Timer for drying nails

All lamps can be divided into two categories. The first category is those lamps that need to be adjusted independently. Most often, they can’t adjust the power on their own (to do less, because the client “bakes” the coating and he feels discomfort during drying), and such lamps do not have a timer. A timer is especially necessary when you are covering someone. This is very convenient when you know in advance how much time a particular product needs to dry. You can just press the button, and the lamp itself will stop drying its nails after the specified amount of time has passed. If your lamp does not have such a timer, then you will have to time yourself on the clock and turn off the lamp when it is needed.

drying lamps

Sensor in lamp

The touch coating is very convenient, since with it, you can keep the lamp on throughout the entire process, set a specific timer (in lamps with a touch coating, there is always a timer mode). The lamp starts heating only when its internal sensor responds to the appearance of a hand in the lamp. Such lamps are very convenient for working with clients, because with them you do not have to be constantly distracted by turning the lamp on and off, you just can tell the client when he should change his hand. For home independent use, such a lamp is not required.

Extendable surface in a lamp

A retractable surface in a lamp or a lamp with a retractable bottom is good if you are going to do not only manicure, but also want to do pedicure work. In this case, you can remove the bottom of the lamp and put it on top above the leg. Such lamps are very convenient to clean, because when working with some means, the lamps tend to get dirty very well.

red lamp

Indoor (helmet-shaped) and open lamps

The appearance of the lamp can also be very important. If you have already tried to find a suitable lamp for yourself, you may have noticed that some of them are “covered” in shape and have only one open hole where the client places his hand. And the second lamps are those that are simply placed on top of the nails, they have a "bench-like" shape. This is bad in the case that the lamp shines not only on the client and his nails, but also on you and on the funds that are next to you. That is, the gel polish that was in the bottles near you can also be baked from such simple negligence, and it will become unsuitable for further use.

bench lamp

What are hybrid (double) lamps?

Hybrid lamps are those in which there are two types of lamps (ultraviolet and LED). These are the same lamps for nail extension. Although this is not their main specificity. In such lamps, you can work with any type of coating. But sometimes they can strongly “bake” the coating to the client, which will cause him discomfort.

That’s probably all. Now you can decide on the most suitable ultraviolet lamp for manicure. We wish you good luck and health to your nails!

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