Emissions in boys. Signs of puberty in boys

More recently, you brought a touching envelope with a blue ribbon from the hospital, and today he has become a teenager and is entering puberty. Around the age of 10-12, you can completely stop recognizing your sweet child. Suddenly the character changes, the voice breaks, it becomes closed and moves away from the parents. All of these are normal things every family goes through. All you need is to continue to love your child and spend more time with him. However, today we want to discuss such a topic as nightly emissions in boys. If dad remembers this period well from his own experience, then for a mother what is happening with a child can be a secret.

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Official terminology

What is meant by this concept? Boys' emissions are involuntary ejaculation. This does not require masturbation or sexual intercourse, they occur by themselves. Nothing wrong with that. This phenomenon suggests that your child’s body is undergoing major changes called puberty.


Boys' emissions most often occur at night when they have an erotic dream. However, there are cases of daytime involuntary ejaculation at the most inopportune moment. Most often, this is a consequence of sexual overexcitation. By the way, the type of higher nervous activity will also play an important role. The lower the threshold of excitability, the more common are pollutions in boys. In healthy adolescents, this condition occurs on average once a week, and with age, the number of involuntary ejaculations decreases. Sometimes adult men can wake up in the morning with signs of pollution.

nocturnal emissions

Natural evidence of growing up

Nocturnal emissions really do no harm in themselves. This is an important and very useful process. They not only indicate that the development of the body is going right. The physiology of deafness to social norms and dogmas. By the time the reproductive system begins to mature, hormones are produced in huge quantities. As a result, sperm is produced. Regular ejaculation prevents stagnation in the ejaculatory ducts, which is important during the growing stage.

How long do nighttime emissions last? It depends on many factors, but most often this phenomenon is inherent precisely in early adolescence. After 14-16 years, the hormonal background comes more or less to normal, and the young man learns to control his emotions. After the young man begins to live an active sexual life, these phenomena completely cease, although they may appear in the case of prolonged abstinence.

What affects the speed of development

Each person is individual, and the processes of growing up proceed in completely different ways. Parents who take care of their child always try to help him overcome the difficult stage of puberty painlessly. And many mothers want to know when you can wait for the onset of teething. It is difficult to answer this question. It all depends on the characteristics of the character and nervous system, sexual development. Does the teenager masturbate, is he able to satisfy the awakening needs of his body, how much he is interested in relationships with the opposite sex. But that is not all. School and physical activity also strongly affect puberty. If a child with good inclinations goes to regular school and does not attend extra classes where his energy can be realized, then his sexuality will bloom much faster and more rapidly.

Psychologists recommend paying attention to the fact that the teenager is busy with what is interesting to him. This does not mean that he should not have free time; here, too, the framework must be observed. However, the presence of an interesting hobby helps to get distracted and direct overflowing energy in the right direction. As a result, he will master some kind of skill, develop himself physically, gain creative skills and will not be tormented by the energy overwhelming him.

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Normal limits

Signs of puberty in boys begin to manifest themselves in the fact that increases the total volume of muscle mass. Body sizes are also increasing, and quite abruptly. Genitals undergo a change, testicles and scrotum grow, as well as the penis. Rapid production of hormones causes body hair growth. Adam's apple is actively developing, which leads to the formation of a lower voice timbre. Moreover, the process of sexual development is different for everyone.

Specialists distinguish:

  • Early puberty. Once again, we note that we now want to find a reference point when the first poll appears. The age considered the earliest is 8 years. In this case, physical development is far ahead of mental development, which makes a teenager extremely unbalanced.
  • Normal ripening. In this case, the first pollination in a dream occurs at 10-11 years. You can trace the relative harmony between physical and mental maturation , which leads to balance and the emotional sphere.
  • Delayed physical development. In this case, the first emissions in a dream are noted at 15-16 years. Boys often experience their failure and are ashamed of such a lag. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just the upper limit of the norm. However, if hormonal adjustment did not begin by the age of 17, then it is time to show the teenager to a specialist.
    pollutions in adolescents

How to help a child

A 14-year-old boy is unlikely to tell his mother that he has “wet dreams”. The natural shyness of the teenager, as well as the intimacy of this topic, is responded. However, parents themselves can guess that their son is growing up, and his head is no longer occupied only by tanks and planes. Moreover, the experienced emotions can be very different, ranging from joy and pride to shame.

Perhaps dad should talk with his son and explain to him that this is a completely normal occurrence. Nightly uncontrolled ejaculation is a sign of the correct functioning of the male body, a consequence of the active work of the sex glands and the activity of hormones. This is evidence of good health. Nevertheless, a 14-year-old boy must learn that now he needs to take a shower regularly and often change his underwear. It is very good if elementary hygiene skills were instilled from early childhood, then there will be no problems at all.

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Learning harmony with ourselves

To distract a growing man from the new features of his body, you need to observe an active lifestyle. If pollutions happen very often, and erotic thoughts sometimes interfere, then it is quite possible to correct this. It is imperative to get up early in the morning at the same time. Immediately after waking up, you need to take a contrast shower. An important rule is to eat daily at the same time.

Long walks and sports are also not in last place. Spending all his free time at the computer, the boy deprives himself of the opportunity to throw out energy. As a result, tension is realized through sexual release. Parents can be advised to monitor timely bedtime. With the correct regime of the day, there are no problems with this, by 10 o’clock in the evening the teenager’s eyes will stick together.


Nutrition Features and Healthy Supplements

The diet plays an important role. The endocrine system of our body is interconnected with all functions. The intake of too much fatty and sweet food can adversely affect the general condition, as well as cause obesity. Excess weight is a sign of femininity; it most often inhibits sexual development. As a result, the pollutions cease, but this is not the effect that is important to us.

It is necessary to ensure that the teenager is not carried away by bad habits. Especially affect its development and maturation (sexual, including) alcohol consumption and smoking. Proper nutrition, sports and a healthy lifestyle - this is the guarantee that sexual energy will wake up in a young man gradually, without interfering with the usual rhythm. The use of foods high in iron and bromine helps to reduce the number of pollutions. A striking example is beef liver and pomegranates. An alternative may be vitamin complexes.

Soothing herbs

Knowing at what age boys begin to have pollutions, parents can worry in advance about acquiring a mild sedative. We are not talking about serious sedatives. Herbal decoctions will help to prepare before bed and eliminate excitement, which can lead to night ejaculation. Special fees help pacify the raging hormonal background. As a result, the boy has a good night's sleep, gets up peppy and full of energy, which means that his day will be the beginning of great achievements. It is best to select the composition individually, together with the attending physician. It may include valerian and motherwort, peony. In addition, glycine and magnesium B6 give a good effect. Do not forget about the importance of physical activity and healthy sleep.

signs of puberty in boys

Instead of a conclusion

In adolescence, boys tend to close, withdraw into themselves. Of course, because he is the first in the history of mankind, with whose body strange things began to happen, and his parents are simply not able to understand him. It is very important to show that you not only love him as before, but also accept the changes taking place with him. Moreover, all stages of growing up are regular and normal. Now it is important for him to feel the support in your face. And what brings together better than joint leisure? Go to the skating rink, to hockey, to the movies, to the cafe together, spend the weekend fishing. Then the teenage period, along with emissions and other annoying troubles will pass by, completely unnoticed. Puberty is a difficult stage in the life of every teenager, but you just need to survive it.

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