Website promotion articles - a way to filter through all the search filters

Methods of website promotion are “black”, “gray” and “white”. If we trace the evolution of optimization methods over the past 10-15 years, then a gradual shift in emphasis is clearly noticeable. What was allowed before (the creation of doorways, invisible texts, etc.) has now not only ceased to work for the benefit of the site, but has also transferred to the rank of strictly prohibited by search engines. However, not only “black”, but also “gray” methods (unjustified use of tags, non-thematic links, etc.) are very dangerous for owners of Internet resources.

Now the only justified and legal are “white” ways of promotion: website promotion by articles, placement of high-quality text materials on popular and reputable resources with links to your website, as well as contextual advertising.

"Article marketing"

There are still many methods that are simpler and less time consuming than website promotion articles. So why exactly this method is the most effective at promotion?

Actual algorithms for sorting the content of sites used by search engines are based on the use of many filters, which not all resources manage to pass before reaching the top results. Purchased links are now literally declared a battle, a ban is imposed on them, and the weight of those using them to promote sites is falling. Therefore, optimizers have developed a strategy of "article marketing", which is characterized by an absolutely natural character.

Website promotion articles

In order for the method to work, articles planned for placement on the network must be created individually. Simple copying of materials from other people's resources will not work: the material should be unique (previously not posted on the network), interesting for people (and not just search engines). The text must include exactly those words by which visitors look for information posted on your site.

Posting your articles on third-party resources

You can achieve an influx of visitors to your site, not only by placing interesting materials on your resource, but also on external sites. Moreover, the more authoritative such a site will be, the faster the increase in TIC will occur. In this case, the site is promoted by articles using the keywords and links included in them, through which readers interested in the information contained in the article can go to your site. The provision of services for writing and publishing articles "forever" is provided by

The mere placement of such a link will already contribute to the gradual increase in the ranking of your site. It is necessary to post articles on sites of the same (related topics) or in the corresponding sections of directories.

How many texts are needed for the promotion of articles to bring the desired results? It all depends on the characteristics of the requests by which the promotion takes place. If they are low competitive, then 5-10 is enough; with an average degree of competition, dozens of materials will be needed; at high - an order of magnitude more.

After what period of time does the SEO promotion of articles begin to bear fruit? Again, this depends on many factors: the competitiveness of keywords, the features of search engine algorithms, the credibility of the resources on which the texts are posted, and others. On average, from several months to several years.

Even if the result is not tangible after the time that you planned, then still this method will pay off in the near future. Many resources accept articles “forever” for publication, without requiring a monthly payment for this, which means that the texts along with the links included in them will work for you indefinitely. The more popular the resource, the safer the placement of articles on it, since the likelihood that it will suddenly cease to exist is minimal.


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