DIY flower shelves: options and a step-by-step description of the manufacturing process

Lack of space for placing flowerpots with plants is a fairly common problem among indoor flower lovers. If you don’t already have a free window sill, and there is a cactus on each bedside table, we recommend that you make several flower shelves yourself. It is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance, and we will try to help you with this. In our article you will learn all about how to make flower shelves with your own hands, which will allow you to place several pots.

Variety of materials and solutions

Thinking about how to make a shelf for flowers on a windowsill with your own hands? Any lover of indoor plants will tell you that such designs are not just a place where you can place pots with plants, but a real decoration for your interior. If you choose the right design for a shelf for flowers, then it will not only be in harmony with the composition of your room, but will complement it in every way. Well, to create a really interesting product, you can use various materials (wood, metal, plastic, plywood, and so on), as well as all kinds of processing methods.

In addition, depending on the type of plants, shelves for them can be floor or wall. Also, designs can be divided into several types depending on the number of pots that are planned to be placed on them:

  1. Single As a rule, such shelves are mounted on walls or to the ceiling on a special rope. On such shelves small densely flowering bushes, curly greens or cacti look great.
  2. Double rooms. They can be mounted on the wall or stand on the floor. Before you build such a shelf, you must pre-select several crops with the same rules for care.
  3. Multi-seat. In most cases, such shelves are placed on the floor or occupy a vast section of the wall. You can not be afraid to put heavy pots with a variety of plants on them.

In addition, all these options are divided into a huge number of varieties, depending on size, location, structure, material and so on. Any shelf can be beautifully decorated with beads, tinsel or garlands. In general, the appearance of a decorative product is limited only by the imagination of the author.

Metal and wood floor shelf

If you decide to make a floor shelf for flowers with your own hands, then you simply can’t find a simpler option. For the manufacture of such a design, a metal frame is usually used, and the shelves themselves are made of wood. This combination allows you to significantly save on building materials, but at the same time it turns out to make the design as strong and decorative as possible.

Floor shelf for flowers.

To make a frame with your own hands, it is best to purchase thin reinforcement with a cross section of not more than 1 centimeter. You should also prepare in advance electric welding and a grinder with discs so that you do not have to be distracted in the process. To make the structure strong, it is necessary to build it according to previously prepared drawings, since even the slightest error in the calculations can lead to a mismatch of parts.

After you manage to weld the steps together, as in the figure, you can proceed to the decorative part - the manufacture of the back wall. To bend a metal of this shape, you have to heat it in the furnace to a high temperature or go to the forge for help. After this, it remains only to weld the parts together and paint them with black paint.

Making wooden parts is easy. It is enough to take some board or sheet of plywood, and then cut out the squares of the desired size. Do not forget to process the places of cuts with sandpaper or a jigsaw so that no one gets hurt about them. You can also optionally paint or varnish them to increase their durability and give a more decorative appearance.

Wooden floor shelf

To make this floor shelf for flowers you will need to use only wood - no metal frame. The first step is to make a competent drawing, which would take into account not only the number of parts, but also their size. After this, it is necessary to saw out with a jigsaw or a circular saw all the necessary slats and treat them with stain or varnish.

Wooden floor shelf.

Machined parts are interconnected using a screwdriver. Remember that the dimensions of the fasteners should not exceed the thickness of the parts, otherwise the screw will simply stick out from under the shelf. To give the shelf a decorative look, you can use special soft nozzles that are screwed together with screws. However, their color should not stand out against the general background.

For many florists, simply making a wooden shelf for flowers with their own hands is not enough - they use various decorative elements to give it originality. In this case, such an element is a small fence in the background, which is quite simple to make even for an amateur. After that, it remains only to attach the fence to the back (you can also from the front too), and then place your green favorites on the shelf.

Stepladder for plants

If you at least once made a stepladder at home, then to make a wooden flower shelf in the form of a ladder with your own hands will not be difficult. To do this, you just need to make a simple frame and saw three shelves of different sizes from plywood.

Shelf in the form of a stepladder.

The "skeleton" of the future shelf consists of four one and a half meter beams, which are fixed together by screws in the upper part. As for the shelves, there can be three or even four of them (depending on the size of the pots and the height of the flowers). In ladders, the connection is carried out using couplings and grooves, however, there will be enough ordinary screws here. After you have made room for the platforms, you can also add a few more steps to the rear to give the design additional decorativeness.

You can also use stain or paint to process the structure. However, do not forget that the color should be in harmony with your interior. Also, when choosing a shade of paint, it is necessary to consider what material the pots are made of. For example, white plastic will look too dazzling on the white stairs. In this case, it is better to paint the structure in brown or simply varnish it.

Tiered Iron Shelf

Do not know how to make a window shelf for flowers with your own hands? The main rule that should be followed in this case is that the design should be as light as possible so that your windowsill can withstand it. To do this, shelves should be made in the form of light metal gratings.

Multilevel iron shelf for flowers.

If before that you at least once handled a grinder and electric welding, then it will not be difficult to make the same design as in the picture, at home. Most importantly - do not forget to make a drawing and do all the work in stages. That is, first weld the frame, and only then add rods to it.

To make the shelf as beautiful as possible, do not forget to process all the places of welding with a grinder, and also paint the shelf with paint. As you can see, on this design you can not only put pots, but also hang them with threads. Any passerby will envy such a product, and the flowers will feel great even in winter, receiving a sufficient amount of sunlight.

Two-square wall shelf

It is quite simple to make a shelf for flowers on a wall with your own hands, since the design, as a rule, does not differ in anything special, and the whole difficulty lies only in fixing the product to the wall. However, the master class from our article will help you understand the stages of production as detailed as possible.

Wall shelf for flowers.

Firstly, it is necessary to make the shelf itself - this should not cause any problems. Just cut eight meter parts from a sheet of plywood, and then we cut two of them in half, since the assembly must begin with the central square. The main parts are interconnected with screws, and all the rest with glue

As soon as the design is ready, we make several holes in the wall with a drill (it is best to use a thin drill first, and then a thick one), after which we hammer in the dowels on which our shelf will be hung. To give the product a more old-fashioned appearance, you can use special grout paint.

Small compact shelves

Another option for making do-it-yourself shelves for flowers on the wall. They are ideal for placing small flowers that grow in small pots, such as violets. As a material, it is best to use wood, since it has sufficient strength and can be easily processed with a jigsaw.

Wall shelves for flowers.

To make beautiful carved shelves, drawing up drawings is not enough. You must also be able to beautifully transfer all the details with a pencil to the tree, so that then you can cut out the contours with a jigsaw. The easiest way to cut out the top is because it is flat and has no holes. But with the "legs" have to tinker.

As soon as all the work is completed, we glue the parts together and leave them alone for about a day. After that, you will need to paint them yellow or red and hang them on the wall using self-tapping screws. It remains only to arrange your flowers in their places and enjoy a beautiful sight.

Shelves for flowers on the street

We have already considered several options for how to make flower shelves on the floor with your own hands. However, this design deserves special attention of readers, since its purpose is to decorate the garden plot.

Shelf for flowers on the street.

For the manufacture of such beauty, you will need to use several types of iron parts. For example, for legs it is best to use strong metal that will firmly stand on the surface, but the plane itself for pots can be made of twigs so that the production costs are not so large. In addition, if you decide to make a flat metal surface, then water will accumulate on it, which will lead to corrosion. Using a tree is also not an option, since it will dry up and deform in the sun, even if you varnish it.

It is also necessary to add the corners on the legs so that the structure does not diverge to the sides under load. Two diagonal reinforcing bars should be welded to the rear of the frame to protect the frame from strong winds. After welding, it remains only to process all the problem areas with a Bulgarian disc and paint the structure with paint to protect it from rust.

Glass shelves for flowers

In recent days, glass structures have become increasingly popular. If you have always dreamed of making a flower shelf on your windowsill with your own hands, then you should definitely consider this option. Of course, for the manufacture you will need to purchase a lot of expensive materials, and the process itself is quite complicated, but the game is worth the candle spent on it - we assure you.

Glass shelves for flowers.

All the difficulty lies in fixing the glass with the frame. To do this, there should be metal corners on each plane, softened with special material from the inside. As for the frame, its manufacture should not cause you any special difficulties. You can make it from metal or wood, but the first option remains preferable. Most importantly - do not forget to make special holes or lunges in the structure that will allow you to place glass on them.

Particular attention should be paid to safety during the manufacturing procedure. Do not forget that you are working with very fragile material, so carry out all actions with extreme caution. Even a slight sharp movement can cause the glass to simply crack. As for the pots that can be placed on such a shelf, they should be as light as possible. It is best to put on the window those flowers that are in a plastic pot with a light substrate, so that the glass does not experience excessive loads.

Do not be afraid to experiment!

To create a truly unusual and beautiful composition, do not be afraid to experiment with various materials during the workflow. It is not necessary to strictly follow the instructions. It will be enough to read one of the sections, select something useful for yourself from it, and then combine the new information with the idea that you already had. Well, or you can find those shelves that were presented in our article, a completely different purpose.

Structures made of several materials at once look rather unusual and decorative. For example, you can combine wood and glass with each other, creating some kind of transparent cube on which your flower will stand, and inside you can place some funny figure. Some designers make entire compositions of such cubes, after which the main decoration of the interior becomes not a houseplant, but a shelf for flowers.

Also, do not forget about the "hanging" options. These shelves are ideal to revitalize the kitchen or bathroom. It will be enough to screw some curtain rod onto the ceiling and make several wooden planes with holes in the corners through which the rope will pass. Most importantly, do not be afraid to arrange the flowers at different heights to give the composition a more beautiful appearance.

Do not forget to decorate your product after it is fully completed. For example, on the eve of the New Year, you can put tinsel or garland on the shelves with flowers, giving your apartment a New Year mood and an unusual appearance. Who said that a monstera cannot replace our Christmas tree or pine? Well, or you can simply decorate the shelves with beads or other materials that are sold in any stationery store. The options for scenery are almost endless!

Video and conclusion

We hope our article helped you figure out how to make shelves on windows for flowers with your own hands. If this information did not seem enough to you, we recommend that you watch a short video in which a man makes one of the simplest designs for flowers in the form of a Christmas tree made of plywood. Each stage of the work is intelligibly explained by the master, so after viewing you will almost certainly be able to repeat all the actions of the author of the video at home.

On this our article comes to an end. As you can see, there are a huge number of different options for shelves for flowers, which differ not only in functionality and appearance, but also in purpose. Some are made for violets and cacti, others are more suitable for weaving plants. Be that as it may, creating something truly unique will not be difficult if you know exactly how to do it.

And which shelf did you like the most? Share your opinion, especially if you managed to make such a design at home. You may be able to help some of the beginning masters with practical advice, after which someone on the other side of the planet will remember you with a kind word.


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