Agassi Andre: biography, career, victory and personal life

Andre Agassi is one of the most outstanding tennis players in world history. He is the legend of this sport. His main achievement can be called the Golden Helmet. Agassi is the first tennis player who was able to win at all Grand Slam courts and the Final tournament. He is also an Olympic champion. Throughout his career, he won eight victories in Grand Slam tournaments. Andre Agassi is not only a talented tennis player, but also a very charismatic person. He experienced many ups and downs during his career, had serious problems in his personal life, but finally found happiness with an equally famous athlete.

Childhood Andre Agassi

Agassi was born in the United States, but his parents have Armenian-Iranian roots. He began to learn to play at a young age. The career of tennis player Andre Agassi is largely the merit of his father, who became his first coach. He passionately loved sports, was a professional boxer. Once having seen a tennis match, he was very interested in this sport. But since it was already too late to achieve success in tennis, the father decided to realize his dream through his son. He himself trained Agassi. Andre practiced for several hours every day. A tennis player at an early age exceeded his peers, but in a very important match he lost to another future star - Pete Sampras. This was a turning point. The father realized that he could not give his son everything necessary to become a professional. Therefore, it was decided to send the boy to a tennis school, which bore the name of Nick Bolletieri. It was here that his playing style was formed. Father taught his son to play differently. Thanks to this tennis school, Andre Agassi was one of the best players on the back line. But already there began to manifest some negative character traits that gave the athlete serious difficulties in the future.

The beginning of the career of a great tennis player

Career Andre Agassi as a professional tennis player began at age 16. He did not immediately begin to show a good game, but definitely attracted the attention of fans. And this is not surprising, He stood out due to his appearance and explosive character. This handsome man wore bright clothes and long hair.

Agassi Andre

At the beginning of his career, Andre Agassi could not be called an athlete who never gives up. In bad days, he lost even to a very weak opponent, and the reason could be a lack of motivation. The main drawback of the athlete was his instability. During the first four years in professional tennis, Andre did not have bright victories, but his image was able to attract the attention of sponsors.

The main successes of Andre Agassi

The year 1990 marked the beginning of Agassi’s successful performances. Andre played in his first Grandslam finals, but lost, as did two consecutive US Open finals. But already in 1992 he won the Grand Slam tournament. It was a Wimbledon title. It is noteworthy that this was only the second appearance of Agassi on Wimbledon courts. Even here the rebellious nature of the athlete was manifested. As you know, Wimbledon is a tournament with strict rules. Agassi did not like that only a white uniform could be worn on the game. He, as a lover of bright clothes, did not want to limit himself in such a way.

Tennis career Andre Agassi

In 1994, tennis player Andre Agassi won the first Victoria at his favorite US Open tournament. It was a very valuable victory, since for a long time he did not play. Following Agassi became the holder of the title at the Australia Open, and in 1996 he was the Olympic champion. But next year the tennis player expected a serious decline. Over the season, he did not hold back a single victory. 1999 was a very successful year, when the athlete managed to add the missing title to the “Roland Garros” and again win the home major. But Australia Open was the most successful tournament for Agassi. Andre was able to win it four times.

A difficult period in the career of a great tennis player

Agassi suffered a very serious decline in 1997. He did not manage to take a single title. Andre was outside the first hundred of the rating. This is associated with the marriage of actress Brooke Shields. In his biography, Agassi admitted that he hated tennis, but did not find understanding with his wife.

wife andre agassi

Tennis player missed training, his physical condition worsened. In this difficult year, he used drugs. He could be disqualified because methamphetamine was found in his doping test. But then the tennis player managed to escape punishment. The Anti-Doping Committee believed his explanation. Soon, Andre Agassi divorced Brooke Shields. A break with his wife motivated him to do serious work on himself, he began to train hard and was able to get in shape.

Personal life

Andre Agassi had the glory of a loving man. He had the image of a bad guy, and he enjoyed success with women. No one was surprised that the first wife of Agassi was the model and actress Brooke Shields. But this marriage lasted only two years. Relations between the spouses were very tense. They often cursed, Andre was jealous of his wife, and this adversely affected his career. After the divorce, Agassi managed to return to the top of the best players.

Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf

Then the athlete began dating the legendary tennis player. His chosen one was Steffi Graf. In his book, he says: his father liked that he was dating a German tennis player and that he even advised her to marry her. Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf got married in 2001. The ceremony was a mystery. Today it is a very successful and beautiful couple. Wife Andre Agassi gave birth to two children.

Life after graduation

Andre Agassi was about to end his career with a title at the US Open, but Roger Federer stopped him one step before his victory . After a year, the athlete could not show a high result due to injury. After the defeat, he cried, and the audience escorted him while standing, to deafening applause. Today, Andre Agassi is successfully doing business. He managed to earn huge prize money, and he also has profitable sponsorship contracts. His life is connected with sports now. Agassi Tennis Academy was opened. Andre helps young athletes from disadvantaged families.

tennis player andre agassi

Andre Agassi is a unique person in the tennis world. This is a man who has achieved success, despite all the difficulties. First of all, he defeated himself. He struggled with his weaknesses. The real act was his book, where he honestly talks about himself, his game, his life. Some confessions shocked the public. Andre Agassi forever inscribed his name in the history of tennis.


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