How to install the doors for mezzanines

Mezzanines are small cabinets located under the ceiling in the apartment. Such an interior solution is ideal for small rooms in which there is always a lack of space for storing things. Cabinets are usually located in the hallway, corridor or kitchen above the door. Mezzanines can be easily made with your own hands. It does not take much time and money.

mezzanine doors
At the same time, it is very important to pay attention to the fact that the doors for mezzanines successfully fit into the overall design of the apartment. If you already have a place to store, and you want to update the interior, you can simply change this part.

Material selection

It is very important that the cabinet located under the ceiling fits as much as possible into the overall design of the apartment, not standing out from it as a bright spot and thereby not attracting attention. That is why the doors for the mezzanines should be designed so that they completely merge with the nearby wall. When choosing a material, preference should be given to natural wood or chipboard. Such accessories will look the most successful. If the mezzanine is located in the kitchen, you can choose the color for the headsets. This design will look very original and stylish. Doors can also be made of plywood. But in this case, they must be glued with a special film. Twenty years ago, doors were attached to card or piano hinges. Times have changed.

mezzanine sliding doors
Today, for these purposes, four-hinged furniture hinges or gas lifts are used (with the folding method of opening).


So, we mount the doors for the mezzanine with our own hands. You will need a drill. Drill small holes with a diameter of about 30 mm in the doors. In this case, top and bottom, indent 90 mm. And between the edge of the hinge hole and the door edge is seven millimeters. If you are going to glue the cabinet with foil, you can drill holes through. Then attach the loops to the canvas. Attach the door to the wall near the mezzanines so that in the open position the gap between them is minimal. Mark the places where the loops will be attached, mark on the wall. The accessories are folding. Therefore, focusing on the marked places, install the remaining parts of the loops. Then attach the doors themselves.

Doors for a mezzanine do it yourself
If desired, you can mount the handles.

Sliding doors for mezzanines

Cut a plastic profile with grooves across the width of the cabinet. It will take two such segments. Fix the profiles on the ceiling with a hammer drill so that they fit snugly against each other. From the chipboard cut out the doors for the mezzanines. This can easily be done with a circular saw or a conventional jigsaw. Carefully process the door with a milling cutter. Subsequently, they can be glued with film or plastic slats. For convenience in operation, attach the handle. Insert the finished doors for the mezzanines into the grooves of the profile. Along the contour of the niche, make a frame from plastic slats. She will hide bars and other details from prying eyes. Be sure to check how easy the doors move and whether anything is bothering them. That's it. The mezzanine looks like brand new with a minimal amount of time and low cost. You can load a locker with things.


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