Do-it-yourself wardrobe from the pantry: ideas and arrangement options

The wardrobe room by many owners is considered a luxury. For its arrangement, you need to allocate sufficient space. Because of this, many do not dare to allocate a separate room for storing clothes. However, the arrangement of a separate dressing room is still recommended. It is advisable to create it even in a small Khrushchev. How to equip the dressing room from the pantry will be discussed later.

Benefits of a separate dressing room

A small dressing room from the pantry can be equipped in almost any apartment. Many homeowners believe that such a room is a luxury that cannot be afford, for example, in Khrushchev. However, it is worth considering that things are still stored in such an apartment. Only without equipping the dressing room do they fold into dimensional cabinets, chests of drawers. They take away the free space of the premises. This visually reduces the already limited space. At the same time, the interior seems cluttered.

Wardrobe from the pantry

Professional designers argue that the idea to equip a separate, albeit small, room for storing clothes is advisable in almost any apartment. This will allow the rational use of every centimeter of free space. The interior becomes more spacious and fresher. This allows even in some cases to improve the well-being of the owners of the house. More free space creates a comfortable atmosphere.

If the apartment or house has spacious dimensions, the creation of a separate dressing room is mandatory. This gives comfort, allowing you to place all your belongings in one room. One of the best solutions will be the assignment for this pantry. If you take out all the trash from it, you can create a room in which to fit warm, casual clothes, shoes, etc. The main thing is to properly plan the space of this room.

It is recommended to make a dressing room from the pantry for several reasons. The space of the apartment in this case will be able to plan more harmoniously. This will allow to remove dimensional cabinets, chests of drawers, other places for storing things from the house.

The presence of a separate dressing room allows you to save a significant amount of money on the purchase of cabinets and other furniture. Finding the necessary things is much easier. They will all be in the same room, and not in different cabinets. It will be convenient to try on things, going to work, to a meeting or a walk. In the dressing room you can install a mirror. All the necessary things in this case will be at hand. Having decided on the outfit, you can immediately pick up shoes for him. Training time is significantly reduced.

When is a dressing room needed?

A dressing room from a pantry in Khrushchev or in a spacious own house is a rational technique for interior design. It can be decorated in different styles. This will emphasize the individuality of the owners of the house. However, in some cases it will still be more expedient to equip a separate built-in wardrobe. This is possible if the pantry space is very limited. So, for a room in which the racks will be located in the form of the letter β€œG”, the width of the room should be at least 1.5 m. Otherwise, it is better to choose another room (for example, a balcony) to create a wardrobe or to install wardrobes. If it is planned to put the shelves on both sides, the space should be at least 1.9 m wide.

Walk-in closet

Also, do not allocate this room for the wardrobe room if the pantry is actively used for its intended purpose. The owners can store conservation, various supplies here. If it is impossible to transfer them to the cellar (or to another place), then the creation of a wardrobe room in the pantry is not recommended. This will not increase, but, on the contrary, reduce the comfort of the home for the owners.

If the pantry is not used for its intended purpose, unnecessary trash accumulates here, you need to clean the room and consider projects for creating a dressing room. There are many expert recommendations on how to create the interior of this room.

It is also worth noting that designers rarely choose a narrow and long room for a dressing room. However, with the proper design of the internal space, even from such a pantry, you can create a beautiful room for storing things.

Designer's recommendations

To create a dressing room from the pantry with your own hands, you need to consider the advice of professional designers. They give some simple recommendations that will make such a space aesthetic and functional. Designers argue that you can create a separate room for storing things even in a small apartment, the total area of ​​which does not exceed 35 mΒ². There are a number of recommendations on how to make a separate corner for the dressing room in a limited space.

Small closet from the pantry

The minimum allowable size of the pantry in which you can equip such a room is 1.5 x 1 m. In this room, the necessary racks and drawers, as well as a bar for hangers, will fit perfectly. In such a space, you also need to install a large mirror. This will visually increase the space.

Also, considering options for the dressing room from the pantry, you need to choose the right colors and materials for decoration. They should be bright, pastel. Shiny surfaces with limited space are preferred. Also, great attention should be paid to creating high-quality lighting. There is almost no window in the pantry. Therefore, artificial lighting should be bright and resemble daylight.

Indoor need to equip high-quality ventilation. Otherwise, a fungus will appear on things, clothing will smell unpleasant. Even if the room is spacious enough, it is impossible to store extraneous things here, for example, a vacuum cleaner, mops, etc. For them, you immediately need to provide a separate corner in another room. It is impossible to litter space or violate the integrity of this type of interior. The choice of the style of the wardrobe design should also be given special attention. It depends on whether the owners of the house will be comfortable in such a room.

Layout Selection

Before starting repair work, you need to create a wardrobe project from the pantry. Thought out the layout inside the room. Also at the design stage, they choose the type of decoration, the style of interior design. Thought out the location of communications.

Pantry Dressing Room Ideas

There are several basic layout options for the dressing room. The first of these is called a linear arrangement. In this case, the space will look like a long, narrow case. The door system can be sliding. A narrow dressing room from the pantry can be made in accordance with this layout. In this case, the cabinets are placed along one wall. They can also stand along opposite walls (if the dimensions of the room allow this). On a wall opposite from the entrance you need to hang a large mirror.

You can also make an angular layout. In this case, the pantry should be square. Shelves are installed along the opposite wall from the entrance and along one of the walls (right or left). You can also install angular-shaped shelving here. This will allow you to rationally use the space of a square shape.

If the storage room was wide and long enough, you can arrange the racks in the form of the letter "P". Here the shelves will be installed not only opposite each other, but also on the opposite side of the room. The room should be spacious enough to install a portable mirror. If this is not possible, it is possible to provide sliding shelves with a mirror surface on the shelves.

Interior layout

When considering options for dressing rooms from pantries, you need to pay attention to the arrangement of their internal space. It should be divided into functional zones. You can not allow chaos when storing things. Any dressing room should have at least 4 separate zones.

Wardrobe from the pantry in Khrushchev

In the first part of the dressing room, rods will be installed to store long things on hangers. These are mainly outerwear, dresses. The distance from the bar to the floor should be 1.3-1.7 m. The choice of level depends on the features of things. The depth of the compartment for storing long items should be 0.5 m.

The second zone should be designed to store short clothes. It can be suits, blouses, sweaters, etc. The height of the rack here should be 1 m. In this case, it is necessary to rationally use the space under the clothes of the first and second functional zones. Here you can store shoes. It is better to arrange it according to the type of clothing. Under winter things you need to store boots or boots, and under summer things - sneakers, shoes, sandals, etc. This is the third functional area.

The fourth part is the space above the shelves. Shelves are also created here. They can be open and closed. They will store hats, as well as other seasonal items. A dressing room from a pantry in Khrushchev or in a spacious private house is created according to the same principle. In such rooms there are necessarily 4 areas for storing things.

Also, in addition to the mirror, in the dressing room you need to install a small stool or bench. This will allow you to try things in comfort. You can make her high. You can also store some small items in the space under the seat. Indoors, you will need to create the main upper chandelier or lamp, as well as the illumination of deep cabinets.

Attic wardrobe

Studying how to make a dressing room from a pantry, you need to consider the features of planning the interior space when arranging such a room in the attic. In some private houses it is here that there is a room for storing canned goods and supplies.

One of the walls of such a pantry can be tilted, since it forms a roof slope. They can be low or high. If the distance to the ceiling does not exceed 2 m (at the highest point), do not wardrobe here. In such a room it is better to leave the pantry.

Wardrobe from the pantry in the panel house

If the attic space allows an adult to stand directly in such a room, you can equip a room for storing things here. In this case, it is extremely important to plan everything correctly. Where the roof slope intersects with the ceiling, shoe racks can be installed. On the side of the room where the ceiling height is maximum, mount rods for long clothes.

The wardrobe room in this case can be multi-level. If the height of the ramp allows, you can hang short clothes above the shelves for shoes. From the high point of the room, not only the lower, but also the upper shelves are made. Several planning projects should be drawn to select the best option.

You can use sliding shelves in such a room. This will allow you to quickly get to the right things. Preference should be given to multi-level varieties of shelves that resemble the shape of steps on the reverse side. On the front side they can have a mirror surface.

Design Choice for Men and Women Wardrobe

There are different ideas for the dressing room from the pantry, which allow emphasizing the individuality of the owner of the house. If a girl lives here, the functionality of the room should be adapted to her needs. The fair sex loves the process of trying on, choosing clothes. For a man, this is not required. The choice of clothes in this case should be simple and quick. Everything you need should be at hand.

Wardrobe options from the pantry

If a man and a woman live in the house, you need to zone the space in accordance with the needs and nature of each of them. One side of the dressing room is reserved for women's items, and the second - for men's. In such a room should be quite spacious. Otherwise, concurrent fees can be quite uncomfortable.

Men prefer to adhere to clear lines and conciseness when decorating the interior. Style can be quite brutal. Everything should be in place. The mess is unacceptable. The interior should not be any extra details. The style should be as functional as possible. It combines simplicity with manufacturability.

Women regard the choice of clothing as a creative process. Therefore, the surrounding space must be appropriate. Even a small dressing room from the pantry should inspire, bring pleasure from the process. The shape of the furniture may be non-standard. Here you can install chests, boxes with original finishes. Various caskets and hats will decorate the interior. The mirror should be big. It can also be supplemented with a beautiful frame.

What should not be done when making a dressing room?

There are several typical mistakes when creating the interior of a dressing room from a pantry in a panel house. When planning the layout of racks, many owners prefer to place them along both walls opposite each other. In this case, the free space between them may be limited. It will be uncomfortable to change clothes. The minimum distance between racks should be from 1.2 m.

It is advisable to avoid creating inside a long but narrow space. It is necessary to plan everything so that the wall distant from the entrance is occupied by whatnots, racks with sliding shelves. They can be quite deep. This will allow you to place the necessary things and shoes, while harmonizing the disproportionate space.

There are also several recommendations when arranging a dressing room under the roof slopes. If it is not high (less than 1.5 m), it makes no sense to have a dressing area here. It will be uncomfortable to try on clothes.

Interior decoration

Wardrobe from the pantry should be decorated in bright colors. Dark shades of finish visually reduce the room. Furniture should also be light. However, you should not choose one color for the entire finish. Facades of furniture can be bright. In this case, it is better to give preference to a glossy texture. Only for spacious, well-lit walk-in closets can dark colors be used for decoration.

Fashion trends

The wardrobe from the pantry will look stylish if modern design trends are applied during its design. These include eco-style. This allows the use of rounded shapes, natural shades. Materials can imitate natural wood, pebbles, natural stone. There may be a high pile carpet on the floor. It must be soft to stand on it was nice.

Having considered the ideas and recommendations for the design of the dressing room from the pantry, you can create a functional room. This will help to rationally use the free space even in a small apartment.


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