How to do airbrushing yourself? Car tuning

Airbrushing is a very effective way of tuning. And if various plastic body kits became commonplace on cars, then using a unique combination of colors you can attract the attention of many motorists and pedestrians just walking nearby. However, airbrushing on a car is not so easy in fact. The painting process is very serious, so many car owners turn to specialists for help. But as practice shows, it is quite realistic to draw a drawing on a machine yourself. So, let's look at how to do airbrushing with your own hands.

how to do airbrushing yourself


To perform the work you will need the following devices:

  • spray compressor with integrated relay;
  • a set of colors depending on the type and shade of your drawing;
  • external spray airbrush with a needle.

You will also need a funnel, hose, connector and various accessories for cleaning the airbrush. They are usually already included with the last tool.

make airbrushing on a car

Select a picture

In deciding how to do the airbrushing yourself, at the first stage you need to find out what exactly you will apply to the car. Moreover, the picture should be not only in imagination, but also on the computer, so that later there would be no inaccuracies in the application. It is advisable to use a special program to create such things. In it you will make an exact copy of the airbrushing, which in the future will be applied to the car. It should also be noted that if you are working in this area for the first time, do not use more than three shades of paints, as this will significantly complicate their application.


Before you do airbrushing on a car, you need to not only program the future drawing on the computer. It is also necessary to make a stencil out of it. To do this, thick paper or foil is usually used. Some designers use special film and thin cardboard. Before you do the airbrushing yourself, you need to draw on the selected surface the contours of the image that you previously designed on the computer. After that, you should cut the resulting pattern along the internal lines.

How to do airbrushing yourself? Preparing the body for application

Now we clean the surface of the machine, namely the place where you are going to apply the drawing. To do this, rinse it thoroughly, degrease and cover with soil. The presence of rust is unacceptable here, otherwise all airbrushing will soon become covered with pimples and will crumble more and more every day (of course, together with metal, which cannot be allowed). When there is not a single trace of corrosion and pollution left on our body, we apply soil to it (preferably in 3 layers). Now you need to fix the image stencil with tape on the surface of the car and proceed to coloring its contours. At the same time, it is important to be careful so that there are no drips. The painting process itself should be carried out during the day, in good light and, preferably, away from dusty terrain.

how to do DIY airbrushing

At this stage, the question of how to do the airbrushing yourself can be considered exhausted. Additionally it is allowed to process the surface of the body with varnish and polish.


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