Tomato Method in Time Management

Time management is a key success factor. It is very important to learn how to plan your day in order to complete important things in time, without being distracted by insignificant and unimportant ones. But how to do that? Time management will help, namely one of his tricks, the tomato method. Get to know him better.

tomato method

Appearance story

The tomato method was invented by Francesco Cirillo in the 80s of the last century. In college, the young man devoted a lot of time to learning, but still he did not achieve significant success and studied worse than most classmates. After analyzing his failures, Francesco came to the conclusion that everything was to blame for distractions that prevented him from concentrating on important matters. And he came up with an original way to solve the problem - he made a “deal” with himself, under the terms of which he had to deal exclusively with training for 10 minutes. He spotted the time with the help of a kitchen timer, made in the form of a tomato, and he gave the technique its original name.

The story goes that the young man could not win over himself, but he liked the sprinting technique himself, he began to develop it. A tricky method over time helped Francesco to achieve success in training, then in work. The technique interested others, which was the reason for the appearance of the book “The Tomato Method”, which was published in 2006. Gradually, the idea of ​​Cirillo began to spread and found wide application in various industries and fields.

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Description of the technique

The tomato method with a timer is the secret to the rational organization of the labor process. It involves the division of working time into several segments, the alternation of hard work and rest. This helps the brain focus on solving important problems without being distracted by minor ones.

So, working time is divided into sprints called "tomatoes." Their duration is 25 minutes. It is very important to set a timer so as not to miss the end of the gap. At this time, you need to work hard, not allowing yourself to be distracted. This is followed by a 5-minute break. Then another sprint for 25 minutes of work. After completing 4 "tomatoes", you can afford to rest for 15 minutes.

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Using the tomato method is an effective and efficient way to manage your time. So, hard and focused work with 25-minute sprints for 2-3 hours is more productive than using the standard approach for 6-7 hours. This fact is proved. The following advantages can also be noted:

  • The work was done efficiently and on time.
  • The brain is not overloaded with minor issues.
  • Thanks to the rational alternation of work and rest, there is no overwork.
  • Allows you to cope with the main enemy of efficiency - scattered attention.

The tomato method is a great way not only to quickly solve basic problems, but also to cultivate self-discipline.

tomato management in time management


Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to break their working day into a series of segments, implying the alternation of work and rest. Thus, operators of popular hotlines are forced to receive calls throughout the shift and cannot take a break every 25 minutes. The same applies to sellers in stores, other staff.

Also, people in creative professions will not be able to use the tomato method in time management, because much of their work depends on inspiration, which, as you know, does not come at any particular hours.

But in general, the methodology proved to be sound, helps many people to solve the problem of rational organization of working time.

How to use?

The use of the tomato method involves the following sequence of actions:

  • Choice of the task for the implementation of which efforts will be directed.
  • Setting the timer for 25 minutes. You can use any device - an alarm, an electronic signal on a cell phone. In general, everything at hand.
  • After this, you should begin intense and focused work on bringing your goal closer - to fulfill the intended task. At the first stages, you can help yourself by eliminating the distractions - turn off the music or movie, log out of accounts on social networks, turn off the sound on your mobile phone. This sprint should be devoted exclusively to work for all 25 minutes. You should not constantly glance at the clock - the timer itself will notify you that the "tomato" has come to an end.
  • When you hear the timer, you can relax for exactly 5 minutes. It’s better to use this time productively: get up, do some simple exercises, go to the window, breathe in fresh air, pour yourself a cup of tea.
  • Further, everything is repeated in a circle: 25 minutes of hard work, 5 minutes - rest. After making 4 circles, you can arrange a longer rest, in 15 minutes. The second option of the program is 5 full “tomatoes”, after which a break is made for half an hour. This time can be used for lunch.

If everything is done in full compliance with the methodology, very soon you will notice a positive result: in 2 cycles you will be able to do the amount of work that previously took a whole shift, and 3-4 cycles will bring double productivity with you. Plus - do not be afraid of overwork.

tomato method program

Secrets of the technique

It has been scientifically proven that the brain is most efficient for 25 minutes, then this indicator drops. Therefore, the method of tomato and involves using this fact to the fullest. When the brain gets tired, you should take a break, and not sit and not suffer, trying to force yourself to work.

25 minutes is the recommended average time. If it is difficult to concentrate on the first stages, you can start a timer for 15-20 minutes, gradually increase the time by 5 minutes to achieve the desired indicator. Workable people can immediately take large amounts of work, making their "tomato" lasting up to 45 minutes. However, there is a very important condition: all the scheduled time should be devoted to solving a specific problem, other things and the whole world around as if cease to exist before the timer signal.

You can also do relatively freely with interruptions. If 5 minutes is not enough, they can be extended to 10-15, but it is important to remember: increasing the duration of rest, you reduce your own productivity and extend the working day. Therefore, a longer pause between sprints should be justified.

Using the tomato method helps to more effectively and efficiently organize your own time, focusing on solving important issues. The workflow is much more productive. The program of the tomato method is quite simple in execution, does not require any special knowledge and skills, it is enough only at first to show willpower and endurance, forcing yourself to work. Gradually, it will become a habit.


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