Manicure Kate Middleton: a tribute to the royal foundations

After Kate Middleton became a member of the royal family, attention was attracted to her not only as a person, but also as a woman. Every detail of the image of the princess is carefully discussed in the press, and millions of girls around the world take an example from her. And this is understandable, because Kate's style is akin to the style of a real princess, that is, sophisticated, elegant and feminine. Manicure Kate Middleton also did not pass either paparazzi or editors of fashion publications. It is about him that we will talk today.

Royal House Rules

First of all, it is worth noting the fact that, living on the territory of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, all residents are obliged to follow a list of certain rules and principles that were agreed upon by her long ago. It turns out that Her Majesty does not accept women with colored manicure in her palace. In the code of rules, colored or, all the more, bright varnish is indicated as “vulgar”. A similar ban on catchy manicure will soon celebrate its 30th anniversary.

In the late 80s, the queen stated that the only acceptable shade of nails for her was a translucent cream. It was such an ideal color, in her opinion, that she found in the line of popular and very inexpensive varnishes from Essie.

gentle manicure

Today, this brand is known to many girls in our country and, by the way, is in great demand. But 30 years ago, the Queen’s personal hairdresser wrote a letter to the manufacturer and creator of this company. In it, he asked on behalf of Elizabeth to send to the royal palace a batch of bubbles of this shade, which to this day is called Ballet Slippers.

Princess Kate's personal preferences

As soon as Kate’s leg crossed the royal mansions, she had to accept and agree with the fact that from now on there was only translucent cream polish on her nails. Below is a photo of Kate Middleton's manicure.

Princess Manicure

However, no complaints to this rule of the royal palace from the humble bride of the queen's grandson have been received. Apparently, before that she was not a lover of bright nails. Princess Kate Middleton’s manicure from time to time is a short-cut nails without varnish or with an almost invisible soft-beige shade.

Princess Wedding Manicure

On the day of the wedding ceremony, the future wife of Prince William slightly violated the rules written by Queen Elizabeth, and chose the traditional color of the varnish with the addition of pink. The color of the manicure of Kate Middleton turned out to be more noticeable and very delicate. I wonder how the queen herself reacted to such liberties?

Natural fashion

After Kate became a member of the royal family, her person began real surveillance. Paparazzi are trying to photograph every fragment of her outfit from the light. After some time, fashionable glossy magazines published articles one after another that the princess introduced the fashion for the abolition of color varnish.

Kate Middleton's nails

The articles said that ordinary women from around the world and fashion designers picked up this idea of ​​Kate Middleton's manicure and are using it with all their might. Many pointed to the fact that from now on you can forget about the many hours of visits to nail studios in the desire to make breathtaking nails. And this cannot but rejoice. After all, short nails with a minimum amount of translucent varnish look gentle and well-groomed.

How to achieve an inconspicuous manicure?

When a huge number of women appreciated the idea with an invisible a la naturel coat in the style of manicure Kate Middleton, many wanted to learn how to achieve the perfect look of nails without using varnish. After all, uncoated nail plates do not look too beautiful and well-groomed.

Nail service masters offer women who decide to abandon color coverage to use a special procedure. Its feature is that the master rubs vitamins and special components into your nails. Due to this, the fingers acquire the most well-groomed and sleek appearance.

How to maintain a decent look of nails without using varnish at home?

If you carefully look at the photos of Princess Kate Middleton's manicure, you can see that in all the pictures her nails are just in perfect condition.

Kate Middleton

As you know, for this it is not enough to cut and file the nails, you need to carry out a whole range of procedures. So, if you are tired of painting nails and worrying about suddenly chipped varnish on the tip of the nail plate, then learn how to care for the pens and forget about colored varnish.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the cuticle. It must be neatly trimmed, removed or pushed. The most problematic cuticle is one that adheres tightly to the nail and covers a significant surface. In this case, soak it in the bath and remove it in any convenient way.

It is extremely important to file the side rollers in time, which are located on the side of the nail plate. Over time, this part of the finger coarsens, and this spoils the general appearance of the manicure. After the bath, take the middle file and lightly file the rollers.

Also, do not neglect nail care oils. It is the oils that are most effective and capable of giving a radiant look to your handles.


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