How to write a teacher’s introspection?

Each kindergarten teacher should submit an introspection of the teacher once a year. But how to do it right? What questions do you need to know the answers to? This we will consider in this article.

educator introspection
What is a teacher’s introspection ?

This is an analysis of one’s own activity by comprehending managerial or pedagogical experience and, as a result, determining ways to eliminate professional difficulties. How to make it right? The first step is to write what program you have been working on all year. This will not be difficult to do if the teacher worked all the time according to plan, and not just the way you want. The next stage is the provision of the main tasks set this year. It is imperative to indicate the results that you have achieved, how you implemented the tasks, what difficulties you faced, and what you decided to postpone for the next year. Next, talk about emotional comfort in the group. How do children communicate with each other, is there mutual understanding, or more quarrels? If there is disagreement among children, how do you solve this problem? Also provide information on what kind of child development work you did. This item is required. Do not forget to provide some copies of documents that really this work has been carried out. Attach the materials that you used during the year to the same list. Also, the teacher’s introspection involves evaluating your work and your skill level. If you think it’s low, it’s best to take courses and level up.

kindergarten teacher introspection
Now it’s worth going to the parents. What kind of work did you do with them during the year? Of course, this is not a school, and meetings are often not necessary. But you still need to talk with parents and notify them about the development of the child. After all, sometimes it happens that the mom and dad of the baby accuse only the educators of what is happening. For example, someone fought, got hurt, or simply disrespected him. Of course, teachers are to blame for what happened, but parents who have missed an important moment in the process of upbringing should also think. When you finish making up the introspection of the kindergarten teacher, draw a conclusion. It should be clear and coherent, based on real events. So, introspection should contain your personal opinions. Answers should be given to questions that relate exclusively to the teacher. For example, which of the areas of social work with children attracts you the most? Indicate what courses you would like to take to improve your qualifications? This will be taken seriously, and soon, perhaps your wishes will come true.

What does introspection of a preschool teacher include?

In addition to answering questions, this introspection also includes suggestions. The teacher needs to offer several round tables, where important issues will be discussed. The topic of several methodological consultations that will help in the work should also be mentioned. Thus, the teacher’s introspection is a kind of document.

Dow educator introspection

Many people think, why bother and write all this? But all educators must remember that analysis is a very necessary thing. Everything will be read by the kindergarten administration. And if the educators have any requests, they will be considered. And all the proposals are accepted.


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