Two ways to create a gel manicure

Well-groomed, neat, beautiful nails adorn any woman. But it happens that by nature the nail plate is thin and often exfoliates. To strengthen nails in the modern market, there are many tools, but only their use requires time and material costs. And the result does not always justify itself. Therefore, gel manicure has become popular now. With its help, you can eliminate many visual problems - unevenness and brittle nails, deformation, peeling and yellowness. It protects the nail plate from chips and damage, the destructive effects of harmful substances, mechanical damage. And, most importantly, it makes nails beautiful and spectacular.

In fact, there are 2 types of gel manicure - nail extension and gel coating. The common feature of these two technologies is that in their process a special composition is used - gel. It gives nails hardness, makes their surface smooth and shiny. However, these methods have quite a few differences. In order to understand them, you need to consider each in more detail.

All About Gel Nail Extensions

This method is most suitable for creating long nails. But he is considered more "aggressive."

First, the nails are filed and the length and shape of the tips are selected. They completely depend on your desire. The most popular shapes are an oval or rectangle. When choosing a length, you need to be guided by whether the nails interfere with your daily activities. If they are too long, it will be inconvenient, for example, to print on a computer.

Then the surface of the nail is carefully treated. It is polished and cleaned, including chemical acids. The selected tips are glued to the tips of the nails and the nail is polished again until the surface becomes absolutely even. To achieve this, sometimes you have to "remove" up to a third of the thickness of the nail plate.

After preparation, gel is applied. A brush gives it a beautiful shape and it will be necessary to hold the nails under an ultraviolet lamp. When the gel hardens, it is polished and fixed with another layer.

Gel coating

It is more gentle, but it will not work to lengthen natural nails .

In preparation, the nail is degreased and cleaned. Then the first, base coat is applied. On top of the nail is covered with a special material - Fiberglass. This is natural silk, it will protect the nails and will not be noticeable after applying the gel. Thanks to him, it will be possible to add a little bit (about 1 mm) to the length.

The gel is applied in the same way as when building, only with gel coating biogel is used, it does not have such an โ€œaggressiveโ€ composition as usual. It is more gentle for a natural nail, more designed for its preservation. This is the main difference between the coating and the extension - it uses much less chemicals, the nail is processed less during polishing and remains healthy. Coating is done more in order to preserve the natural beauty.

And for extended nails, and for coating, you can make a beautiful design. Butterflies, flowers, abstract figures - it all depends on your imagination and the skill of the master. Gel French manicure also looks spectacular . On long nails, it is created not only in the classic version, but also with the help of bright colors, as well as sparkles, rhinestones, stickers.

If you decide to make a gel manicure, you need to make yourself simple 2-3 days before. Not the way you do yourself at home, but salon, because you need to โ€œopenโ€ the nail plate thoroughly - remove the cuticle and rough skin. This is done so that the gel covers the entire surface, evenly, without sag. Such a manicure is best done in advance so that no wounds remain and the skin is not damaged when applying the gel.

To maintain the beauty of gel-coated nails, every 2-3 weeks it is necessary to do prophylaxis. During it, the overgrown part of the nail from the bottom is also covered with gel and then leveled. Thanks to this, the gel manicure will last long, and the nails will always be neat.


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