Installation of refrigeration equipment on the Gazelle. Refrigerator: instruction

Installation of refrigeration equipment on the Gazelle is advisable if it is supposed to transport perishable products over long distances or if you need to frequently open the door, which increases the temperature inside the car. Many entrepreneurs use the model in question throughout the country. The following is a brief overview of the Gazelle with a refrigerator and how to install it.

auto gazelle refrigerator

Technical indicators

The machine in question is excellent for use if it is necessary to maintain a certain temperature regime - from +5 to -21 degrees. Car "Gazelle" (refrigerator) is produced on several chassis, which allows you to choose a vehicle for certain requests and requirements.

The refrigerated van is a sandwich panel, which is mounted in a single design. Its inner part is insulated with heat-insulating materials, for example, polystyrene plates, and sheathed with sheets of food stainless steel. The outer part of the booth is finished with sheet metal made of metal coated with corrosion.

installation of refrigeration equipment on a gazelle

There are two versions of the van, depending on the required temperature indicators. Modifications differ in wall thickness: 500 and 100 mm, respectively. The first option allows you to maintain the product chilled at a temperature of 0-5 degrees. The second design makes it possible to reduce the performance in the working chamber to –20 Β° C.

main parameters

The installation of refrigeration equipment on the Gazelle involves a preliminary calculation of the carrying capacity and temperature fluctuations within the required limits. Depending on the main base, the carrying capacity and dimensions of the car are:



"Gazelle Next"

Length (m)




Width (m)




Height (m)




Payload (t)




It is quite possible to order such a "Gazelle" (refrigerated van) on an individual project. There are models equipped inside with several cameras in which different temperatures are maintained.

refrigerator repair

Preparation for installation

Most often, installation and repair of refrigerators is carried out by specialists. However, the installation of refrigeration equipment on the Gazelle can be done with your own hands if you have certain skills and tools.

Before you begin the installation process, you will need to purchase the following items:

  • compressor installation;
  • automated control unit for refrigeration systems;
  • blocks for the internal evaporator and external condenser;
  • electrical wiring;
  • connecting elements and tubes with refrigerant.

In addition, you need to stock up with sealant, fittings, material that disguises the fasteners, a tool for drilling holes and clamping fixing parts.

Main works

The compressor should be installed first. A special bracket will need to be fixed on the power unit. The device is aligned taking into account the belt drive, so that the pulley does not interfere with the movement. Then, low and high pressure hoses are mounted on the compressor. They are crimped by fittings, excess parts are cut off. After that, the pulley is connected to the compressor and motor. The maximum play should be within 6 mm.

Next, the evaporator and condenser are mounted through pre-drilled holes where refrigerant tubes will pass. It is recommended to make hard bookmarks in the place of attachment, which will avoid damage to the van from vibrations. The evaporator is placed inside the booth, and the condenser, respectively, outside. Compressor hoses are connected, all clamps are completely tightened.

installation of a refrigerator in a gazelle

Final stage

Installing a refrigerator on the Gazelle involves laying wiring. It is placed through the same holes as the compressor hoses. Here it is worth considering the connection of wires of the same color with each other and their subsequent tightening together, which will avoid sagging and loosening. Then the wiring is fixed at 3-4 points inside the van.

To connect the control panel, the wires are output through the technical hole under the instrument panel. Next, the color wiring is connected. The assembly is mounted on the amplifier behind the glove compartment. The controller is conveniently located in the rearview mirror. In conclusion, you need to connect the positive lead to the battery, fill the system with refrigerant and check its operation.

Types of refrigerated trucks

Refrigeration equipment is characterized by the type of compressor system. Installation of the refrigerator on the Gazelle is carried out with the following types of drive:

  • direct transmission;
  • autonomous drive;
  • multi temperature version.

The first option, as a rule, is used on cars with small dimensions. It is driven directly by the power unit. Gazelles with trailers and large models are equipped with autonomous structures. The unit is powered by a diesel engine, designed exclusively for providing energy to the van.

The installation of refrigeration equipment on the "Gazelle" of the third type is suitable for all modifications. The main condition is the presence of a partition in the body. Multi-temperature constructions provide maintenance of the set temperature in each separate section. The price of new refrigerators ranges from 90-200 thousand rubles, depending on the category of the device and its manufacturer.

gazelle van refrigerator


In conclusion, it can be noted that the Gazelle with refrigeration equipment is one of the most popular cars among business executives and entrepreneurs. An additional plus is that several types of equipment can be installed on cars with different chassis. And the cost of units is quite acceptable.

In addition, the installation and repair of refrigerators really do it yourself. A wide selection of modifications allows you to choose the best option for almost any requests and wishes. The car in question can be used to maintain products both refrigerated and in complete β€œfreezing”. More advanced variations allow you to adjust the temperature in the van in sections.


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