Joint-Stock Company Ob-Irtysh River Shipping Company

The article will discuss a company called Ob-Irtysh River Shipping Company. General information on this topic will be told, all the services provided by the company will be commented on, and the structure of the enterprise itself will be analyzed.

general information

Ob-Irtysh River Shipping Company is a water transport company that arose in 1982. Now it is one of the largest cargo transportation organizations in Siberia and the Urals.

Ob Irtysh River Shipping Company

The need for its appearance was due to increasing volumes of oil production in the Tyumen region. The first ships were tankers and oil barges that delivered “black gold” to the Omsk oil refinery. At the same time, other cargo ships remelted building materials to create oil and gas pipelines. The main places of delivery were the northern regions of the Russian Federation.

With the help of the company's vessels, cargo is delivered to the fields of well-known oil producing companies in Russia, for example, LUKOIL.

“Ob-Irtysh River Shipping Company” to this day has practically become a monopolist of the Northern oil and gas fields, producing and transporting the lion's share of resources, controlling their prices and the amount of production.

In 1993, shares of the corporation were issued. As a result, private individuals now own the main documentation package. The state owns a quarter of all securities.

AO Ob Irtysh River Shipping Company


Today, the company’s services include not only transportation, but also much more. Ob-Irtysh River Shipping Company JSC performs:

  • loading, unloading of ships;
  • storage of goods;
  • re-equipment of sea and river vessels;
  • communication between various transport companies of various directions (for example, water and rail);
  • cargo delivery to river ports;
  • creation, design, maintenance of crossing facilities across various water barriers;
  • repair of ship equipment and radio navigation;
  • radio communications of sea and river vessels;
  • the extraction and delivery of road bulk mixtures, including crushed stone and sand.


Gradually, subsidiaries began to appear. Among them are river ports and repair organizations, shipping companies.

oao ob irtysh river shipping company

Together with them, OJSC Ob-Irtysh River Shipping Company was included in Mezhregionflot LLC. Management of the corporation, the adoption of all important decisions on its activities is carried out there.

If initially the enterprise management center was located in Tyumen, then recently at a meeting of shareholders the question of changing the place of the head office has been raised. One of the proposed options is Khanty-Mansiysk.

The fleet of OIRP OJSC has barges with a total capacity of up to 270 thousand tons, as well as a self-propelled fleet, each ship of which has a capacity of 300 to 2400 horsepower and modern navigation equipment. By the way, ships are run only by experienced, certified professionals.

Ob-Irtysh River Shipping Company, like many Russian enterprises, was going through some difficult times for some time, including changes related to the redistribution of shares. However, today this corporation is one of the main transport companies involved in the transport of goods along the Northern Route.

Moreover, the Ob-Irtysh River Shipping Company is the only monopolist in the Urals Autonomous Okrug.


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