Tarot Death Card: Significance in Relationships and Love

The "Death" card in the Tarot plays a rather large role in relationships. You should definitely pay close attention to it if you are guessing for love, a romantic relationship or related circumstances. In this article we will tell you in detail what to expect from this card in the layouts, as well as in various combinations.

Short description

Relationship value

The significance of the relationship of Death in the Tarot should never be minimized. In general, when evaluating this card, it is worth recognizing that multi-figured compositions always look more attractive and advantageous than single-figured compositions. The Tarot card features six characters and a wide variety of small details.

When looking at a map, those who study it often wonder who they are from the depicted heroes on this map. In this case, it is worth noting that you can find the answer only deep inside yourself, having thoroughly rummaged in your attitude to this card, everything that is connected with it. A certain clue may be the alignment in which it falls out.

An interesting detail that is not often paid attention to is the Mystical rose painted on the banner. Surprisingly, she looks like a rose of Lancaster, one of the warring parties in the war of the Scarlet and White roses.

Another noteworthy detail, which many do not pay due attention to, is a small boat. Usually they argue about the sun, discussing what position it is in: setting or rising, also pay attention to two towers, which are strongly associated with similar images on the map of the moon. At the same time, where the boat is sailing is no less important. Depending on this, the interpretation of the map can be turned in one direction or another.

Keywords and ideas

Card reading

When interpreting the meaning of the relationship of Death in the Tarot, you should definitely pay attention to the key ideas and words that this card carries.

Key words include concepts such as quick time, transformation, suicide, natural death, murder, an irreversible event, crisis, emergency care, surgery.

The key ideas of this card in the Tarot deck are the birth of a butterfly after the death of a chrysalis, qualitative and fundamental changes, the time to die for everything old and outdated, and also an acute experience is connected with it, usually extremely unpleasant.

The main significance of this card is death. Therefore, many are so upset when she falls out when divining on love and relationships. The significance of Death in the Tarot in this case, as a rule, does not bode well. True, you should not perceive this concept so unambiguously and immediately grieve. Death in this situation appears in the image of not only final and irrevocable death, but also the beginning of rebirth, transformation, transition.

Especially the softening of the concept of death is characteristic when interpreting the meaning of the inverted Death in the Tarot. In this case, the card will mean inertia, disappointment and apathy rather than death per se. So when the inverted Death appears in the Tarot, it is not customary to talk about the meaning in a relationship, especially about the essential. Often in such a situation, the influence of this card is exclusively indirect.

What to expect in love?

Considering the significance in the relationship of Death in the Tarot, it is worth recognizing that in this fortune-telling she always plays a rather important role. Death itself is considered an open card. This means that almost anything can happen to her. So if it falls to you when you are wondering about future romantic relationships, then you can expect both an instant and final break, and love at first sight. In this regard, the β€œDeath” card in the Tarot in the meaning of relationships and love becomes very changeable and unpredictable.

At the same time, it almost always indicates intensity in the novel. These are peak values, almost the maximum possible load, after which the relationship between lovers will never be the same. They will swing in one direction or another, but in which direction it depends both on the people themselves and on the attendant circumstances. Interpreting the meaning of the relationship of the "Death" card in the Tarot, you can be sure that it indicates significant changes that will happen in the very near future.


Meaning in Relationships and Love

In this scenario, one can also assume a scenario in which events will develop. How will the "Death" card in the Tarot affect the value in relations of a very different type - family, love, workers, relatives.

For example, it may be love at first sight. Or vice versa. A rapid break in relations, no matter how long they lasted before. In this case, such a gap can literally come from one sloppy dropped word. Some scholars argue that it only takes 40 seconds for a person to determine if the person he is talking to is cute or not. Of course, opinions may change in the future, but this does not happen often. The first impression, as a rule, prevails, as you remember, is always met by clothes. The Death card in this situation is just the quintessence of those forty seconds in which we really decide whether we want to be with this person or not.

In addition, the significance of Death in the Tarot in the alignment of relations is almost always a crisis that will end with unknown outcomes. A person can break, or vice versa, be reborn, come out fundamentally updated, rushing to a new relationship. Perhaps worst of all, if he renounces himself to his surroundings, he closes himself in his injury. The meaning of the "Death" card in the Tarot in a love relationship indicates that such a development of events is quite real and believable. The Death card does not give an unambiguous answer on how fate will turn, but there is no doubt that the changes will take place. In addition, they will not have to wait long, everything happened instantly and very quickly. It must be understood that the meaning of Death in the Tarot in love indicates a transformation, but does not tell us what the result of this transformation will be.

It is safe to say that the status of romantic relationships will also be radically changed. True, changes can not always be global in nature, in some cases they remain at the local, local level.

Death is a clear indication that the person who is being guessed is strongly influenced by external factors. He was so exposed to them, his emotional state began to radically differ from the norm, in fact, got out of control. Loss of control in this situation can easily bring to a state of affect when a person begins to be very offended, angry, and may be at the top of bliss.

The emotional explosion that can happen to him in this case, in most cases leads him to rash acts that occur solely on emotions. In some cases, this card works quite unexpectedly, not only for others, but also for the person himself. He does things that he could not even think of before.

High Arcana Combinations

To understand in detail what to expect from this card, you should consider its meanings in combinations. In a relationship, the Death card in Tarot can show itself from one side or another, depending on which cards in the neighborhood are on the table. Particular attention should be paid to the Senior Arcana.

The meaning in the relationship of Death in the Tarot in combination with the Strength card means that something will be urgently and immediately cut off, disconnected. In this case, there is a reason to be even more confident in the upcoming break in the relationship. In combination with the Justice card, this can mean surgery.

Finally, the significance of Death in the Tarot in combination with the Emperor card is the need to urgently make confident decisions without any hesitation.

The card is of great importance in the psychological state of the person who is being fortuneteller. Moreover, it does not indicate his specific state or another, but the fact that he is in a transitional period from one to another.

Wand Cards

Different interpretations can be combined with the suit of the Wands:

  1. 7 wands - a wound in a fight or duel.
  2. 9 Wands - a strong psychological stress that can provoke an internal crisis.
  3. 10 Wands - the imminent end of a painful and unpleasant period.

In matters of health, the loss of this card does not bode well. In rare cases, we can talk about improving the situation. Most likely, the situation will only worsen, and very rapidly. Most often, the Death card indicates crises and disruptions. It may indicate the need for urgent surgical intervention, which may turn out to be unplanned, as well as indicate that a person has received cut or stab wounds.

Health can deteriorate at any time, and often without any prerequisites and external causes. That is, it can be a physical impact: a fight, an attack, a car accident.

The Death of Tarot Thoth

The Death of Tarot Thoth

In addition to the classic Death card, there is also the Death of Thoth. It is also customary to interpret it carefully if you want to know what fate awaits your future or current romantic relationship.

The death of the Tarot of Thoth in a relationship of importance is quite large. It can mean breaking up with a person or a completely opposite situation. For example, the beginning of a long and successful romance after a long stay in complete solitude. You can interpret this card, as well as the transition to an official happy marriage after a light flirt or a long romantic relationship without any obligation.

Even the birth of a marriage in a happy marriage can be described by this truly paradoxical card. After all, by and large, the appearance of a baby in your family means death for him in a past life, and for you a cardinal change in the situation, familiar and understandable family life. This is fully consistent with the values ​​that are embedded in this card.

Summing up, we can say that the interpretation of this card lies in any cardinal change in the situation for a person. The main thing for him is that it will no longer be possible to return to the past.

Business and Finance

Fortune telling on tarot cards

They interpret this card not only in romantic and love relationships, but also evaluate how it can affect business success, controllability, stability, and controllability of the situation.

The Death Card, as you can already understand, is considered extremely unstable. A large number of changes are associated with it, which occur simultaneously. There is a complete feeling that it is impossible to control or control it completely. In fact, this is not so, although this will require a lot of skill.

You can compare the impact of this card on human life with rafting on a mountain river, when, being in a boat sailing with the stream, a person is no longer able to stop movement, but if he maneuvers between the stones successfully, controls the wave, he stays afloat, comes out winner of the current situation.

In a broad sense, it is possible to interpret the significance of this card in work, in our professional activity as a sharp quantum leap, a transition from one state to a fundamentally different one. This can be a transition to a new place of work, getting a raise, the growth of the organization in which you work, and reaching a new level. It can be an unpleasant and difficult period. It will be easier to overcome if a person is internally ready for it, assesses the likely consequences. It is a completely different matter if a crisis occurs imperceptibly and suddenly. In this case, dealing with the likely consequences will be much more difficult.

Increase income

Fortune-telling interpretation

Immediately it is worth emphasizing that the death card itself does not mean an increase in income. At least when the time begins for adaptations, waste, painful and unpleasant withdrawal.

It turns out to be the least possible cost and loss, while at the same time you can survive this difficult era of change with maximum benefit.

A good example: if someone or something has already become ineffective and not relevant, but continues to work, spinning like a hackneyed plate, depriving you of strength and resources, you should not let a fundamentally new modern analogue appear. The most important thing in this situation is not to miss the moment, frightened by new unpleasant sensations, otherwise all the old will die forever, and the new will never be born.

Another trick to do so with minimal consequences is not to wait until everything finally collapses, but to do everything possible to make the explosion manageable if you still cannot avoid it. It is worth recognizing and being prepared for the fact that there is nothing unnatural in the generational change, especially when it becomes necessary for progress. However, if the process is allowed to develop uncontrollably, the epidemic will mow down the entire population, there will be no one to replace it.

In financial terms, this card means a state far from prosperous. It should be prepared for the fact that the money will go, and not come back to you. The main thing is to be guided by this, to be prepared for temporary difficulties. True, they may not appear immediately, but after some time, one cannot be sure through which one. A person should try to manage the situation, but it is not known how successful it will be.

Card Impact on Income

Tarot Card

This map does not contain any specifics about the negative or positive impact on human income. Everything seems as unpredictable as possible. It will be practically impossible in advance to calculate factors that will lead to success or play in the opposite direction.

This uncertainty is the most powerful destabilizing factor. Hence a large number of unnecessary and interfering body movements, vanity, haste, a person begins to make big and small mistakes. A lot of adrenaline begins to be produced, which has never been useful for business.

In general, this card is rated as neutral. In some cases, you can count on luck when you manage to remain the only one who can not be washed overboard. However, you should not count on such a development in advance.

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