Stencils for nails: types, how to use

To create a decorative manicure you need time, strength and special skills. Sometimes you want not just a plain manicure, but also an original drawing or pattern on the nail plates. To do this, you will already need certain tools and skills. So that every woman can perform an unusual manicure, special stencils for nail design have been developed. These are blanks for different techniques for staining marigolds. We invite you to get acquainted with how to use stencils for nails, their types and manufacture at home.

various stencils

What are blank templates for manicure?

The use of templates has become a fairly new trend in modern nail art. This is a fairly quick nail design using stencils widely sold in specialized stores. The main tool of this technique was special plates or stamps with an embossed pattern. There are many types of such stencils with the finished design applied. Some girls prefer metal discs with engraved drawings, others like plastic or plastic images. Many apply ornaments using special stamps - devices with a small silicone or rubber pad for the print.

Stencils of monograms for nails, zigzags, hearts, stars, flowers, petals greatly facilitate the drawing process. There are paper, vinyl adhesive backings. For different types of design, one or another type of stencil is used. Very simple blanks are produced, as well as complex options.

flower stencil

Adhesive stencils

All the basics for nail art with a picture are divided into two groups: adhesive and in the form of a print. Most often, sticky templates are preferred. They have a certain edge shape or embossed image inside. Glue rubber patterns allow you to create clear and even lines, zigzags, ovals, elementary patterns on the nails. They allow you to quickly perform a French, lunar and geometric manicure.

Simple images: flowers, zippers, butterflies, figures, stars are placed on a thin paper base, which is removed before gluing. Then, the voids of the template are filled with acrylic paints or varnish. Wait for drying, then remove the stencil.

Adhesive stencils allow you to create fashionable nail art. Such templates have their advantages:

  • very inexpensive;
  • easy to use, any girl can handle;
  • create a chic effect.

So, in place of voids (slots), you can create interesting pictures. With such templates, it is important to calculate the amount of paint or varnish so that they dry out on time and do not spread.

Stamp blanks (stamping)

You probably already heard about stamping drawings on the nails - stamping? It is performed using a special tool with a rubber or silicone pad (die) with a plastic handle. There are still transparent stamps, here they are of the highest quality, have a soft pad. A transparent pad allows you to clearly see the location of the pattern on the nail plate. You will also need a special scraper, with which you can remove excess paint from the plate. Scrapers are metal and plastic. Instead, you can use an old plastic card. It is great for a scraper. In stores, these accessories are sold as a set. It’s good to have stationery tape on hand for stamping. It will help clean dies from lint and dust.

The most important accessories are the plates themselves with the images. They come in different sizes and shades. Some records have a plastic base. First, tape is removed from the new plate. Acrylic paints and ordinary varnishes are suitable for stamping, except for transparent ones.

How to use such stencils for nail design? First, a little varnish is applied to the plate's image you like, the excess is removed with a scraper. In order not to stain the surface on which the template lies, lay a napkin under it. After that, a stamp easily passes through the drawing. Thus, the image is printed on the stamp. A transparent tool allows you to see it well. Then you need to act quickly so that the varnish does not dry. So that the skin around the nails is not dirty during operation, it can be protected with a protective film. Stamping is necessary only on a dry basis. Drawings with dark varnishes on a white base or vice versa with light colors on a black background are most clearly obtained. After applying a pad with a pattern, it is covered with top-coat varnish.

How to use sticky nail stencils

The procedure for using adhesive stencils has its own rules. You do not know how to use a stencil for nails? Here is the basic algorithm for gluing them:

  1. First prepare the nail plate. Remove all remnants of the old varnish.
  2. The skin of the cuticle is carefully pushed back. The nail is polished with a soft buff.
  3. Apply the first base varnish, then the main one.
  4. For some time waiting for the drying of the base coat.
  5. The film is removed from the stencil and glued to the nail. It is not necessary for them to cover the entire nail if you want to apply the image in one corner or edge.
  6. On the sections of the slots of the blanks, varnish or paint of the desired shade is applied.
  7. They are waiting for the varnish to dry out slightly and not to spread.
  8. Carefully remove the stencil.
  9. Apply a protective coating.
    stickers for manicure

Stencils for French and moon design

A universal manicure is considered a french. It comes in many variations, suitable for daily wear and celebration. French manicure is very popular among girls for its naturalness and unobtrusiveness. It involves drawing the free edge of the nail plates with strips of white varnish (for the classics) or any other shade.

To carry out such a design on their own at home, specially designed templates. These are curved strips on an adhesive basis. To get perfect smiles, just stick the stencils on the prepared nails. Then paint the tips with the desired color and wait until the varnish dries. Stencils are removed and the manicure is fixed with a protective layer.

for french manicure

A kind of French manicure is considered lunar design. The arcuate hole of this nail art is drawn near the root of the marigold. The size of the holes can be any, just like the color. To create such a manicure, again, use thin strips for a jacket. Special stencils for holes are also for sale. The stencil is placed closer to the base of the nail so that the hole of the right size remains, the free space is painted over with varnish. There are no special tricks in using such blanks; each girl can cope with them.

stencils for moon manicure

Self-made stencils

Many beauties are interested in how to make a stencil for nails at home? After all, this does not need to be spent at all. There are two ways around this path:

  1. Use manicure tape. He is considered a real miracle for beautiful nail art. Segments of adhesive tape are easily glued to the nail plates, and the edges can be cut out of any shape. If you stick a few ribbons in stages, you get a wonderful geometric manicure. You can also create a French or moon design using scotch tape.
  2. Using tape adhesive tape. It looks like scotch tape, the main thing is to apply imagination.
    lace stencils

Vinyl stencils

The paper templates above have already been given information, now more about vinyl. The principle of their work is similar to paper. They are also sticky. The template with the selected image is transferred to the nails, stained with slots in the plates, remove the overlay. Why are vinyl stencils better than paper? They fit snugly onto the surface of the nail plate and are distinguished by many designs. Using vinyl patterns, the varnish underneath is prevented from flowing, and clear and even patterns are obtained. Typically, such templates are sold in sets of 12 pieces. They are inexpensive, and it is attractive.

stencils for roses

Stencils for airbrushing on nails

At home, airbrushing is rarely used. It requires a special tool - an airbrush. The simplest is a mini-pneumatic sprayer, capable of spraying the smallest droplets of paint. This technique is used to produce a gradient effect on the nails. Special stencils only give airbrushing a new direction. Such patterns are also glued to the nails, then sprayed with paint and get a clear bright image.

beautiful stencils

Nail art artwork templates

If you have all the necessary tools, then using stencils you can do real painting on the nails. Some like Chinese drawings or gzhel. For this, special complex patterns for stamping are sold. The painting in blue-white, lilac-violet tones looks great. A great combination will be a juicy pink color on pale purple. In summer, nails are painted with green, yellow, orange monograms. After all, adhesive-based layouts can be of various styles. Today, girls are increasingly less likely to coat their nails with plain varnish. To do this, it is not at all important to draw well, the main thing is to have a rich imagination. It is in your power to turn nail art with various images into a fascinating occupation or even a hobby.


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