Types of magazines and features of conducting an advertising campaign in them

In the world there are a lot of types of printed products. And magazines occupy an honorable place among them. There are quite a few varieties of them. There are magazines with illustrations and text. Then they are divided "by interests". Magazines for children, religious, business, news, even erotic - the list is long. Basically, they have high print quality and can be stored on shelves and warehouses for a very long time. This is a very important factor for those who advertise their products through glossy magazines.

types of magazines

Target Audience

From the advertiser's point of view, all types of magazines have their pros and cons. This is a special audience compared to, for example, television. For the latter, marketing is calculated on a “casual” viewer. In the magazine, an ad or a billboard will hit exactly the consumer that the advertiser needs. A housewife will not buy Playboy with ads for classic men's suits. A man is not interested in reading “Matchmakers in the kitchen,” and he will not see the announcement of a new washing powder. Scientific journals will not bring much profit to the clothing store. That is, everything is transparent and clear. The correct calculation will help your business not to burn out. Magazine "Burda", specialized in fashion, will not help to conduct business for an auto parts store owner. Experts in this type of activity can help you calculate everything. But it’s better to hire independent and unfamiliar print owners.

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Magazines for children

A large place in the market is occupied by children's magazines. In them you can find a lot of interesting things for both younger audiences and adults. Advertising in such magazines is designed not only for children. That is, if you produce confectionery products, then here you will find more consumers than, for example, in the magazine about cooking.

magazines for children

Let's look at Russian magazines on how to reach the maximum audience by placing ads in a glossy publication. First, we need to correctly identify our target group. When this is done, we select the magazine. If all these components are taken into account correctly, you can reach up to ninety-five percent of the desired audience. Thus, advertising in different types of magazines can be predicted and calculated. Unlike television, radio stations, and other means of reaching the masses.

Russian magazines

Features of ad placements in magazines

The frequency of views will be higher, and the arrival of the right audience will be greater if you order a place in several consecutive issues of the magazine. Also interesting are the methods of one through one and one through two. Several advertising spots in one publication help to promote products and services only if you have opened a large store or released a lot of new products. If not, then advertising will be unprofitable and will not justify the investment.

A good choice for your business or business would be hobby magazines. They are distinguished by the fact that even with a low ad price and good coverage, they are stored for many months, or even years. Even if you use a not very popular brand with a small print run, you can be contacted years after the issue is printed and sold, regardless of what types of magazines you used.

scientific journals

Creating an image for a brand with prints

To create a good image of your company or enterprise, you can use continuous announcements and posters. In addition, it will show your stability and solvency. But here it’s important not to overdo it - people don’t like it if the advertisement “catches your eye” on every page. This problem can be solved by a variety of data ads, change their shell, without changing the essence. Very important is the prestige of the magazine. At least seventy percent of the success of your advertising campaign will depend on it.

The disadvantage of glossy magazines is their high price. In most cases, you can’t choose exactly how your ad will look, control whether the placement will be correct. You will also have to wait the longest before submitting your publication, since there is always a queue. But all this pays off with pluses - clean, high-quality printing, glossy paper, the popularity of publications will make your product advanced in the mass market of consumers. Try to put two identical ads side by side, one in the magazine, the other in the newspaper, and you will see a big difference in them and for what you paid so much.

Magazine ad prices

The prices for all this activity should be provided to you in a special table. That is, you don’t even need to negotiate and be afraid of additional payments. Everything will be painted: cost by size, by appearance in one room, in several, price for used colors. This means that you can even save by correctly calculating the size, space on the page, the use of colors. If there are too many orders, the editors simply add more pages to the release, if not enough, they remove the excess. Scientific journals may be an exception - they are more meticulous about announcements and may reject an application. But this does not mean that if you pay a decent price, the editor will not change his mind.

All types of magazines are considered slow, but reliable and stable advertising media to reach a large number of people. Yes, it’s expensive, but having correctly calculated everything, you can take your goods and services to a whole new level. This will give you confidence that you will be seen and recognized, and not forgotten. Due to the fact that the shelf life of such material is very long, even customers who have learned about you from a year ago issue can come or call you.

Magazine profitability

It is also very important to correctly calculate the yield and profitability of an advertising campaign. No need to trust the managers and editors of the publication itself, no matter how large, promoted and popular it is. They very often overestimate their importance and competitive advantage. Do not be fooled if you are told that their magazine is in every house in the city. Or that after getting their media into the hands of subscribers, they go through another fifteen, or even thirty hands. Better do your research and understand if you need it or not.

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