When is the best time to travel to Tunisia? Tunisia Weather by Month

Tunisia is located in the northeast of the African continent and is washed by the Mediterranean Sea. The weather conditions of the state depend on the nearest natural objects: the sea and the famous Sahara desert. The comfortable Mediterranean climate offers visitors dry, hot or mild weather, depending on the time of year. Therefore, before you go to an African sunny country, you should find out what the weather in Tunisia is for months.

general information

tunisia weather by month
The Republic of Tunisia is an integral part of the Arab Maghreb. Its capital, Tunisia, is considered the political, cultural and administrative center of the state.

Tunisia borders on Algeria (west), Libya (south) and is washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The coastline has a length of more than 1300 km.

The highest point of the state is Mount Jebel Hami, 1544 m.

The country has a Mediterranean type of climate. The weather in Tunisia in April is ideal for a beach holiday.

The country has three large bays - Hammamet, Tunisian and Gabes, and the only river Medzhera. The territory of Tunisia is 20% covered by arable land, 40% is occupied by the Sahara desert, and 19% belongs to meadows and pastures.

Monthly weather

The seasons in the Tunisian Republic are similar to the seasons in southern Russia. In January, winter begins here, and April is considered the starting point of a beach holiday.

tunisia monthly weather reviews

The weather in Tunisia for months is of interest to tourists who want to choose the appropriate period for a comfortable pastime.

January : the height of winter. At this time, air and sea do not warm up more than to + 15 ° C.

February : strong winds and heavy rains begin. The air temperature rises to + 16 ° C.

March : the beginning of spring. During the day, air temperatures reach + 20 ° C, and in the evening the February coolness sets in.

April : the beginning of a beach holiday. In the daytime, the air warms up to + 22 ° C, and the sea - up to + 17 ° C.

May : unstable weather and occasional rains. The sun's rays heat the air to + 25 ° C, but the sea water remains cool.

June : the beginning of the African summer. In the afternoon + 28 ° C, the water in the sea warms up to + 20 ° C.

July : peak of the summer season. In the afternoon, air temperatures reach + 32 ° C, and sea water is heated to + 23 ° C.

August : sultry summer. Dry air reaches + 35 ° C, and water in the sea maintains a temperature of + 25 ° C.

September : first fall month. You can see the clouds in the sky, the water in the sea in the morning becomes cooler. The air temperature during the daytime is + 31 ° C, water - + 23 ° C.

October : the heat subsides, African autumn is coming. In the afternoon, the air warms up to + 26 ° C, and the sea - up to + 21 ° C.

November : the beginning of the rainy season. A strong wind begins and air humidity increases. In the afternoon, the temperature does not exceed + 21 ° C. Water in the sea cools to + 18 ° C.

December : the beginning of winter. The weather becomes changeable, nights become cold, and it rains all day. The temperature during the daytime is + 16 ° C. Water keeps temperature + 15 ° C.

Important information for those planning a vacation in Tunisia is the weather for months. Reviews of experienced travelers will help you choose the suitable month for your vacation and a more comfortable region of the country.

Tunisia: Beach Season

Summer days begin to delight tourists in early April. This month, locals and visitors alike wear light clothing, and holidaymakers appear on Tunisian beaches. April and May tan - smooth and safe.

weather in tunisia in april

Sea water is still not very warm, but by the beginning of June it warms up well and becomes comfortable for general bathing.

The weather in Tunisia for months allows you to determine when the bathing season in the country reaches its peak. July and August are the hottest months. In the afternoon, the temperature is + 35 ° C. Not every tourist can endure such African heat. It is during these months that the swimming season reaches its peak. On the island of Djerba, the water temperature rises to + 28 ° C.

Tunisia: Velvet Season

From the first days of September in Tunisia begins the velvet season, which lasts until the end of October. Locals admit that this is the perfect time. The beaches are gradually emptying, and the sweltering heat subsides. The resorts have an atmosphere of tranquility. Soft sunbeams provide an even tan.

Tunisia's velvet season is an ideal time for water sports. October is a favorable month for the start of excursions. The weather in Tunisia for months is completely different. The tourist should choose a period, depending on the purpose of the rest: beach, active or sightseeing.

Djerba Island

This is a popular Tunisian beach resort. Thousands of tourists lure its snow-white sandy beaches, clear sea, date palms, olive trees .

tunisia djerba monthly weather

The island of Djerba is a great place both for a quiet secluded vacation, and for active pastime. It has a well-developed infrastructure, and tourists are offered a lot of entertainment.

Tunisia: Djerba - monthly weather

April-November : summer season. The air temperature is + 26-35 ° C. On some days, the water warms up to + 28 ° C.

December-March : winter season. Air temperatures drop to + 18 ° C. Sea water cools down to + 16 ° C.

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