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There are arcana in the Tarot deck, the meaning of which is difficult to determine unambiguously. They are many-sided and ephemeral, but have a strong effect on the layouts. These include the High Priestess. The value of the Tarot, one must always remember this, is not determined in one plane. Each lasso indicates both the events of the physical world and the subtle, emotional sphere. Based on the last statement, we consider how the High Priestess Tarot card is interpreted in the layouts, the value of which can completely change the meaning of the combination. Just note that this lasso is generally good, positive, bright, but has a downside. And we will analyze all this in detail.

High Priestess Tarot

Tarot Card High Priestess: meaning

This map is complex in that its sphere of influence is far from the material world. The High Priestess (Tarot) has an extraordinary meaning; it cannot be touched or touched. A map is often associated with intuition, some incredible sense of the correctness of a particular thought. This is not entirely correct. It is better to say that the Guardian angel is symbolized by the High Priestess. The meaning of the Tarot in deciphering the deal is usually tied to a specific situation. With our lasso this does not work. He does not demonstrate events or the attitude of persons involved in them, but a certain higher power, which is hidden for the time being. On the one hand, it is a guard, leading a person’s hand through the vicissitudes of the real world. On the other hand, it can be an insight, a hint, a word that was accidentally heard, or an event that was seen that made you reconsider the basics of your worldview. To understand its meaning, it is necessary to believe in the existence of another space that affects ours. If a person frowns at the word God, Angels, providence and so on, he is unlikely to understand what it is about. The meaning of the High Priestess card in Tarot is access to the light, accidental discovery, obscure events, surprises of a good sense. She can predict magic or witchcraft (upside down). As a rule, this lasso softens negative cards. He is favorable in the layout of a woman. The meaning of the High Priestess card in the Tarot in this case is as follows: the fortuneteller has a very strong patron and protector, and not necessarily a real person. A woman is protected from evil, she rarely gets into difficult situations, and if this happens, she does not suffer from the consequences. It should be noted that the lasso of the High Priestess is positive for men. In a general sense, the card indicates the correctness of the position, assistance from outside (if necessary), and the absence of serious problems.

tarot card high priestess meaning

The meaning of an inverted lasso

Have you ever encountered a "dark woman"? This person uses everything in his interests, seduces, bribes, deceives, pushes friends and relatives, slander and uses other people's experiences in his interests. Such is the High Priestess inverted (Tarot). Its significance in this case should be interpreted especially carefully. In this situation, there is a clash of interests, organized by a cunning and treacherous enemy. But this is not always a specific person. Probably negative emotions are caused by different positions of the parties. Everyone has their own opinion, internal beliefs that are not always transmitted to the other side. Something remains closed, incomprehensible. Because of this, disagreements arise, designated by our lasso, the High Priestess. The meaning of the Tarot is easier to understand if one distracts from the events taking place. For example, you ask about the relationship of your beloved. If an inverted High Priestess appears, try to delve deeper into the inner world of this person. Most likely, you are brought up in different traditions. That which was presented to one as a sin in childhood, is considered by the other to be the norm (in the extreme case). Inverted lasso does not portend success. Rather, he prepares the fortuneteller for the need to take another lesson. It depends on the work of his soul how the situation will turn further. In a more mundane sense, the lasso speaks of the influence of the enemy on the events.

high priestess in tarot card value

Relationship Impact (Direct)

Here, as a rule, the meaning of the lasso is positive. If a person with a partner guesses, then this relationship is blessed by the Lord. They say it's fate. It should be understood that the High Priestess of the Tarot value in a relationship is positive almost always. She demonstrates the depth of communication, tenderness, devotion and fidelity. If it fell to you in an upright position, rejoice. There is no need to doubt either yourself or your partner. Possible problems are easy to solve, you just need to talk frankly, open your beloved. In addition, the card, falling in the "future" position, portends a prosperous period in life. This is the time when not a single cloud on the horizon of personal relationships will appear. Feel free to plan a marriage, if not yet created a family. In any case, be sure that it is precisely the person with whom you will survive to gray hair, having support and hope. A slightly different advice is given to the lonely lasso High Priestess. The value of the Tarot in this case should also be perceived as favorable. The fortuneteller is already ready for a serious relationship, his soul is illuminated by hope. Loneliness will someday end, but it is advisable to communicate more actively with the opposite sex, to take care of one's own attractiveness. Our lasso here speaks of the subconscious, which rules the personality. Deep down there is an intention to create a couple. And nothing outside interferes with its implementation. The current state of loneliness is temporary.

The inverted position of the lasso in the relationship

Spiritual blindness is the meaning conveyed to us by the High Priestess (Tarot). The value in the relationship, if the card is upside down, is purely negative. This is the period when a person cannot clearly see the events, is blinded by insult, is being manipulated, the intentions of the partner are unclear. It is necessary to recall the first impressions of this person. As a rule, they turn out to be true. If you are wondering about a loved one, expect trouble. This person is not trustworthy. It can be influenced by an envious person or a foe who seeks to ruin your relationship. Beloved lends itself, which is especially bitter. On the other hand, you yourself probably endowed it with virtues that are not related to reality. You need to take off your pink glasses and take a closer look at your partner. If a lonely person wonders, it is too early for him to create a strong and sincere alliance. This has the inverted High Priestess (Tarot) meaning. The fortuneteller is not yet ripe for a relationship . In his head are many contradictions that prevent the generation of love. You should deal with your own worldview, get rid of selfishness, understand that relationships are the ability to give more than you receive. When deciphering the alignment, it is necessary to remember the role of spirituality, which the High Priestess (Tarot) broadcasts. The meaning in love of an inverted card is this: we are talking about momentary egoistic interests, and not about deep feeling.

High Priestess Tarot Significance in a Relationship

The influence of the lasso on the business sphere (direct position)

There are people about whom they say: "Providence leads him." It is a similar situation that the High Priestess (Tarot) describes to the fortuneteller. Significance in the work of a direct lasso: the ability to find the right solutions, following the advice of intuition. A man treats his business like a priest, fully understanding and implementing the established rules. He is above the process, in some way directs it. It does not matter what position he takes in reality. It is important that his vision is deeper and more holistic than that of colleagues or management. And this leads to an increase in credibility and professionalism. If we are talking about a specific transaction, then it will end successfully. A lucky chance brought you with a partner. Cooperation will be promising and productive. Do not suspect your partner of insincerity or cunning. When people ask cards about money, receiving them in the near future is unlikely. However, a fortuneteller is enough. He is in good conditions in order to develop his business, hone his skills and study. In addition, our lasso portends the emergence of new friends who will help in the implementation of the project, become reliable partners or followers.

Inverted lasso in the layout of the business sphere

A person is in a situation where you can’t decide anything, make meaningful statements. The situation is precarious, he does not have complete information about what is happening. Nothing important should be done. Enemies will immediately take advantage of your mistake. Leave yourself room for maneuver. A business person is not recommended to sign any papers, to assume additional responsibility. You should wait until this period of uncertainty is replaced by a full understanding of what is happening. When guessing for profit, the answer is completely negative. Hopes give way to disappointment. Probably, the client himself made a lot of mistakes, could not correctly build a behavior strategy. An inverted lasso indicates a lack of intuition or distrust of the sixth sense, which led to wrong actions. Now you have to answer for them. If the High Priestess in this situation falls out of alignment, it is recommended to carefully weigh the plans again, return to the very beginning of the project. Errors can be fixed, but they should be detected. Arkan suggests that you need to rely on intuition or consult with a more experienced and wise person. Continuation of movement in an already chosen direction is hopeless and destructive.

high priestess inverted tarot meaning

The meaning of health

If the card is upright, there is nothing to worry about. The client is not in danger. At the same time, the lasso recommends paying more attention to the inner world. The state of the physical body depends on the level of positive thinking. The High Priestess of Tarot has a positive value in health, as a rule. She speaks of fortitude, the ability to navigate in circumstances, relax on time, regulate and regulate loads. When a person with a specific ailment guesses, the lasso suggests that the root of trouble lies in thinking. Analyze what you think. Negative images should be excluded, thrown out of the head. There is every chance that the disease will leave your body. If the card is upside down, the customer is exposed to unreasonable fears. His concern is excessive and does not correspond to the reality of the problem. It is necessary to calm down, to be examined if necessary. Card recommendations: take care of the nervous system. Fictitious fears are sometimes more dangerous than real germs. They undermine the soul, which causes the body to suffer.

high priestess tarot meaning in love

Map of the day

It is very good if our lasso falls out in fortune-telling for a short period. It is especially favorable when the direct High Priestess (Tarot) appears. The meaning of “card of the day” in this case is interpreted as follows: excellent communication is to be done, all problems will be resolved, a happy event is likely. In general, the day will be great, give the fortuneteller a positive mood and satisfaction. Arcana Recommendation:

  • Follow your intuition. Today it works especially well, suggesting the right solutions.
  • Don’t worry about anything. Bad will not happen.
  • Try to tackle difficult issues. Today is the right time for this.
  • Be affectionate with loved ones. They need attention.

If the lasso falls in an inverted position, then you need to beware. Ahead of cheating. The card recommendations are as follows:

  • Do not make any decisions, reduce business activity.
  • Keep quiet in society. Any words can be perceived inadequately, cause a negative reaction.
  • Do not trust the first impression. On this day, you are in the grip of deception, unable to perceive reality clearly and distinctly.
  • Try to communicate less. Better do a revision of the inner world. Dream alone of something good that will help overcome the negative lasso.

High Priestess Tarot, the meaning of Ryder White

Each school interprets lasso in its own way. Ryder White associates Papessa (High Priestess) with the depths of the subconscious. It symbolizes wisdom, the ability to silently and stubbornly learn the world, to convey kindness outside. The map says that a person is trying to find a hidden deep meaning in what is happening. He is guided by the internal convictions laid down in him by the traditions of the clan. It is difficult to knock him out of his chosen path; he cannot be manipulated. Most often, this person listens to the advice of intuition, considers himself the supreme arbiter of his own destiny. In an inverted position, the lasso speaks of frivolity, the immaturity of a person. He is subject to base passions, he is attracted to carnal pleasures, far from elevated. In addition, it can mean destructive arrogance. In the upright position, the card indicates that a person feels confidence in his calling. He not only goes in the right direction, but also leads others. In a way, this is a card of conscience. She predicts an understanding of the fundamentals of the world. Man lives in harmony with the divine commandments, which others pay attention to. They are drawn to the one whom Papessa means, they want to imitate him. If a fortuneteller thinks about spiritual growth, then the lasso indicates the way. Follow the prompts of conscience and get what you want. The popessa teaches that the essence of understanding things is in the soul. This is where the truth should be sought. In a more mundane sense, the lasso speaks of the fortuneteller's healing abilities. They should be applied in life. Spiritual growth is impossible without the help of those in need. You need to try to give more than you take from others, to teach them and to lead, giving your correct understanding of the essence of things.

high priestess tarot meaning

Arcana Recommendations

Laying out cards, we expect from them tips or advice. In this sense, the High Priestess (Tarot) has a special meaning and interpretation. It is connected with the non-material sphere of life, which cardinally affects events. The recommendations of the direct lasso are as follows:

  • Search for your divine destiny.
  • Make decisions based on intuition.
  • Try to see the clues of fate in everything.
  • Refuse illusory ideas about life.
  • Each judge is his own actions. Exclude destructive people from communication, do not rely on their opinion.
  • Mysticism controls what is happening. Do not try to avoid what is destined for you. Do not give up the principles inspired by the older generation. Remember responsibility before the birth.

The inverted Popess gives other recommendations. They are as follows:

  • Rethink your intentions, they are based on the illusory notions of events or persons.
  • Seek wisdom in yourself and others, rely on traditional ideas.
  • Give up important decisions until you get a clear idea of ​​what's going on around you.
  • Observe events and people, trying to notice the little things. Be guided by conscience when you plan to accomplish something.

You should know that the High Priestess is a card of a guardian angel. She says in any scenario that the fortuneteller is led through life. It depends only on him how he will use the help given above. No one cancels the freedom of choice. However, it is recommended to consult with the subconscious, to learn to understand its signs. Then the fate of man will turn out well. The card is good for a woman. This is a sign of her maturity and worldly wisdom. Men are drawn to such beauties, idolize them.


The High Priestess card is one of the most difficult to understand in the Tarot deck. Nevertheless, it almost always positively affects the alignment. In order to interpret it correctly, it is necessary to analyze the inner world of the person of the fortuneteller. It is he who reveals the Papess. The person in whose layout she appears has been given a lot. And whether he will be able to use these gifts depends only on him. It is advisable to keep the alignment for a while in order to return to its analysis. From the first try, it’s quite difficult to understand what the Tarot is saying. Good luck

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