How to make a laser level with your own hands?

The laser level is a very useful building tool, with which you can very quickly and with high accuracy beat the level, spending a minimum of time and effort. In order to use it, you do not need to possess any special skills and knowledge - just put this device on the floor (or on the wall), turn it on and wait until the device provokes strictly straight horizontal lines on a specific surface.

DIY laser level

However, for all this accuracy you have to pay, and often a lot of money. Therefore, today we will consider the question "How to independently make a laser level."

Photo and design of a homemade device

First, let's figure out exactly what parts this building element consists of. The most important in the laser level is a special emitter. If this is a home-made tool, then a penny laser pointer may well perform its function.

homemade laser level

This can be purchased in almost any stationery department . However, the emitter is not all that the laser level consists of. The entire list of materials necessary for the manufacture of a homemade level implies the presence of a number of elements:

  1. Laser Pointer.
  2. A simple bubble building level.
  3. A peg with a round or square cross section of 50-60 mm and a length of 100-130 centimeters. Here, a spade holder is quite suitable as a peg.

A piece of thick plywood or a board, as well as some porous rubber

Instruction manual

So, how is the laser level done with your own hands? At the first stage, you need to make a radiator. It, as we noted earlier, should be made from a pointer. The finished element will subsequently project a clear point on the wall. However, one drawback should be noted here - a self-made radiator, no matter how good and high-quality it may be, by its characteristics it is not able to draw a straight continuous line on the plane (this requires special lenses, and these are used only in expensive purchased tools).

In order to make the laser level with your own hands (namely, its main part is the emitter), you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Prepare the simplest nozzle (without drawing).
  2. Seal it with cardboard.
  3. In the center of the nozzle, pierce a small hole.
  4. Set the device to a pointer.

Thus, when the emitter is turned on, the device will β€œdraw” to us on the wall a clear straight line in the vertical or horizontal direction.

laser level photo

How to do the laser level with your own hands? In the next step, you will need to set the laser itself at the level. To do this, take a few clamps, with which you can fix the pointer on the level. Between the first and second element a small piece of porous rubber is laid. This is necessary so that in the future you have the opportunity to configure and adjust the position and angle of the laser.

We make the laser level with our own hands: we make a stand and collect the elements of the level

Now we make a stand. To do this, you need to take two stake, one of them must be pointed, and the second - horizontally aligned. Plywood is attached to this site.

Next, proceed to the assembly of the elements of the level. Here, the first thing that counts is hammered into the ground. If this is a room, it is best to replace this element with a tripod. At the same time, use the bubble level to level the stand horizontally. Place the device on the platform and turn on the laser. At the point where the beam met the wall, a dot will be visible. In it, make a mark, turn the stand a few degrees to the side and put the following mark on the surface. After connecting these two points, you get an absolutely straight vertical line.

Important point

It is worth noting that the drawing of this line should only proceed after the instrument has passed a certain test - alignment of the laser. This work is done every time after installing the stand with a level in a new place.

Stages of leveling adjustment

How to make a laser level and how to set it up correctly? This work can be divided into several stages.

  1. A screw is screwed into the stand so that its head coincides with the laser line. Next, the beam is turned on, and the level is aimed at the wall. At the resulting point, another screw is screwed.
  2. Next, between the screwed elements, a thin rail (metal profile) is laid, on which a level is then placed. The level bubble should be centered in the window. As soon as he indicates an even position, a new mark is made on the wall, and if you connect the head of the screw that was screwed into the stand with the one installed on the wall, you get a perfectly straight line.

The device is mounted on a stand. In order for the level to work correctly, you must combine the point that is projected by the beam with a new one obtained using the profile. To do this, the position of the pointer is adjusted with the clamps, and as soon as the laser points to the received mark, you can begin to work.

how to make a laser level

So, we figured out how to make a homemade laser level and how to properly set it up before work.


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