Nude Beach in Gelendzhik, or Wild Beach

The Black Sea coast resorts attract many tourists from all over the world. Gelendzhik is far from the last in the list of leaders in the Caucasian health resorts, famous not only for its beauty, but also for its mineral waters and the largest plantations of relict pine.

Beaches of Gelendzhik

A variety of attractions, various directions of excursion trips make an unforgettable vacation in Gelendzhik.

nude beach in gelendzhik
The beaches of the resort can be distinguished as a separate attraction for vacationers, they are famous for their heterogeneity by type of coastal cover, sea depth and accessibility for tourists. Most people come to this village just to relax on the seashore, spending holidays on the beach and in the water. There are a lot of coastal vacation spots here - about a hundred and a half, starting from the wild, ending with the beaches organized by the latest civilization. Some of them are paid for visiting. Many water attractions, entertainment venues with animators and boat trips brighten and dilute the passive leisure of tourists. Even the most sophisticated traveler will be able to choose a beach suitable for him in all respects. The nudists were no exception.
nudist beaches of crimea

Nude beach in Gelendzhik

For some, vacation on the seashore is a standard pastime, while others choose extraordinary types of recreation. A sufficient number of tourists before going to this resort are wondering if there is a nudist beach in Gelendzhik, and, to the delight of lovers of such a vacation, the answer is yes. The second name of this exotic holiday destination is Wild Beach. Gelendzhik Bay is divided into two capes: Thin and Thick, left and right, respectively. It is on Tolstoy Cape, which got its name because of the high steep coast, beyond the territory of the tourist base called the Polar Star, a similar beach is located. The desert of the strip of pebble beach, surrounded by rocks and numerous vegetation, determined the location of the rest for nudists. The wild beach is one of the most quiet, peaceful places in Gelendzhik, for lovers of free time here, ideal conditions are created. The nudist beach in Gelendzhik can not boast of a large number of people, on its territory you can settle down at a fairly remote, comfortable distance from each other.

How to get to the beach

One of the main reasons for the low attendance of the Wild Beach is that not every tourist who comes to sunbathe and swim without clothes knows how to find a nudist beach in Gelendzhik.

is there a nudist beach in gelendzhik
In order to find this hidden place, it is necessary to move towards the resort "North Star". The next landmark after the camp site is a lighthouse, after which the path lies through the vineyards and rocks. The small coniferous grove found along the way means that the destination is already close. It is with the end of the grove that a beautiful view of the narrow and intermittent beach on the Tolstoy cape opens. Many vacationers are located right here, upstairs, without going down to the beach. Here lovers gather to fry kebabs or go fishing directly from the cliff. On the desert coast, there are not only pebbles, but also rather large stones, which is the second reason that there are not so many tourists on this beach. Not everyone decides to climb into this place.

Other nudist beaches

The nudist beach in Gelendzhik is far from the only beach of its kind in the Krasnodar Territory. Not far from the place described above there is a beach called "Blue Bay" near Divnomorskom.

how to find a nudist beach in gelendzhik
Due to the more convenient location, most nudists prefer it, in comparison with the beach on the Cape of Tolstoy. Nudist beach in Tuapse is very popular among naked vacation spots. The coastal line is a large cobblestone and pebble, it is quite difficult to get close to it. This can only be done by moving along the seashore line either from the side of the wild beach, or from Cape Kadosh. A similar beach in Adler has a beautiful view of the peaks of the Caucasus, covered with snow. It is located at the mouth of the Mzymta River, in the southeast of the city's central beach. But perhaps the most famous nudist beach in the Krasnodar Territory is Sochi, which is called "Sputnik". It is named after the eponymous health resort, which is located nearby. The clear sea and the sandy beach of this place are very popular among nudist vacationers in Sochi, so this beach does not complain about attendance. It is separated from prying eyes by a natural coastal relief.

Crimean beaches

The Black Sea coast is not only original places of rest, but also the nudist beaches of Crimea. For those who prefer even tan, freedom and freedom, in Crimea there is a wide selection of such vacation spots. Many of these beaches are located in Sevastopol, in which all the beaches are conventionally divided into urban and wild.

holidays in gelendzhik beaches
Among those officially recognized as nudist, there are two: one is located in the village of Lyubimovka, the other - on Fiolent. The first is one of the most popular on the peninsula, it is not crowded and is distinguished by a sandy coating and clear water of the sea. A large number of places on the coastal strip of Sevastopol are abandoned, which dictates the location of unofficial places for recreation of nudists there. Crimea nudist beaches are also located in Yalta, Alushta, Foros and other settlements.

Nudism as a tribute to fashion

Any beach to relax naked, whether it is a nudist beach in Gelendzhik or a Crimean beach for nudists in Ordzhonikidze, implies not only even tanning and bathing naked, but also some freedom of action when everyone can take a break from the imposed dies. In addition, for most lovers to visit such a place, this is just a one-time trip to pay some tribute to this fashionable pastime.


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