DIY electronic cigarette liquid (at home)

To date, many former tobacco consumers have switched to the popular novelty - electronic cigarettes. Device manufacturers offer their customers a wide range of brands, a variety of shapes and a wide price range. However, there are people for whom the creation of such a cigarette with one's own hand is a matter of principle. In the article we will answer the frequently asked question: how to make liquid for electronic cigarettes yourself? The photos shown here illustrate the popularity of ES and the variety of their assortment.

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Electronic cigarette device

First you need to figure out what the product consists of. This case, atomizer, battery, cartridge and microchip. Each of these items can be purchased at a specialized store. However, it is much cheaper and more interesting to make parts and liquid for electronic cigarettes with your own hands from improvised materials. For example, a small flashlight or a medical syringe may well be adapted to the case of a future cigarette. Finger or pinky batteries are suitable as a battery. The atomizer body can be replaced with an ordinary mouthpiece. To create a full atomizer, you will also need a ceramic cup and wick. Metapen and nichrome filament spiral are optional parts.

how to make liquid for electronic cigarettes yourself

How to collect a cigarette?

Assembling an electronic cigarette is not difficult. First, fix the wiring with two screws inside the case of your atomizer, then connect them to the battery terminals. A twisted spiral of nichrome thread must be securely attached to the opposite ends of the screws. If desired, a button can also be adapted to control the heating, but this is not necessary. Excessive details can only complicate the process, but our task is to make a case and liquid for electronic cigarettes with our own hands at home, that is, in such a way that everyone can cope with the task.

do-it-yourself e-liquid for electronic cigarettes

The main thing is to precisely follow the assembly recommendations, after which all the components that are previously bonded to each other are carefully placed in the main body of the product. Checking if the electronic cigarette is correctly assembled is quite simple. If air enters from the back of the atomizer when exhaling, you have managed to create a high-quality body and liquid for electronic cigarettes with your own hands.

What is ES fluid?

Before we talk about the process of its creation, it is necessary to clearly understand what it is. Firstly, it is designed to refill an electronic cigarette cartridge. Thanks to the composition of this liquid during smoking, steam is produced that simulates the smoke of ordinary and long-familiar tobacco products. There are several types of refueling, and they vary depending on the percentage of nicotine content. This is another plus, because you can buy or make liquid for electronic cigarettes with your own hands without nicotine in general or adjust its concentration. It comes in different tastes, which is important. Each person can choose the taste he likes and change it if he is bored. Cartridges are usually sold in specialty stores, that is, tanks where the smoking mixture is stored. The volume of such cartridges can be different, but on average it will replace you with 30-40 ordinary cigarettes. After the cartridge has ended, it is often thrown away, however, people with experience of smoking ES claim that this is not necessary. It’s much more economical to simply fill it with “potion” (as they often call it), especially since you can make this very liquid for electronic cigarettes with your own hands.

DIY electronic cigarette liquid where there is a lot of vapor


It's time to figure out which components are part of the standard liquid composition for electronic cigarettes. The classic version includes distilled water, propylene glycol or food glycerin, purified nicotine in liquid form and aromatic additives. As you can see, the ingredients are not too complicated, they are not difficult to get. It is extremely beneficial to make a liquid for electronic cigarettes with your own hands. “Where there is a lot of steam, there is high-quality refueling” - this is the basic law, because the composition is aimed at imitating real tobacco smoke.

do-it-yourself e-liquid for electronic cigarettes

Propylene glycol

It is a transparent liquid, which, although it has a weak, but quite characteristic odor. The consistency is slightly viscous, has a sweetish flavor. This component is approved and is widely used in many countries as a food supplement. If we talk about the food industry, you can easily find propylene glycol as part of sweets, your favorite oatmeal cookies or biscuit roll. Energy drinks and many carbonated drinks also contain this component. It is also used in the manufacture of cosmetics, as it has a softening and moisturizing effect, which is extremely useful when creating various kinds of shampoos, lotions, etc. As for our topic, the question of how to make liquid for electronic cigarettes at home, we can safely answer: without this component - no way. Here, due to its hygroscopicity, propylene glycol allows you to maintain the required level of humidity during long-term storage. It also performs sterilizing, preserving and antimicrobial functions.


A viscous, transparent and colorless liquid that dissolves completely in water. The component is often used as a food additive, used to make an extract of tea, ginger, coffee and other plants. It is widely used in the production process of mustard, all kinds of jellies, alcohol-free drinks, and vinegar. For those who at least once wondered how to make liquid for electronic cigarettes thick, the answer is found: glycerin will help. It is widely used in industry to dissolve all kinds of drugs and increase the viscosity of liquid elements.


In fact, it is an alkaloid contained in large quantities in plants belonging to the nightshade family. This includes tobacco, tomato, potatoes, eggplant, etc. Due to its hygroscopicity, it mixes easily with water. Nicotine has a pungent odor and taste. With frequent use, it causes both physical and strong psychological dependence. It is important to remember that nicotine is a real poison that could very well be fatal. Therefore, if you are considering how to make e-liquid for yourself, remember: only diluted nicotine is used for refueling. Skin contact, even droplets of this substance in its pure form will certainly provide you with serious health problems. If your ultimate goal of using ES is to quit smoking completely, be patient. Do not immediately abandon nicotine cartridges. It is important to clearly understand how to make liquid for electronic cigarettes. In mg, step by step, gradually reduce the nicotine content in the dressing. Only in this way can you forget about your addiction.


In order to add taste and aroma, special flavors identical to natural ones are added to modern liquids . Of course, it’s more pleasant not just to smoke an electronic cigarette, but to enjoy the smells of your favorite flowers or, say, fruits. In order to make a liquid for electronic cigarettes with your own hands, use flavors that are not toxic by inhalation and do not leave fumes and oil contaminants upon evaporation. Popular essential oils are definitely not suitable here.

Fans of ES today is extremely difficult to surprise with anything, because stores offer the widest assortment of various additives and aromatic fillers. Those who at first find it difficult to give up their usual cigarettes can use a classic tobacco flavor, while exotic lovers can enjoy the tastes of fruits, chocolate, vanilla and mint. For the most sophisticated, there are “potions” with the taste of alcoholic drinks, such as gin, brandy or liquors. Such a variety of fillers gives a lot of options, how to make liquid for electronic cigarettes, choose the taste you like most and control the nicotine content. What could be more convenient?

DIY electronic cigarette liquid at home

Is independent cooking relevant?

Personally refueling for ES do with several purposes. Firstly, for the sake of reducing costs, because the liquid purchased in the store will cost you several times more than the one you make yourself. Secondly, you will be sure that the gas station does not contain anything superfluous. Another advantage is the fact that you will have the opportunity to create a unique liquid with such a strength and taste that suits you and may not be on sale. The main reason why electronic cigarette lovers often resort to self-mixing liquid is, of course, the price. Experienced smokers claim that the price of store refills is more than 5 times higher.

how to make liquid for electronic cigarettes in mg


1) Propylene glycol and glycerin form the basis of dressing, these components must be mixed in the optimal proportions for each specific case and added to distilled water.

2) Decide on the required concentration of nicotine. For beginners, it is best to purchase diluted.

In order to correctly calculate the number of ingredients, you need to determine the approximate number of cigarettes you smoke daily, then multiply this figure by the nicotine content in one cigarette (you can read this on a pack). For example, you are usually limited to one pack per day, that is, 20 cigarettes are multiplied by, say, 0.8 mg of nicotine (contained in 1 pc.), We get 16 mg. This means that you should start with a liquid of 16 mg and gradually reduce the concentration.

3) The remaining 10% are flavorings.

So we answered the question quite often asked today about how to make liquid for electronic cigarettes yourself. The instruction, as you may have noticed, is not overly complicated. The main thing is to follow it clearly and take the process seriously.

how to make e-liquid thick

Precautionary measures

In the process of creating a gas station, we are dealing with a simple, but still a chemical reaction, so we should be extremely careful. Once again, we remind you that by acquiring pure and not diluted nicotine, you endanger both your own health and the health of the people around you. All purchased ingredients must be stored in airtight packaging, in places where children or pets do not bump into them. Be responsible! Do not think that an electronic cigarette is absolutely harmless, so you can smoke it in unlimited quantities. Do not forget that the liquid also contains nicotine, which is harmful to your health, know the measure in everything. Do not purchase fluid components from dubious retailers or acquaintances. Trust only the quality marks on the packaging and be sure to pay attention to the degree of purification of the USP. Numerous studies have shown that all components in small quantities are safe for human health.

Some against

Not everyone supports the independent manufacture of refueling for ES, explaining this by the fact that an inexperienced person can harm their health through ignorance or negligence. According to many, it is best to entrust this matter to professionals who know exactly what and in what proportions to mix. If you are not sure that you are able to clearly follow the instructions and not mix anything up, it’s not worth the risk. In such cases, it is better to overpay and buy the finished liquid in the store, thereby saving yourself from unnecessary troubles and worries.


To summarize, we formulate several defining points:

1) The classic liquid for electronic cigarettes contains 5 components. These include propylene glycol, nicotine, glycerin, distilled water and flavorings.

2) In the process of creating or choosing a liquid, it is important to pay close attention to the percentage of nicotine, the ratio of propylene glycol and glycerol, and the non-toxicity of the flavorings used.

3) It is not difficult to prepare the liquid at home, you just need to have all the necessary components and clearly follow the instructions.

4) The proportions should be calculated in accordance with the liquid calculator.


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