How to quickly grow nails at home

Beautiful nails are the dream of any woman, but to achieve such nails is very, very difficult. And, of course, they require constant and thorough care. The question "How to quickly grow nails at home?" practically every woman is asked. Many women solve this problem with building in the salon. Of course, at first glance, this is a good option: two hours in the salon - and the woman becomes the owner of beautiful, long nails. And if something suddenly happens to them, then everything can be solved with the help of correction.

That's just under artificial nails their gradually deteriorate: they turn yellow, lose strength, become thin and brittle. So it makes sense to take care of your own. The life of a woman does not change so significantly, and the result exceeds all expectations.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is nutrition. The diet of a woman who is interested in how to quickly grow her nails must necessarily contain calcium and vitamin D, which helps him to be absorbed, B vitamins, iodine, iron, sulfur and silicon.

Based on this list, it is not difficult to conclude that you need the following products: vegetables, fatty fish, dairy products, especially cheese, any seafood, spinach. These products not only help strengthen nails, but also generally contribute to the healing of the body, unless, of course, they are abused, as fatty fish and dairy products can seriously damage the figure. Here is such a useful and quick way to answer the question of how to quickly grow nails at home.

The next step is already direct nail care. All housework, including washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen, must be done with gloves, as excess water, as well as various detergents, adversely affect nails. After just washing dishes without gloves, the restoration of the plate will take at least a week.

But all this is not enough, so how to quickly grow nails at home? Firstly, you need to regularly do special hand baths. It is advisable to do them every day. The consistency of all procedures is the key to success. In this article, two options for such bathtubs are presented to your attention.

- Salt bath: a tablespoon of salt, preferably sea salt, per liter of warm water.

- A bath of chamomile and white wine. 2 teaspoons of chamomile flowers are poured into a third glass of boiling water and left to infuse for an hour. Then, 3 tablespoons of dry white wine are added to the infusion. This bath is course, a week of continuous use is enough.

Be sure to lubricate the nails and the skin around them with olive oil before bedtime. After 15 minutes, fingers are blotted with a napkin, make a light massage and put on special gloves. In addition, during the day, it is necessary to lubricate the nails with hand cream.

And in the morning you can wipe them with citric acid, apple cider vinegar or cranberry juice. Each of these options will help strengthen the nails, and also helps to lighten them after the first application.

The articles “How to grow nails in 3 days?” Often come across on the Internet. However, you should not believe these articles; in such a short time it is simply impossible to increase the desired length. So it does not make sense to pursue unrealistic goals, and it is quite possible to spoil your nails with various chemical agents to such an extent that it will take a very, very long time to fix them. Following all of these tips will help every woman maintain excellent nails.

I would like to believe that, after reading this article, every woman will know the answer to the question of how to quickly grow nails at home. And all women who have opted for a natural manicure will flaunt long, beautiful, well-groomed, and most importantly, healthy nails.


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