Russian chess players are the pride of the country

There have always been very strong chess players in Russia. Our athletes have become world champions many times. Now this sport is still also popular. Children from 2-3 years old start to deal with it and achieve good results by the age of 6.

The first famous chess players in Russia

What is the name of the first person who brought chess to the country is not exactly known. It is assumed that this was a merchant who traveled to different countries for goods. This happened in the 9th century, and already at the beginning of the 12th century, not only nobles, but ordinary workers played this game.

The first who laid down the basic rules of the chess school in Russia was Alexander Petrov. Thus, he brought the game to a new level. This happened in the 19th century. The β€œRussian” debut is the creation of this particular chess player.

Petrov has published several books on leadership and chess lessons. Pushkin himself had several such books in his library. They were a welcome gift in any home.

The next who glorified the country in this area was Mikhail Chigorin. He fought in tournaments with the best players in the world from London and twice appeared on the verge of victory. It was this athlete who rallied chess players throughout Russia and brought the game to the state level.

World champions

The first winner on the world stage of the game of chess was Alexander Alekhine. Many Russian chess players are still equal in its results. This athlete was preparing for his main tournament for about 13 years. During his lifetime, he was not defeated by anyone in the world. After the first victory, the athlete confirmed his leadership for another 7 years and died in 1946 at the chess table.

The next undisputed champion was Anatoly Karpov. He had to fight not only at the chess table, but also in diplomatic battles. The famous chess player has written many books for future athletes and fans of this game.

Garry Kasparov is a symbol of this sport in our country. He won his champion title at age 22. The athlete became the founder of his own federation in this type of competition. Some Russian chess players still consider him an unbeatable world champion.

The last world champion at the moment was Vladimir Kramnik in 2006 . The victory was very difficult for him. After winning the World Tournament, they even tried to accuse him of conspiracy with intelligence agents.

All the famous Russian chess players have glorified the country in the international arena. They are still the idols of young athletes. The most famous chess players of Russia are in the following list of winners.

Russian chess players rating

These statistics are based on the results of both official matches within the country and abroad. Depending on the place taken and the points earned, chess players are assigned points that determine their place in the ranking. Now the leaderboard looks like this:

  1. Garry Kasparov.
  2. Vladimir Kramnik.
  3. Alexander Morozevich.
  4. Peter Svidler.
  5. Evgeny Bareev.
  6. Alexander Greshchuk.
  7. Alexey Dreev.
  8. Sergey Rublevsky.
  9. Anatoly Karpov.
  10. Vladimir Malakhov.

At the moment, athletes are leaders in this sport. Seats may vary depending on the results of tournaments.

New generation

Young Russian chess players are achieving good results at the international level. Sergey Aleksandrovich Karjakin gives very high expectations. In the global ranking of Elo, he takes 5th position with 2,772 points. This athlete is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the youngest grandmaster - he achieved such a result at almost 13 years old. He is prophesied of a successful future in chess sport. There is every reason to believe that at such a pace the young man can become the next world champion in a few years.

The rating of Russian chess players is gradually replenished with young athletes. For example, Grischuk Alexander Igorevich is the champion in the category of blitz game of chess. He participated in the national team at the Olympics and brilliantly performed in blitz tournaments. His rating for fast games is currently the highest.

Great expectations were given by the young athlete Alexander Bukavshin. In his 20s, he had numerous victories in international tournaments. He was characterized as a smart and cunning player with his own style. But, unfortunately, the young chess player recently died of a stroke right at a sports camp.

Women in this sport

Alexandra Kosteniuk is a bright representative of chess players. She is the world champion among women's tournaments. Kostenyuk won European competitions many times and appeared in the Russian national team at the Olympic Games.

The next in the ranking is Catherine Lagno. She is also a grandmaster and has won many prizes in international tournaments. In third place is Alexander Garyachkina. This is still a very young chess player, but promising. Behind her there are already enough victories at the European and international level among young men.


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