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The words "online" and "offline" have special meaning in connection with computer technology and telecommunications. In general, the first term indicates the status of the connection, while the second hints at being disconnected.

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Speaking about what is “online”, it should be noted that this concept has gone beyond telecommunication meanings and has moved into the field of human interaction and conversation. For example, discussions held during a business meeting are “on line”, while issues that do not concern all participants in direct communication should be resolved “offline” - outside the event.

Regarding the mail

One example of the sharing of these concepts is the user’s mail agent, which can be either online or offline. One such application is Microsoft Outlook. When connected, it will try to connect to mail servers (to check for new mail at regular intervals, for example). In offline mode, he will not do this. An online or offline agent does not necessarily reflect the state of the connection between the computer on which it is running and the Internet. That is, the device itself can have Internet access through a cable modem or other means, while the user status remains unconnected.

Online Games

What is "online" in relation to the media

Another example of the use of these concepts is digital audio technology. A player, digital audio editor or other device located on the site is synchronized with user actions. When connected, playback starts, the device automatically synchronizes with the master and starts playing music from the same point in the recording. This technology continues to develop rapidly. Today you can remotely listen to not only music, but also watch movies and even TV shows online. The same category includes news, other video and audio resources available for direct viewing when the Internet is turned on.

What is online and offline browsing

A third example of sharing these concepts is a web browser, which may be in a connected or disconnected status. It will try to retrieve pages from servers only when it is connected. In offline mode, users can perform offline browsing, where pages can be opened using local copies that were previously downloaded when accessing the Internet. This can be useful when the computer is disconnected from the network or connecting to it is either impossible or undesirable. Pages are loaded either in the web browser’s own cache as a result of a preliminary online viewing by a user, or using an application configured to save local copies of some pages. The latter are updated when it is in a connected state. For example, playing browser games online, you can save the page. And then continue the passage from a certain level.

One such web application that can load pages for offline viewing is Internet Explorer. When they are added to your favorites list, they are marked as "available for offline viewing." Internet Explorer will download local copies as full pages.

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Summing up the conversation about what is online, we can draw the following conclusions. When an Internet connection is available, it is a constant access to various files, as well as communications. In turn, for an area that does not have such an adequate network connection, users try to provide themselves with offline access to information.

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