Coffee "Lavazza": types and description

Many people believe that having tried at least once fragrant pizza or the famous pasta, you can judge the national cuisine of Italy. But this impression would not be complete without Lavazza coffee. The views and the numerous ways of preparing an ancient drink will help to understand this beautiful country more.

Rich variety

You can’t visit Italy and not visit at least one of the countless cafes and bars that can be found in any city on almost every corner. Here, the waiters primarily offer to enjoy the unique local Lavazza coffee, the types and methods of brewing of which are striking in their diversity.

coffee lavazza types

Like any other product of this kind, this one is produced from a mixture of the two most famous varieties - Arabica and Robusta - in different proportions.

Lavazza Coffee Range
No. p / pThe ratio of components: Arabica / Robusta,%Product name
1100/-Qualità Oro, iTierra, Club, Caffè Espresso, Grand Espresso, Filtro Classico, Pienaroma, Gold Selection, Bella Crema
290/10Top class
380/20Crema e Aroma, Super Crema, Crema e Gusto Gusto Forte, Super Gusto
470/30Qualità Rossa, Gran Riserva
560/40Caffè decaffeinato
630/70Crema e gusto

Each of the listed drinks has a characteristic taste and aroma that are almost impossible to confuse. All of them are bright representatives of Lavazza coffee. Species are developed by the company's specialists in such a way that everyone can find for themselves the one and only. And different methods of brewing only help to make this difficult choice.

Cooking methods

Italians are very fond of coffee, so they drink it a lot and often. They even have their own way of serving the drink. In a cafe, it is usually poured into small porcelain cups with thick walls with a volume of 75 milliliters. But the coffee itself should be from 25 to 50 milliliters, no more. This ratio makes it possible to best reveal the taste of Lavazza coffee. Types of brewing a drink in this country deserve special attention. The most popular is espresso. But his Italian gourmets manage to cook in many ways. Among the many species can also be distinguished:

1. Cappuccino . It can be recognized by lush milk foam, sprinkled with grated chocolate and cocoa powder.

2. Lungo . It is stronger, since twice as much water is taken for cooking. As a result, it has longer contact with ground coffee.

3. Latte , where milk is added to the finished drink.

4. Mocha (or Mokachino) is a complex composition in which 1/3 of the espresso is the rest, and the rest is a mixture of hot chocolate, whipped cream and milk.

5. Americano is prepared in a conventional electric coffee maker and served in a large teapot.

6. Macchiato is sometimes called "marble" coffee, as it contains very little milk.

7. Coretto is an ordinary espresso with alcohol.

8. Romano has a completely extraordinary taste, which is obtained after adding lemon juice to the espresso.

9. Glasse is respected by lovers of all kinds of desserts. This is ¾ espresso and ¼ ice cream.

Many of these options have been enjoyed by tourists from other countries. So the art of Italian barista became the property of the whole world.

Briefly about the main thing

Lavazza company has long registered its brand and supplies fragrant goods to many foreign countries. By the way, on the coffee market in Europe, Lavazza coffee is considered one of the best.

Lavazza coffee types and description

The types and descriptions of its best representatives deserve special attention:

1. “Lavazza Club”. It is 100 percent composed of the famous Arabica variety. Specialists of the corporation have developed a unique technology for processing and roasting grains. After it, the product acquires a special taste, and the coffee that is prepared from it can truly be called an “invigorating drink”.

2. Lavazza Oro cannot be confused with any other species. It is made from certain Arabica varieties grown in Latin America. After brewing, such coffee has a small, spectacular sourness in taste.

3. Lavazza Rosso is a very successful mixture of two different varieties. Arabica gives the finished drink a pleasant taste and extraordinary lightness, while Robusta, in turn, makes it more saturated, with a delicate aroma of chocolate.

The development of all these species took decades. But it is worth recognizing that the time was not wasted.

Brewing coffee

ground lavazza coffee

Most often on sale you can see ground Lavazza coffee. Its types in this case differ in the degree of grain refinement. Like any other, this coffee is coarse, medium and fine grinding. This factor greatly affects the method of application and the characteristics of the preparation of the finished drink. For example, finely ground coffee, such as Lavazza Espresso, can be brewed even in a regular Turk. In a short heating time, he manages to reveal all his properties. But Lavazza Crema e Gusto is a product of more rough processing. It is better for a coffee machine. Only she is able to reveal its unusually strong and rich taste with a slightly noticeable bitterness. By the way, the mixture for this variety was developed by Signor Luigi Lavazza himself. But there are varieties among all the variety that can be prepared in almost any way. Even a simple home-made coffee maker with a filter can convey the classic taste of coffee made from beans grown on plantations from different continents. This is Lavazza Oro and Lavazza Club. A cup of such a drink can easily cheer up and give a charge of inexhaustible vigor for the whole day.

How much is the pleasure

lavazza coffee types Price

Now in retail outlets of almost any country you can find Lavazza coffee. The types, price and range offered, of course, may vary. But it depends only on the final seller. All Italian coffee is exported, as a rule, of two types: ground and in grains. In our country, it is quite inexpensive.

Lavazza coffee prices
No. p / pProduct nameType of processingPackagingWeight, kilogramPrice, rubles
1Crema e aromabeanspackage1,01264
2Gold selectionbeanspackage1,01599
3Grand espressobeanspackage1,01347
7Super cremabeanspackage1,01398
8Top classbeanspackage1,01515
elevenCrema gustogroundsoft, vacuum0.250183
12Crema gustogroundin a can0.250345
thirteenDecaffeinatogroundin a can0.250451
14Espressogroundsoft, vacuum0.250290
fifteenEspressogroundin a can0.250445
17Orogroundin a can0.250432
18Rosogroundsoft, vacuum0.250199
19Rosogroundin a can0.250389

Before you go to the store, you should study this table, and only then decide on the choice.

What do customers think?

According to statistics, very few people in our country know about Lavazza coffee. Types (reviews of each product, by the way, are just wonderful) can be called only by those who have visited Italy at least once. There is this coffee in literally every home, cafe or bar. For us, this is only one of the types offered by trade enterprises. But those of curious buyers who nevertheless ventured to try a little-known coffee, can confidently say that they did it for good reason.

coffee lavazza types reviews

The deep rich taste of a freshly prepared drink cannot leave anyone indifferent. Cooking it is a pleasure. The room is immediately filled with a wonderful aroma that captivates with its perfection. In each sip, softness and complete harmony of taste are felt. Many people notice that after this a long characteristic aftertaste remains in the mouth. Lavazza can truly be called an exquisite drink and - in the full sense of the word - real coffee. On a five-point scale, this creation of Italian masters from almost all buyers deserves a rating of "5".


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