DIY TV antenna - simple and affordable

Antenna design is now less popular than at the beginning of the television era. Then, not only the TV, but also the antenna was a huge deficit, and the signal was so weak that I had to choose a place for the TV in the most unexpected places in the apartment. Nowadays, radio stores amaze with a variety of assortment of similar products. But sometimes there is a need to make an antenna yourself, for example, in a country house where a sip of civilization is required, or in a car during long journeys, all the more so since this activity is not tricky, and almost any items will be suitable for this purpose. Homemade antennas are even more diverse, and often they are more effective than factory ones.

do-it-yourself tv antenna
How is a TV antenna designed? With their own hands, it turns out to build it very simply. A knitting needle stuck in the TV socket, or a wire raised to the window. Such primitive decisions in good conditions can take two or three channels. But if the signal is weak, you can try to make an antenna from beer cans and a wooden coat hanger "coat hanger" for clothes. It is enough to fix the banks on the hanger, connect the coaxial cable, the signal core to one bank, shielding to another, and the simplest antenna is ready. Now you can enjoy an acceptable picture in the DMV range.

What could be a homemade TV antenna? With your own hands you can build a fairly attractive product, and in terms of parameters it will not be inferior to the factory one. To do this, you will have to work hard: calculate the required number of vibrators, choose a reflector (the Internet offers a lot of calculators for this), fix everything on a rigid dielectric bar, solder a coaxial cable. It will turn out an excellent gain, and if you still adapt the amplifier from the old Polish antenna, the signal reception will be several times better and more confident. An antenna for digital television can be made on the same principle.

digital tv antenna
And if a do -it-yourself TV antenna is still a relic of the past, then analogs for GSM and Wi-Fi are now very popular. GSM reception is the same radio signal, but with a different frequency and wavelength, so a DIY GSM antenna is just as real as it is for TV. Since the wavelength of these transmitters is shorter, then the antenna should be shorter. Sometimes it’s enough to just use the F-connector and the familiar can. We clean the cable, fasten the connector and carefully insert it into the hole made in advance on the side of the can. The other end is connected to the GSM signal receiver. But this is a simple option, comparable to the spoke on the TV.

DIY gsm antenna
A more reliable version of the antenna for the ultra-short range can be built by bending two squares with a side of 84 mm from a copper wire and soldering the cable. If you need a more directional antenna, you should make a metal screen. Such an antenna is suitable for the reliable reception of not only a GSM signal, but also Wi-Fi.

To show their creative abilities and technical ingenuity will help a homemade TV antenna. With your own hands, you can make a high-quality and useful design that will brighten up leisure in the country and at the same time do not require any material investments.


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