"Does he love me?" Tarot: the layout for the characterization of relationships

Usually fortune-tellers go with only three questions: about money, about work and about love. The latter, undoubtedly remains the most popular, because the mutual feeling of the partner gives confidence and fills with sincere happiness.

If you want to know if your partner loves you, then it is not necessary to go to the nearest Tarot salon. All you need is a deck of cards and one of the simplest hands for love.

Why is it better to use a simple layout?

On the Internet there is a great variety of the most diverse alignment, devoted to love and relationships. As a rule, they represent up to ten cards laid out in complex figures.

Undoubtedly, all these layouts work and can answer you any question. Including "Does he love me?" Tarot almost always gives an exact answer to a clearly formulated question.

tarot does a man love me

However, think about whether you need a dozen cards to answer this question? In a good way, in this case it is enough to lay out only one lasso, which will say yes or no to you. If even you want a more detailed answer, then the classic triplet will be more than enough.

Simplified Body

For him, you will need only three Tarot cards. You can use both the full deck, and exclusively the Senior Arcana, it does not bear special significance for fortune telling.

When shuffling cards, think about the question that excites you: "Does he love me?" - The tarot is extremely sensitive to the mood changes of the fortuneteller, so that extraneous thoughts can make the cards show the wrong result.

When you understand that shuffling is enough, remove three cards from the deck. Spread them in a row, starting on the left. If you are a beginner cartomancer, then you can facilitate your work and put cards face down.

does he love me tarot

The values ​​of the laid out cards

  1. The first position will give an answer to an exciting question. If you use only the Major Arcana, then there should be no problems with the interpretation; otherwise you will have to rely on your own intuition and the meaning of the Tarot. Even if the position is negative, do not rush to despair: further cards will be able to give you advice for changing the situation.
  2. The characteristic of the second card is complicated by the presence of a large number of questions that it can answer. This position is a reflection of the thoughts of the person whom they are guessing. She can explain what the mysterious is afraid of, what she expects from the relationship, what prevents him or her from taking the next step, which repels the forgiving person. Only the skill of the fortuneteller depends on how fully he will understand the information transmitted by the Tarot.
  3. The third position is most important if the question "Does a man love me?" The tarot gave a positive answer. The last card warns of a threat looming over the relationship: the possibility of separation, the presence of third-party hobby, impending troubles and others.

Thus, it is the third position that must be interpreted with particular care.

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