How to make money on YouTube? Ways

YouTube is the largest video content site on the Internet that is visited by billions of users. On this resource you can find videos of almost any subject, ranging from training videos to television programs. YouTube is used by professional marketers to increase sales by attracting people to relevant sites. You can attract traffic in various ways, including those that can be used by an ordinary user of the global network. Therefore, if you are thinking about how to make money on YouTube, the information in this article will be very useful for you.

YouTube affiliate program

With the YouTube Partner Program, you can monetize your videos. Profit will come from advertisements that appear on top of the downloaded video. Surely you yourself came across this phenomenon when watching videos. But just like that you won’t get into this program. Your videos should get several thousand views, and this should happen on a regular basis. If this is achieved, then you will be included in the affiliate program. If not, then you should not worry, because this is not the only way to make money on YouTube.

how to make money on youtube

Other affiliate programs

how much youtube earn
There are many products and services that can be promoted through YouTube. For example, for a diet guide or a weight loss program, you can shoot several videos that reveal their content, insert a link to an affiliate program in the video itself or in its description so that people can go through it and try out the product / service on their own. When they follow your link and purchase a product / service, you get a commission on this. This begs the logical question: “How much do you earn on YouTube?” It all depends on the specific affiliate program. The average fee is from 10 to 50 percent. For example, selling an e-book "How to make money on YouTube" for 1000 rubles, in an affiliate program with 40% you will receive 400 rubles. Register in several thematic affiliate programs, then the profit will be higher.

how to make money on youtube

Promotion of your company

You do not need to think about how to make money on YouTube, because this resource can be used as a platform for promoting your own company. It is enough to place a link to your company’s website in the description of each video, then people will be able to go through it and purchase a product / service. Sometimes it’s much easier to drive traffic through YouTube than through search engines. If you compare with other methods of attracting potential buyers to the site, then, perhaps, YouTube is among the ten most effective.

YouTube video creation

Anyone who has a camera can create a video, even the most primitive. Take a movie, convert it to AVI or MP4 format and upload to YouTube. How to make money on YouTube if there is no camera? Elementary! Screencast using programs such as Camtasia or CamStudio that capture all your actions on the screen. You can create a presentation in PowerPoint and record it as a screencast. This method is great for recording video tutorials on using websites or applications.


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