How and what to cover with nail polish?

Manicure is an integral part of the female image. Some women prefer to build nails, while others favor natural beauty. It is impossible to say which of them is right. The nails of one and the other women require constant care and coverage. Quite often, the weaker sex raises the question of how to cover the varnish so that it lasts a long time. This is what will be discussed in this article. You will find out what are the options for covering the nails. You will also understand how to coat the varnish correctly.

what to cover with varnish

Preliminary processing

An important point of nail care is manicure. Several times a year, the surface of the native nail plate needs to be sawn off and polished. This item can be skipped to those persons who build nails.

It is also necessary to properly handle the cuticle. Removing excess skin can be dry and wet. Choose the option you like best.

Applying varnish

The coating of the nails can be different: regular varnish, acrylic or helium. In order for the color to hold for a long time and not chip, it is necessary to use a special base. It is necessary to select it depending on what type of varnish you use.

Apply the base only on the dry surface of the nail, which is pre-treated with a degreasing agent. Wait until the coating has completely dried and only after that apply varnish.

how to cover gel polish

Top coat

After the base and varnish have completely dried out, it is necessary to complete the design and cover the nails with the top layer. So, what is the varnish to keep longer? There are several options for pinning. You need to choose the top coating based on what type of varnish was used to create the design.

Option one: plain clear varnish

How to cover standard use nail polish? The most popular option for completing such a manicure is a simple transparent varnish. With this tool you can cover any type of varnish. If you use special products that need to be dried in an ultraviolet lamp, then you should first let your nails dry. Otherwise, you can just ruin the created color. If the manicure is created using conventional coatings, then they also need to be dried in the fresh air.

It is necessary to apply a simple transparent varnish in one even layer. Let the finish coat dry thoroughly. Such a topcoat will allow the color to be more saturated and vibrant. Also, the manicure will last longer than without coating. Clear varnish dries for at least five minutes, especially if it is applied to a thick layer of the nail coating. Try not to do anything at this time. Otherwise, if the topcoat is accidentally damaged, the base color may also deteriorate .

how to cover acrylic varnish

Option Two: Finish Gel

How to cover gel polish for nails? Of course, a special finish. It is worth noting that such a fixative can only be used when using gel polish or acrylic. When applied to an even layer of standard decorative nail polish, the finishing gel simply does not β€œcatch”. If you manage to dry such a manicure, then most likely it will not last more than two days.

Finishing gel, applied to gel polish, allows the manicure to stay for a long time. The reviews of women using such a tool are positive: the design does not rub off, the coating does not break off, the manicure lasts more than one month. At the same time, ladies do not limit themselves to homework.

Apply the finishing gel only after the base coat is dried. Drying must be carried out in a special lamp. Put the finishing gel with a special brush on the nail surface and place your hand in the lamp. Each nail must be kept in the apparatus for at least three minutes. After this, make sure that the gel is completely dry. Treat the fingernail with a degreaser.

than covering nail polish

Option Three: Acrylic Coating

How to cover acrylic nail polish? Of course, a special suitable tool. It is worth noting that when using acrylic materials, it is worth choosing one manufacturer. In this case, the varnish will last a long time and look spectacular.

The acrylic coating is applied to the varnish dried in the lamp. It can be of two types: liquid acrylic and means for sculpting. Many nail service masters prefer to use the second version of acrylic material. In order to cover the nail, you need to take material the size of a small pea and carefully distribute it on the nail plate. After that, the hand is placed in the lamp for drying. It is worth noting that working with this material is quite complicated. That is why when choosing this coverage, you should trust a professional.

At home, you can use liquid acrylic. At first glance, this tool resembles a regular finishing gel. However, when dried, the coating becomes a "strong glass." This tool is ideal for creating brilliant designs, as it makes the nails even more radiant and creates the effect of an aquarium.

than coating varnish to stay longer

Option Four: Quick Dryer

How to cover the nail polish (normal)? Quite often, women use special solutions for quick drying. These products look similar to ordinary transparent varnish, but their consistency is more watery. The quick-drying agent can be applied to a coating that has not yet dried. In this case, it is necessary to carry out the procedure very carefully and use a soft brush for this. Otherwise, you can damage the created coating and spoil the manicure.

If you chose this option, then you should give preference to a coating with a diamond shine. At the same time, you can not only quickly dry your nails, but also get a magnificent shine. Means for quick drying can be purchased at any cosmetic store.

than covering nail polish

Fifth Option: Nail Oil

How to cover the varnish to improve the nail plate? In this case, a special healing oil is suitable.

Surely all women know that varnish can have a negative effect on the health of nails. Often there are situations when the nails simply turn yellow or lose their usual shape. The reason for this may be poor coverage. In order to heal and restore the nail plate, it is necessary to use special oil.

When the varnish is completely dried, take a soft brush and cover it with each nail. After this, you need to wait about ten minutes and only then proceed with your business. The oil has the ability to penetrate the nail coating and act on the nail. In this case, remember that you can not apply this tool to varnish. Otherwise, the coating may not lie as we would like. You can buy this remedy in any pharmacy network or a store specializing in nail service.

how to coat varnish

Option six: special fixative

How to cover the varnish so that it is more durable? In this case, it is worth using a special fixing agent. Currently, there are many manufacturers of such preparations for nails. They all look like regular varnish. Many of them have a certain shade (usually green or pink), which does not appear on the nails, but simply gives the applied color a brighter shade.

Apply such a tool after the varnish has completely dried. Use the supplied brush to do this. Put a little liquid on it and evenly with a thin layer cover the main varnish. The special fixer dries rather quickly. In just five minutes you can forget that you need to be careful.

Due to the special fixing property, this tool allows the main varnish to stay on the nails for up to two weeks. In this case, you do not have to avoid water and chemicals.

Alternative option

To the question of how to coat the varnish, many women would answer that nothing. As it turned out, many ladies are opponents of the final coverage. They believe that the more layers on the nails, the faster the primary color cleaves. That is why some women prefer to simply coat their nails with varnish and patiently dry it.

There are also ladies who simply do not know about such wonderful tools that help the manicure last longer.

how to coat the varnish correctly


Now you know what and how to cover the nail polish. Always pay attention to what kind of coating you use. Remember that you can not fix a simple nail polish with a gel or acrylic. This coating will fall off quickly.

Those women who prefer artificial (extension or false) nails, you can use absolutely any tool listed. This is their advantage. If you do not know what coverage to choose, contact a specialized salon. Experienced craftsmen will tell you the most suitable varnish coating option.


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