How to clean the toilet from clogging?

In houses and apartments periodically there are problems with the sewer system. It is clogged. There are enough reasons for this. But in order to eliminate possible consequences, you need to know how to quickly clear a blockage. There are recommendations and advice from the masters, without which it is impossible to cope with stagnation.


How to clean the toilet? If you do not do the corrective action on time, a breakdown may occur. Everyone has the right to call a master, but he does not always come promptly, and itโ€™s quite possible to cope with his own hands. There are elementary tips to help you understand that a clog has formed in the plumbing:

  • The toilet is filled, and the liquid does not leave it for a long time.
  • Slow water flow through sewer pipes.
  • There was an unpleasant odor.
    clean the toilet blockage

Any sign indicates that there is stagnation and should be urgently removed.

Why it happens?

It is believed that over time, any toilet may become clogged. And in order to prevent serious problems, it is worth paying attention to this periodically. How to clean the toilet at home? Actions will be effective only if you know why the traffic jam occurred. The reasons may be as follows:

  • Violations in the process of installation. Not everyone can know how to create a drainage system, so at the installation level you need to remember this. If the angle of inclination is small, then flushing does not work well. Waste begins to be fixed in some place, creating a dense cork.
  • Unsuitable waste. Often, residents in the toilet wash away the remnants of food. This includes a lot - potatoes, cereals, peeling fruits and vegetables, etc. As a result, stagnation forms, which accumulates in the system.
  • Garbage. This is not uncommon. They wash away a lot - glass, paper, bags, etc. The toilet is not a garbage can, and you should not do so.
  • When there are animals in the house, the owners do not complicate their life and wash away the used filler for the tray in the toilet. And in the composition - a special clay that can hold moisture inside. When the lumps are in a humid space, they swell and stick together. As a result, a dense cork is formed.

These are common causes of blockage. But how to clean the toilet at home? After finding out the reasons, the cleaning process itself begins.

Jam elimination technique

There are enough ways to clean the toilet. The method is selected taking into account the occurrence of the problem. For an apartment or a house, you can choose any option - mechanical or chemical. When the cork is too large, the chemistry will be powerless. Small stagnations are removed without the use of mechanical stress. Having assessed the current situation, having studied the scale of the cork and the reason that created it, they choose a working method. Anyone will cope with this himself, if you follow the elementary rules.

Mechanical way

This option is common, because it is the most effective. It is not necessary to call plumbing to do this. With a reserve of time and a tool, you can remove the blockage in a short time. It is only necessary to have a device in the apartment. There are several of them:

  • Plunger. Such a device is easy to find. Most often, they acquire a tool before installing a toilet in a house. His system works so that shallow blockages quickly go away. It is better to use a special toilet tool, rather than a universal one. Its difference is a cone on a rubber nozzle. If he is not in the apartment or house, they should definitely get one. If the toilet clogged, how to clean it? Plumbing is filled with water by a third. The plunger is installed so that it completely blocks the drain inlet and is in close contact with the walls of the toilet. It is necessary to create pressure by forcing, raising and lowering the device. This is done until the water begins to quickly leave. In working with him, difficulties rarely appear.
    how to clean a blockage at home
  • Cable. Its task is to unscrew the blockage. The cable-shaped device easily bends, but sometimes this characteristic will interfere. There is a pen that helps twist. At the end there is a brush. The length is diverse, so they clean any blockage in the sewer pipe. To put in order the toilet, just one meter. How to clean the toilet in this way? One end is inserted into the drain part. Next, the tool must be pushed deep into. The handle for the rotation of the cable is needed in order to bypass all the turns and bends of the pipe. Approaching a blockage will make it harder to push. As soon as the cork is broken, the dirt will go away and the water will quickly go away. After the procedure, you need to pour hot water (at least a ten-liter bucket) into the drain system.
clear the blockage

These are two simple methods that do not require large investments and do not have complexity of execution. Even a person without experience will be able to clean the drainage structure. Sometimes it happens that even such methods do not help to achieve the desired effect. In this case, you will have to call the masters, although they can apply this. What else will help remove the blockage?

Chemical substances

Here's how to clean the toilet. There are many different products on sale. After getting into the pipe, they struggle with the problem. They are available in different conditions - liquid and loose. Do not worry - the drainage system does not deteriorate even with prolonged contact. Below we consider what tools are effective.

Vinegar and soda

These components are available in the kitchen of any apartment and house. They will perfectly help to solve the problem. If such funds were not available, then you can purchase them in any store. You need to buy one pack of soda and a bottle of vinegar (70%). How to clean a toilet blockage at home using these tools? Water needs to be removed if there is too much of it. After soda is poured and pushed with a stick as deep as possible. Then 200 grams of vinegar essence is poured. To make the reaction go faster, hot water is used. According to people, such a tool helps after 20 minutes. But you should be careful not to burn the skin.

clogged toilet how to clean

Chemistry for pipe cleaning

The basis is chemical elements that can destroy fat, salts and other components. On the shelves of stores there are both domestic and foreign manufacturers. But first you must read the instructions and understand for which pipes you can use this or that product. In addition to the blockage, an unpleasant smell is also removed. How does this method work? According to the instructions, a tool is selected and the right amount is poured into the pipe. Following is hot water in the right proportion. After such manipulations, you cannot use the toilet for at least one hour. When time passes, the toilet is flushed with hot water or from a drain barrel.

how to clear a blockage

The process of fixing the problem is not difficult. Everyone knows that itโ€™s easier to prevent clogging than to clean it. In a house or apartment, it is worth monitoring the drainage system, otherwise a serious emergency may occur in one day.

Preventive actions

How to clean a blockage in the toilet? In order not to look for the answer to this question, it is worth observing the elementary rules for using the drain system. There will be no difficulty in this:

  • The toilet should not become a bin. After all, any waste - food or household - sooner or later will create a solid cork.
  • Sometimes (once a week) it is worth using chemicals to avoid serious blockage.
  • To avoid such problems, you need to periodically flush the system with a bucket of hot water.
  • It happens that there is a fan riser in the room . Its work will be effective with constant serviceability. If the riser does not work, clogging is possible.
clean the toilet blockage at home

Elementary manipulations help to remove congestion in the sewer pipe quickly, without involving a master. But there is no need to make mistakes - you should completely control the work.


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