Gray manicure for short nails.

Most often, shades of gray are associated with gray everyday life and longing. But such a judgment is incorrect. Suppose a manicure in gray tones looks beautiful, stylish and original. A variety of shades allows you to bring the most extraordinary and bold design ideas to life.

Manicure in gray tones.

Elegant manicure in gray tones.

Manufacturers of varnishes today offer fashionistas a large palette of gray shades. This color will look perfect on nails of any length and shape. Its main advantage is that it does not attract all the attention, which means that gray varnish does not argue with the outfit and hairdo.

Such a coating for nails can be used not only as a basis, it can serve as the creation of original designs. Especially valuable is the ability to combine a gray tint with all the colors of the rainbow. A manicure in gray tones, the photo of which is presented below, clearly shows this.

Gray nail design is able to complement any image, adapting to the image and mood of its owner. He will always look new in tandem with different outfits and accessories. The versatility of gray reflects a number of shades, ranging from light to deep gray, almost black.

Fancy color combinations

Nail service professionals identified the five best combinations with a gray tint:

  1. The dark gray nail polish blends in perfectly with pale pink. In addition to this shade, dark lingonberry, salmon and fuchsia will look great in tandem with gray.
  2. The neutral gray color will perfectly emphasize and make more expressive any color of the blue gamut (aquamarine, turquoise, mint, etc.).
  3. To combine with gray tones, you can use the entire spectrum of yellow. The nails will look organic and unusual.
  4. A manicure in gray tones will not look boring if you add a little green (pistachio, neon, etc.).
  5. To create a beautiful manicure in gray tones, the whole gamut of violet is suitable (from delicate lavender to eggplant color). Silver enamel will be especially beneficial next to purple.
    Manicure in gray tones.

Gray manicure with rhinestones.

A great choice would be a manicure in which a soft gray shade is combined with neat rhinestones. This design speaks of the ease, good taste and sophistication of its owner.

Gray manicure with rhinestones.

The main plus of such a manicure is that it looks luxurious and rich. A gray manicure with rhinestones, the photo of which is presented above, clearly demonstrates this. Another plus of this choice is versatility. It is perfect for an evening trip to the theater, to work or for a walk with friends.

Gray manicure for short nails.

Long nails look sexy and feminine, so girls like extended nails. But many women are not able to wear a long manicure because of their profession, or because the nail plates are not strong enough, and the nails are constantly breaking. In such cases, do not despair, because short natural nails are in trend today, caring for them is much simpler, moreover, in everyday life it is much more convenient with them.

An excellent design for short nails will be a jacket in a non-standard design. Gray is often used as a base, and the free edge of the nail can be varnished in ivory.

Gray manicure for short nails.

Also on short nails you can depict the effect of rain. To do this, use a flickering and matte texture. It is the flickering varnish that will help depict the illusion of raindrops.

A combination of light gray with a pale pink shade will look provocatively on short nails. On the nail plate, you can depict a pattern in the form of stripes or peas.

All kinds of designs - glitters, broths, etc. will help to make gray manicure unique. You can lay out various patterns with the help of decorative beads; silver or gold broths are best suited.

The ombre effect, which implies a smooth transition from light to darker color, looks equally impressive on short nails. The gray palette is ideal for such a design, especially at home it is not difficult to complete it.

Winter manicure with silver color

Winter cold is not a reason for sadness. Winter will not have time when holidays and meetings with friends will swirl in the New Year's bustle. Girls like to think over everything in advance, including manicure.

Manicure in gray tones photo

In order to be trendy in winter, you need to use a noble gray color in manicure. There is a bright and unusual nail art that will always look relevant - this is a pearl gray coating. Such a manicure will be the perfect combination if you wear a white fur coat or coat. In winter, stylists recommend using the maximum gloss that can be achieved with shimmers or a glossy layer.

Metal manicure

Mirror manicure, both in gray and in gold, looks glamorous, it is appropriate at any party. That is why mirror manicure in gray tones, the photo of which can be seen in all glossy publications, is loved so much by the stars of world show business. Such a nail design will not allow its owner to go unnoticed. And if a grand celebration is planned, then a metal manicure will be the best solution.

Manicure in gray tones with rhinestones photo

Gray varnish is a symbol of simplicity and conciseness, due to which it always remains in trend. Having done a manicure in gray tones, you can be sure that it will be appropriate in any situation and setting.


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