What you can make flower beds in the country: interesting ideas

What can you make flowerbeds for flowers in the country? Yes, from anything! The main thing is to show imagination. Most often, old car tires are used to create flower beds. Despite their nondescript appearance, excellent flowerpots for plants are obtained from the tires. This design of a flower bed with your own hands (photo below) looks very interesting. Old tires need to be washed well and painted with waterproof paint. It is better to do this both from the outside and from the inside. This is done so that after shrinkage of the soil, the flower bed does not lose its original appearance. If desired, you can make not one flower garden, but a whole composition of tires that are mounted on top of each other in random order.

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In addition to tires, what can flower beds be made of? A chic flower garden is obtained from ordinary stones. You can use decorative material and even paving slabs for this purpose. When organizing such a flower bed, stones should be cemented together to ensure the durability of the structure. First you need to create a concrete "pillow" on which large boulders are laid out, and already smaller stones are attached to them in an arbitrary order.

Another interesting flowerbed, the photo of which can be seen on the pages of specialized publications, is made of ordinary bottles. To form a small structure, you will need about twenty pieces of plastic packaging. Bottles should be filled with sand or other loose material, screw the cork and bury in the ground with the neck down approximately to the middle. Such a fence can be painted in any color with acrylic paint. This is best done before the bottles are buried. To make your flowerbed look elegant, the containers should be installed close to each other.

What else can flower beds be made of? Yes, from any material at hand. Multi-storey structures made of buckets of various sizes look very unusual. The flower garden can be arranged even in such seemingly unsuitable things as old furniture, a garden car, a cast-iron bathtub and even a holey boat. These things can be painted with bright colors, and then your floral arrangements will look even more unusual.

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A great little flowerbed will come from old shoes or boots. Shoes should be thoroughly washed, covered with a film, covered with soil and plant your favorite plants. Such mini-flower beds look profitable in any corner of the garden.

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Another option for arranging a flower garden is a flowerbed in an old stump. To do this, hollow out a cavity in it and fill it with soil. Garden barrels painted in different colors will also be an excellent capacity for planting densely flowering plants.

To decorate an ordinary flowerbed, you can fence it with a neat low fence painted in bright colors, or a wicker fence. Often, the remains of marble tiles are used as the material for decorating the flowerbed. Stones are laid out around the finished flower garden and painted with acrylics.

Still looking for the answer to the question: β€œWhat can flower beds be made of?” We hope that from this article you have drawn some original ideas for the design of a suburban area.

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