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The legendary basketball player Reggie Miller, whose biography is filled with stories about rivalry, about cases where he saved the team at a decisive moment, and about results that exceeded all expectations, five times became a member of the all-stars team and is considered the best sniper in the history of the NBA.

Reggie is a star of American basketball of the 90s, he played in the Indiana Pacers team all his 18-year career, and although he could not win the NBA championship, he became a real living legend.

early years

Miller was born on August 24, 1965 in Riverside, California, where he grew up in a military family with his sister Cheryl (there were five children in total), who later became an ESPN sports reporter and a female NBA star.

Born with hip joint deformity, as a child, Reggie struggled to learn how to walk. Later, he began to wear orthodontic braces on both legs. Thanks to the use of these devices, the limbs were strengthened enough to compensate for the deformation, and soon Reggie was able to join the rest of his family, consisting of active sports fans. He was an old-school player who trained so much that by the start of his professional career, his weaknesses turned into strengths.

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Carier start

Reggie studied history at the University of California, Los Angeles, and in his last academic year led the Bruins university team to victory in the Pac-10 Conference Championship.

Miller’s basketball skills were hardened by a fierce rivalry with sister Cheryl, who later became a well-known female NBA striker.

In his official biography, a book entitled β€œI Love Being an Enemy,” Reggie Miller recalls how hard he worked to defeat his sister. Rumor has it that an unusual long-range throwing style developed when Reggie tried to throw the ball over Cheryl, who was trying to block it.

Reggie Miller Biography

Sports achivments

In the first year in the NBA, Miller broke Larry Bird ’s eight-year record for the three-pointer thrown by a rookie for the season. Soon he became famous as a man capable of saving the team in the most difficult situations. His team opposed the Chicago Bulls in the 1998 Eastern Conference Championship, and Reggie Miller also participated in the game. The best moments of this match will be kept in the NBA chronicles for a long time. At that time, Reggie caught the ball thrown from the sideline three seconds before the end, and made a long sniper throw, which allowed his team to win.

The most famous feat that Reggie Miller made was 8 points in 9 seconds that he scored in the 1995 game against the New York Knicks, reducing the gap by six points and literally wresting a victory from an opponent. Even when Miller’s career began to decline, he was still considered a person able to cope with the most difficult game situations, and remained the team leader on the road to victory.

Miller’s relationship with Indiana Pacers can hardly be called ordinary: in the history of the NBA, only two people have played more games in one team than he did. In 1987, when Reggie was invited to the team, the fans were unsatisfied with the choice and booed the newcomer. However, he quickly proved his worth and found many fans not only in Indianapolis, but throughout the country.

Reggie Miller Highlights

Completion of a professional career

Reggie resigned in 2005, being the record holder for the number of three-point shots in his career (2560). It is also impressive that he spent all 18 years of his professional career on the Indiana Pacers team. Miller still ranks second in this category.

When Reggie announced his resignation, Conceco Fieldhouse Arena rewarded him with a 45-minute ceremony and a new car. Miller, whose net worth is US $ 90 million, currently works on TNT as a commentator on NBA matches, in the same place as his sister Cheryl. He continues to spend most of his time in Indiana, where in 2005 he acted as the leading parade dedicated to the Indianapolis 500 car race.

Reggie Miller 8 points in 9 seconds

Personal life

Reggie Miller is an American of African descent with a height of 201 centimeters, whose distinguishing features are an athletic physique and a bald skull. Having studied the latest photographs, we can conclude that he is no longer in such good shape as he was in the midst of his sports career. It seems that he is slightly replenished.

Regarding marital status, Miller is currently dating his girlfriend, allegedly the mother of his son Riker, with whom Reggie plays basketball today.

From 1992 to 2001, Reggie was married to Marita Stavra, a fashion model and actress, whom she met thanks to Magic Johnson.

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Their divorce allegedly occurred due to the fact that Reggie advised his wife to become a housewife, although she herself wanted to achieve something in life. According to information from verified sources, Marita after the divorce received $ 5 million in alimony and under the terms of a marriage contract. However, after some time, Marita sued Reggie, claiming that in the process of divorce, he lied about the actual amount of his capital, and the agreed amount of payments is incorrect. She stated that Reggie transferred huge amounts to the accounts of his friends in order to hide his wealth. Later, the case was decided in court.

One weekend in August 2009, another conflict arose when a banner appeared over the beaches of Southern California with the words: "Reggie Miller, stop chasing a married woman." It is reported that one Alex was responsible for this, a friend of a girl named Ali Kay. There is information that Ali and Reggie met for the first time at a party, and the second time after some time at the grocery store. Leaving the store, Reggie allegedly continued to pursue her. He later allegedly sent her 53 text messages within four hours.

The fact is that Ali Kay was a neighbor of Miller and the bride of Alex von Furstenburg. It is also reported that Alex received threats from Reggie in his address, where the latter promised to invite friends with a gun if the questions about Ali did not stop. Nevertheless, the parties came to an agreement, and the case was closed after an apology.

Reggie already explained his point of view on the confrontation with Ali. He met Ali in one of Malibu's supermarkets and began to write messages to her, as she also wrote to him. Ali herself admitted that she purposefully sent two provocative images, the recipient of which was Reggie Miller. The photo sent by the girl to Miller did not appear in court, since the case was closed.

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The biography of Reggie Miller would not be complete without a story about his terrible manner of cursing on the set. Miller was often engaged in involving other players in verbal skirmishes that ended in a technical foul or removal. He can be loved or hated, but not ignored. During the game, he always played a performance, arranging violent verbal battles and demonstrating his arrogance and emotionality.

It is also true that he is one of the most arrogant athletes of all time. By the way, during conflicts, he always managed to punish members of other teams (mainly the New York Knicks). One of his nicknames is Nick Killer, Reggie received because of the fierce rivalry between the Knicks and Pacers teams in the playoffs in the 1990s.

This feud has survived for years, and today Reggie Miller loves to mock Reggie Miller, the famous Nyx fan. A gesture that made history is when Reggie puts his hands on his neck and shows strangulation if one of his teammates throws a critical free kick.


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