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The company Delicate Relocation, reviews of which you will find in this article, is a successful company that was one of the first in our country to specialize in moving services. This happened back in 2000, when few people heard about this type of activity. The management declares that they immediately identified the main priorities for themselves, among which were honesty, high quality work, openness in relationships, and accessibility to most potential customers. For example, to maintain quality of service at the proper level, there is a control service. Its employees closely evaluate the employees' compliance with company standards, minimizing the risks of property damage, violation of pre-agreed deadlines. Thus, the high quality of the services provided is guaranteed.

About company

Nowadays, when there is a lot of competition in the market of moving companies, feedback on "Delicate Relocation" will help potential customers figure out what quality of service they can get if they turn here for help.

The company is one of the leaders in the market of enterprises providing professional services in organizing apartment and office relocations. About 50 trips are organized daily in Moscow alone, involving approximately two hundred trained and professional employees. Thanks to this, customers have the opportunity to receive services of the highest quality from a domestic company, and at affordable prices. After all, earlier it was possible to apply for such services only to foreign transport companies, which, moreover, predominantly agreed to serve foreigners living in our country.

Company reviews Delicate Moving

In 2000, the company began its work as a small family business, later becoming the first Russian company to take a step towards shaping the very concept of a professional moving culture for the mass market in the country.

At present, the company already has about 25 thousand office removals in its account, assistance is being provided to companies operating in various industries. With some, fruitful cooperation has been going on for quite some time under a special corporate cooperation program.

Service list

The list of services that the company provides is able to impress absolutely anyone. It is no secret that many people jokingly or seriously compare relocation with a real natural disaster. However, it is possible that everything will work out as safely as possible. To do this, you must use the services of real professionals who will approach the organization of work with maximum responsibility. A well and well-planned move in this case will take about one business day.

As a result, that evening you can already sit in your favorite chair in a new place, enjoying how neatly assembled and arranged all your furniture, everything is arranged in order. For those who have repeatedly participated in the journeys and remember how difficult and difficult it is to organize, there will be a feeling that there was a teleportation, and they moved from the old place to the new one with all their belongings. Such a move will cease to be fiction and turn into reality if you contact the company for services.

Delicate Relocation Company

The company is ready to organize a comprehensive move from an apartment, a summer residence, a cottage, as well as provide a number of separate services. In particular, it can be disassembly and assembly of furniture, its rearrangement, packaging of interior items, personal items and equipment, transportation of property, its loading and unloading, arrangement of a new apartment, storage of property.

As a rule, moving is divided into three stages. The first is the preparation of property for transportation. Interior items, things and household appliances are packaged, if necessary, the furniture is dismantled, including dismantling the built-in furniture.

At the second stage, property is transported. Things are lowered to the truck, stuffed into it, transported to a new address, raised to the necessary floor or brought into the house if you move to a cottage.

In the third stage, you need to settle in a new place. The property is unpacked, furniture is assembled and arranged. All things are neatly and carefully laid out in places, hang shelves, paintings, televisions and blinds on the walls. At the end, all packaging materials are exported.


The company has repeatedly stated that they give a full guarantee of the safety of property. The management can be sure of this, since among the employees there are only qualified specialists capable of performing all types of work. They are extremely attentive to the wishes of customers, physically hardy, always neat, wear uniforms, are punctual, observing all agreements.

Employee Reviews

Guaranteeing the complete safety of property, the company confirms its statements by the fact that an agreement is concluded with each client, in which the corresponding responsibility is fixed. The property is packaged, transported and transported in compliance with all technologies. During the move, they are especially attentive to the safety of not only the things themselves, but also try not to damage the walls, doors and the like. For this, doorways, columns and elevator cabs are specially protected.

As a package, only proven and high-quality material is used. The company separately emphasizes that they have developed their own standards for the organization of relocation, which they seek to follow. This is monitored by a quality service.


The cost of organizing a professional relocation is the sum of the number of specialists and the time that they will spend on work, the amount of the car needed and the distance that he will have to overcome, the amount of protective and packaging materials.

The services of one specialist are estimated at 450 rubles per hour (the minimum order period is four hours). If the move is delayed for a time after 20.00, the cost of one working hour rises to 585 rubles, moving at night costs 675 rubles per hour.

Customer reviews

The cost of renting the cars necessary for moving depends on their volume. A special furniture van with a volume of 8 to 12 cubic meters costs 625 rubles per hour. Moreover, the duration of the order may not be less than six hours. A van with a volume of 13 to 16 cubic meters will cost 680 rubles per hour. When ordering a car with a volume of 17 to 22 cubic meters, the price is 750 rubles per hour, and the duration of the minimum order grows to seven hours. For a minimum of eight hours, you can order a furniture van with a volume of 32 to 36 cubic meters. At the same time, it will cost 7200 rubles for all this time.

The work of employees outside the Moscow Ring Road is calculated separately. If the distance does not exceed 25 kilometers, then the surcharge in the presence of one address will be 200 rubles to each employee, and for two or more addresses - 300 rubles. At a distance of over one hundred kilometers, calculation is made by agreement of the parties.

Relocation Details

To understand all the details, we note that the responsibility for the safety of property is spelled out in the contract, which is concluded in the provision of relevant services. In addition, the company has a liability insurance policy for the customer and any other third parties in the amount of 20 million rubles. Our own quality control service seeks to prevent any possible violations, helps to resolve various issues and problems.

Organization of relocation

The manager, whose consultation will not cost you at all, can help you calculate the estimated cost of moving. In addition, during the preliminary meeting, he will be able to tell you which property is expedient to transport and which is not, calculate the cost of several options for moving, taking into account a different list and schedule, tell about the features of business centers that can affect the work of moving. After inspecting the premises and things that are planned for transportation, the manager will be able to orient you at an approximate cost, this will not take much time - from 15 to 30 minutes.

During transportation, specialized furniture vans are used, which are equipped with fasteners for securing goods and belts. They are clean and tidy.


Currently, in addition to the office in Moscow, the company has three more branches in Russia. In the capital, it is located at: Derbenevskaya street, house 20, building 8. This is not far from Derbenevskaya embankment on the Moscow River. In close proximity are the Institute of Russian Realistic Art, the Institute of Economics and Business, the Esenin Museum, and Trinity Church. By public transport, the easiest way to get there is by metro, reaching the stations "Paveletskaya", "Serpukhovskaya" or "Dobryninskaya".

The branch in St. Petersburg is located at Detskiy pereulok, house 5, office 316. There is also a company office in Nizhny Novgorod (Vtorchermeta street, house 1, office 23) and Rostov-on-Don (Nansen street, 107/1).

Career in the company

According to the reviews of employees about the "Delicate Relocation", we can conclude that many are satisfied with such work. The company is always ready to provide a sufficient number of orders, which makes it quite decent to earn. In addition, experience is gained in the field of moving services. Free lunches are also provided.

Employer Reviews

In the reviews of employees about the "Delicate Relocation" in Moscow, it is often noted that it is possible to find a balance of free and working time, a well-developed corporate culture, and a guarantee of constant work.

Negative sides

Moreover, there are those who were dissatisfied with the work in the company. In the reviews of employees about the "Delicate Relocation" one could often find information about an irresponsible and disorderly atmosphere, poor organization of the work process. Some employees noted that information about the daily routine from their coordinator was received only the day before late in the evening, which made it extremely difficult to plan your time.

At the same time, even those dissatisfied in the reviews about the employers of Delicate Relocation emphasized that management competently distributes losses and profits among subordinates. Moreover, most of the colleagues are truly cultural and responsible workers who strive to work honestly and conscientiously.

As some reviews of employees about the Delicate Relocation company in Moscow emphasize, the most unpleasant moment was the cases when, as a result of the interview, the potential employee was refused employment without explanation. And if the reasons were indicated, then they seemed as far-fetched, for example, the remoteness of the place of residence from the workplace and the lack of a car. Here are the reviews of employees about the "Delicate Relocation" can be found.

Customer Opinions

As noted in the company itself, over 18 years of work, many thousands of people have used its services. Reviews of Delicate Relocation in Moscow often state that it is difficult to organize a business in this area better than how it has already been done.

With a separate agreement, it is possible to organize a move even from one city to another, for example, from Moscow to St. Petersburg or vice versa. At the same time, in customer reviews of the “Delicate Relocation” there are references to the fact that the company’s employees manifest themselves as true professionals. For example, when customers themselves travel from one city to another after a furniture van, and then fall behind on the road, loaders have to wait for them for several hours on the spot. Even in such situations, company employees show utmost courtesy and understanding. This is noted by the positive side in the reviews of the "Delicate Relocation" in St. Petersburg.

Reviews about the company Delicate relocation

It is surprising to some that the work, which, according to preliminary estimates, is able to be done by five or six people, is carried out only by three employees, demonstrating their high professionalism. The customer reviews of the Delicate Relocation in Moscow emphasize that professional assembly and disassembly of furniture, its packaging and climbing to a high floor are carried out here by real athletes whose physical form is simply impressive.

At the same time, employees are always noted for their punctuality, arriving at the place on time, not being late for a minute, which immediately sets the tone for all subsequent cooperation. The reviews of Delicate Relocation in Moscow especially emphasize the lack of attempts by managers to beg for extra money or impose unnecessary services for which you have to pay extra.

Most customers remain satisfied, confirming that the name of the company exactly matches how all the work is done here. In reviews of the "Delicate Relocation" in Nizhny Novgorod, it is often emphasized separately that after completion of work, employees perform a neat and thorough cleaning, bringing everything in full order so that their eyes are happy.

Unhappy ...

At the same time, it is worth recognizing that some customers remain categorically dissatisfied with the level of services rendered. Among the reviews about the "Delicate Relocation" there are negative opinions, although there are still significantly more positive ones.

Dissatisfied customers usually complain about rudeness and spoiled things when moving. For example, some say that a team that arrives at the check-out starts packing everything in a row, without even asking what is needed and what is not. At the same time, individual employees behave indecently and defiantly, for example, turn on music on their phone loudly, without reacting to comments. Some are openly rude and snarl when a client tries to somehow adjust their work.

In the reviews of the "Delicate Relocation", many remain unhappy that workers enter the premises in dirty shoes, inaccurately use a trolley for loading, which spoils parquet or other flooring. For unknown reasons, loaders decide not to take apart some things, but spend an hour to push them into the elevator, for example, a sofa. When this fails, they begin to simply lower it down the stairs, doing it extremely messy. And here come across reviews about the company "Delicate Relocation", in which customers claim that with such treatment things spoil. However, some employees then deny such facts.

In the reviews of the "Delicate Relocation" in Nizhny Novgorod and other cities, you can find complaints that the movers are late and do not even warn about it, and the amount that the relocation costs is, as a result, is significantly higher than what was originally indicated when communicating with the manager.

At the same time, assemblers work very slowly and poorly, sometimes there is a feeling that they just do not know how to understand furniture collection instructions. In addition, they are constantly interrupted and sent to smoke breaks, knowing that their payment is hourly, so they will only receive more money from the client.

In addition, after the work is completed, the team leaders often offer to pay the client in cash, although the contract clearly states that payment should be made to the current account. At this point, it turns out that you still have to pay three percent of the total amount for the preparation of the payment receipt. Some emphasize that the contract was drafted very cunningly, according to its provisions, clients have no rights, only their responsibilities are well and detailed.

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