Conference is a means of communication between people

The modern world is a huge information field. From year to year it becomes more and more. In every country, city, research center or ordinary office, this information is multiplied hundreds of times every second. This process has been going on for centuries, and now it is only gaining momentum. Thus, people have the opportunity to gain experience. But what if some ideas come to the minds of several people, only at different times? And they will work on them, not knowing that the problem has already been studied. To avoid this, you need a constant exchange of information between people of the same activity. With such goals the first conferences were held.

The concept of "conference" and its occurrence

Conference is

A conference is a gathering of people who may be representatives of groups, organizations, or states. They can simply be private individuals and get together in order to discuss issues of interest to them.

Since ancient times, people have resorted to this method of communication and information transfer. This is evidenced by the records that came to us from ancient Greece. As you know, it was this country that became the founder of many modern sciences. The surviving documents tell us that the first conference, which was documented, was held back in 416 BC. e. The famous Athenian tragedian Agathon arranged a feast for his friends. And what a feast without philosophical sayings? Therefore, each of those present expressed their opinion in the form of a monologue, arguing about Eros - the ancient Greek god of love.

Ordinary citizens in those distant years did not have time to think about something high and philosophize. Therefore, an ancient conference is a collection, rather, of urban nobles, who were philosophers and scientists.

In Russia, until the beginning of the 20th century, namely, until 1917, the conference was defined as the council of professors in military academies.

Conference Objectives

Each conference has its own goal, depending on whether such a topic will be considered and what exactly the organizers are trying to convey by conducting it. But still there are common features that are inherent in each of the conferences.

Conference Objectives:

  1. The study and discussion of innovative methods for solving the problem, the results of their practical implementation.
  2. Mutual exchange of accumulated information and ideas, the search for unsolved problems and their joint solution through the cooperation of various organizations presented at the conference.
  3. Reports of conference participants to demonstrate their successes and achievements (presentations, workshops, workshops).
  4. Introducing representatives of organizations and establishing links between them for a clearer research result.

Conference Types

Scientific conferences

A conference is a need of the modern world, which you simply cannot do without. They allow you to consider issues of interest to those present from different angles, which allows us to comprehend different ways of solving the same problem.

There are several types of conferences, and they depend on the selected criterion.

Types of conferences (in the direction) - scientific and theoretical; scientific and technical; business conference, as well as scientific and practical conference.

In the territory that was covered:

- local;

- regional;

- national;

- national with the participation of representatives of other countries;

- international.

The conference topics are divided into:

- thematic (narrowly focused);

- multi-purpose.

Conference Forms

Practical conference

In addition to species, there are also forms that are inherent in conferences:

1) An in-person conference is a direct participation of all comers and a visit to the venue of the event.

2) Correspondence - participants do not come to it themselves, but send applications and articles by mail to the organizing committee.

3) An Internet conference is held on a particular site in the form of a forum, that is, a discussion of a pressing problem.

Features of scientific conferences

Scientific and practical conference

Scientific conferences are among the most common. Their goal is to gather in one place people who are engaged in research and discuss their achievements. The subject, time and venue are usually announced in advance. This notification can be in the form of either an information letter or in the form of a poster announcement.

Researchers who intend to submit their work must provide the organizers with abstracts of their reports. Also, all participants in the conference may be charged a fee.

This type of conference includes scientific and practical. Such events are distinguished by the fact that in their framework, researchers not only discuss theoretical problems and possible solutions, but present the results of their practical activities, their own developments.

A scientific conference is an intermediate link between the congress and the seminar, combining some features of both of them.

Thus, conferences are held to exchange information between people and establish links between them. Scientific conferences, as one of the types, help researchers tell each other about their progress in work.


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