Affordable and interesting loan at Sberbank for housing

As of today, a loan at Sberbank for housing is one of the most interesting ways to get your own real estate. The most important thing for the borrower is that the bank has become more loyal and open-minded to its potential customers.

loan from a savings bank for housing
This alone cannot but rejoice. Currently, there are 7 loan programs, 3 of which are basic, and 4 are special.

What makes it possible to purchase a loan from Sberbank for housing? The list of options, it should be noted, is quite impressive. Citizens, using the money of the lender, have the right to either buy their favorite property (new or under construction), or to independently engage in construction. In the second case, for example, the construction of residential buildings, as well as garages, is allowed.

On what conditions is a mortgage offered at Sberbank of Russia? It is clear that all seven existing programs in some details are different from each other. Below are the criteria that can rightfully be attributed to the general (basic):
mortgage in the Savings Bank of Russia

β€’ the maximum term for which a loan can be issued is 30 years;
β€’ minimum amount - depends on the currency: in rubles - 45 million (or the equivalent in US dollars or euros). As for the construction of country houses, the amount here is much more modest. It is 300 thousand rubles or the equivalent in foreign currency;
β€’ maximum amount - not regulated. However, its size cannot be more than 85% of the value of the object (the latter can be either contractual or estimated. In any case, the smaller one is chosen);
β€’ pledge - the acquired real estate or that which is already in the property of the borrower. However, a loan at Sberbank for housing can be issued against other types of collateral.

get a loan at the Savings Bank of Russia
Next, we should talk about interest rates. The mechanism of their formation is not simple. Of particular importance in the amount of interest under which a loan is issued at Sberbank for housing is a number of factors. The main one is the size of the down payment. Here the dependence is inversely proportional: the higher it is, the lower the rate. The period during which the borrower intends to repay the amount taken is also important. The faster he does it, the less he will pay. Finally, the client’s place of work is important: for the teams of some organizations special loyalty programs operate .

If you want to get a loan from Sberbank of Russia, you must meet a number of requirements. Firstly, you must be at least 21 years old, but not older than 75 years to the day when you can happily say: "I owe nothing to anyone!" Secondly, a loan of the type described is available only to Russian citizens. This fact can be confirmed with your passport. Otherwise, the requirements are quite traditional. Take at least the same length of service. Or a good credit history. Moreover, we are talking not only about the nature of relations with this banking institution, but also with everyone else. Pay attention to such a moment as attracting guarantors to the planned transaction. Moreover, the spouse must necessarily act as the title co-borrower.


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