Gel Polish "Indy" - reviews, instructions for use and features

Gel polishes firmly entered the life of every woman. They are bright, sparkling, reliable and durable. And everyone knows that a beautiful manicure draws attention to the well-groomed hands of the owner. The Russian company Runail has released a new line of gel-varnishes "Indy", reviews of which we will consider in more detail in the article.

gel polish indie reviews

They appeared on the market relatively recently and quickly earned the trust of both individuals and manicurists working in salons. Their color scheme is so diverse that every girl can choose a shade to her taste.


Gel Polish "Indy", according to reviews, is decorated very conveniently. Instructions for use, information on the composition of the product, expiration date and shade number are placed on a white bottle. To make it convenient for masters to find the necessary shade among the many bottles, on the lid on top, manufacturers made a transparent element with a drop of varnish. When you look at the cover you can immediately see what color you need to take. This is very convenient, you do not need to open a jar of varnish every time to understand what color is located there.

gel polish indie base reviews

The instruction is written in black and white and clearly visible, all the more convenient because it is written in Russian. It indicates how long it takes to fix the varnish under the lamp.

Also, according to reviews about Indie gel polishes, it can be concluded that their brush is very comfortable: not too wide and not narrow, but just the right one. The varnish around the cuticle is well smeared.

The advantages of this product

INDI laque compares favorably with both price and quality characteristics from analogues. From the reviews about gel-varnish "Indy" the following advantages can be distinguished:

  • Very favorable price. One bottle will cost the master 165 rubles. And this is more than an acceptable and budget option.
  • The varnish in the application is simple, perfectly lays on the surface of the nail plate.
  • It is easy to create designer masterpieces using these gel polishes.
  • The palette includes more than 300 different shades, which is quite enough for any very demanding fashionista.
  • The colors are all saturated, with a beautiful natural shine.
  • The varnish is not liquid, but has a dense consistency, so the expense is economical.

runey gel gel indie reviews from masters

  • Runail Indi laque gel polish has sufficient durability. You can not worry about the beauty of nails up to a month. According to experts, this varnish does not crack, chips do not occur at the edges.
  • It can be easily and quickly removed from nails.

The foundation

The initial coating for this gel polish can be found under the number 3171. The base is applied to the prepared nail in advance, which is first treated with buff and completely fat free. It is this coating that contributes to a good adhesion of the subsequent layer of varnish with the nail plate.

About the base for gel polish "Indy" the most positive reviews. It protects the nail from the fact that the coloring elements penetrate inward, and also fall on the cuticle or the lateral layers of the skin around the nail. If you have an LED lamp, then it will take about 30 seconds to fasten the base. Curing in a 36 W UV lamp takes 1 minute. The capacity of the bottle with the base is 9 ml.


This top gloss for INDI gel polish is sold under the number 3172. It covers the last, finishing layer. It is thanks to him that the varnish acquires the famous gloss, a radiant shine that distinguishes the gel manicure from the usual. Also, this coating ensures the integrity of the nail plate, protects it from scratches and chips on the edges.

There is a glossy fixer and a matte finish. For complete drying of the material in the LED lamp you need to hold your hands for 1 minute, and in the UV lamp longer - 2 minutes. The capacity of the bottle with fixative is 9 ml.


As noted earlier, this gel polish has 300 different shades. This includes classic, shimmering, with pearlescent effect and sparkles. The palette of shades of gel polish "Runale" "Indy", according to the masters, is diverse. You can choose from gentle pastel shades and bright defiant colors. You can easily pick up beautiful combinations of colors to create a design drawing. Manufacturers used the best traditions and current fashion trends when choosing shades for their products.

gel nail polish runail indi laque

All shades for gel polish have natural colors and look natural on the nails.

About the palette of the Laque line of Indi gel polish, the reviews are most positive. Among the many shades, you can choose your own liking. And to choose, as you already understood, there is plenty.

Varnishing Technique

After the manicure is done, you need to prepare your nails for applying gel polish. First you need to brush off the top smooth layer with a buff. Such polishing removes the natural coating of the nail. This is harmful to the nail plate, since the nail respiration occurs through the upper natural layer. Therefore, all experts recommend that after the gel manicure give the nails a rest and recover.

Then an acid-free primer is applied. This will degrease the surface and improve adhesion to the base layer. The nail plate should dry out, since the foundation needs to be applied only to a dry nail.

Then apply the base. We will not repeat ourselves, since the article already described how much time and where it needs to be dried for polymerization.

reviews about gel polish runail indi

After the base, a layer of gel polish is applied, dried for 2 minutes. Please note that the first layer should be thin in order to improve bonding. Then, after drying, a second layer is applied. Drying takes the same period of time. In Runail Indi gel polish reviews, people advise dark colors to dry longer. You can double the polymerization time, then it will hold on tight.

Finishing is applied last. Glossy adhesive does not have a sticky layer. So after drying, you can already go about your business without fear that the varnish will be removed. All masters advise the first day after the gel manicure to preserve your nails, do not wet your hands for too long and do not perform actions that may be traumatic for the varnish. Then you can do anything. The varnish will hold on to the nails for up to 4 weeks.

Positive reviews

Among the many positive reviews we can distinguish the following, often repeated in descriptions of customers and users:

  • This gel polish is odorless. This is very important, since manicure can be done at home without disturbing others.
  • The brush, although soft, is comfortable. The hairs are even. The movements of the hairs are elastic, it is convenient to apply varnish.

gel polish indi palette line laque reviews

  • It is easy and pleasant to work with the structure of varnish. His consistency is neither liquid nor thick. It is applied easily, does not spread, does not float. No need to clean the edges of excess coating. The side rollers near the nail plate remain clean, which speeds up the application process.
  • Colors do not fade in the sun. The applied shade remains in its original form until the end.
  • It is removed easily and quickly.
  • And, of course, the most important point in all the positive reviews is the budget cost of the products of this company. A convenient bottle with a capacity of 9 ml is also pleasing.
  • Like people and a variety of palettes. It is also noted that this gel polish is calmly combined with others.

User Comments and Tips

Some masters noticed that each color has a different degree of shelter. There are more dense ones that do not require additional polymerization, but there are more capricious colors. They need to be treated differently, dried a little longer than usual. So see for yourself, from your own experience, what is best for your nails.

Drawing a conclusion after reading numerous reviews by both masters and ordinary consumers, we can say that the gel polish described is decent and high-quality, because it is not in vain that it is among the top five in our country.


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