Customer focus is a number of advantages for any company.

Customer focus is a rather vague concept. In order to determine its purpose, it is necessary to highlight the main features of this direction in the work of a company, enterprise or institution. There are a lot of concepts and definitions. But we will use two that more accurately reflect goals and directions

customer focus
customer focus. The first involves the company's ability to build relationships with external and internal customers so that they become balanced and mutually beneficial. The second is an alternative, in relation to the classical (4R) rule, approach to the client. These two definitions complement each other well. That is, the principles of the company, institution, company, enterprise explain the achieved result of the work.

“Customer focus is ...”: reverse examples

You turned to the bank with the goal of opening a deposit, credit card or any other service, of course, hoping to get modern service. However, the operator pleasantly surprises you with the fact that you need to pay for the Internet banking service. Another situation. The courier does not bring the ordered goods to the online store for the first time, but he does not know in advance to give a call. And here is a painfully familiar case: you call the service. In response, there is an encouraging phrase: “Stay on the line. Your every appeal is important to us. ” But the response of the operator has to wait sometimes more than half an hour. The customer focus of the company in the above examples, of course, is a big question.

“Customer focus is ...”: examples for clarity

To understand the essence of such a concept, it’s nice to present it using an example

customer focus
public and private companies. The first thing that comes to mind is medical services. If you call the registry of the municipal clinic and on the other end of the wire for a long time do not pick up the phone, then this is taken for granted. Shareware service does not imply a high level of service. But if the clinic is private. And if you are willing to pay for the services of this institution, then an unanswered call will be received at least in perplexity. The greater the amount with which the client is ready to part, the greater his expectations.

“Customer focus is ...”: internal principles and rules

If we talk about the internal difficulties of the restructuring of the company in accordance with this concept, then it is worth focusing on three issues. The first one is

employee focus
customer focus of employees. It is the staff that is the link between potential customers and the company. It is he who stands behind every new or existing project. Therefore, it is very important that employees understand and share the goals of the company, the value of the concept of “customer focus”, and clearly know the procedure for dealing with various situations.

The second issue requiring special attention is financial resources. They are necessary for any restructuring of the policy of an institution, firm, enterprise. Not always customer focus brings big profits in the shortest possible time. But often this is offset by the company's weight in the market or competitive advantages.

The third question, probably the most difficult one, is the client. For each product and service, he has his own. Therefore, the uniform rules of customer focus are not so easy to derive.

In this article, of course, the topic “customer focus is” is not open to the full picture, but as introductory information it is quite acceptable.


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