Facts about Sean Ray

Sean Ray is known in the world of bodybuilding as a genetic miracle. There are no weak muscles on his body, and the level of muscle development allows him to compete with the strongest medalists. The athlete received another nickname - the Slayer of giants - for his physical data and constant victories over other participants.

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Biographical data

Sean Ray was born in California in 1965. Today he is a multiple winner of tournaments and competitions, a thirteen-time participant in the competition "Mr. Olympia". The bodybuilder decided to connect his fate with sports at a young age. It was then that he first went to the gym to start working.

Sean Ray remembers the first trainings with a smile on his face, because then he didnโ€™t even deal with the trainer, but he did the exercises according to the program on his own. In 1983, he first appeared at a regional bodybuilder contest, where he won.

This finally convinces the athlete of the right choice, and he continues to practice with more force. In 1988, Sean Ray began a professional career, already having a solid list of participations and victories in competitions.

In addition to his sports career, he also continues to act in various films and series, combining this with his favorite business. Among the films were two autobiographical films that told about the life and sports development of Sean.

Championship belt

Writing books

You can read about this athlete in various encyclopedias and interesting books about sports nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Ray also wrote his books, in which he shares not only the secrets of fast muscle gain, but also talks about how to achieve high-quality results.

The athlete talks about his training, strength exercises and secrets of how you can get in shape in a short period of time. His book can be safely called a desktop for bodybuilders.

He often appears on the covers of famous sports magazines. Now, photos of Sean Ray in magazines are also regularly published not only by American, but also by foreign publishers.

Sports failures

Despite the successes and career growth, the athlete had serious failures. Sean Ray's biography is full of dark spots. He was the first athlete to be disqualified for doping in the Mr. Olympia competition. But as early as next year, the bodybuilder was able to rehabilitate and take its rightful first place in the Arnold Classic contest.

The bodybuilder dreamed of first place in the competition "Mr. Olympia", but unfortunately, the honorary title eluded him throughout his sports career. Sports for Sean became a life-long affair, even after failures he continued to train and develop his potential for new serious achievements and awards.

Athlete in competitions

12 times the athlete managed to get into the top three and take prizes. Due to injuries, he had to leave his sports career and since 2001 he begins to work in one of the American sports nutrition companies. In addition, the athlete continues to engage in writing and issues new books, writes articles for sports nutrition magazines and is actively developing in terms of sports.

Although he left his professional career, his athletic figure and muscular muscles attract crowds of fans from all over the world. Sean has his own fan club and a personal website where you can find out information about the athlete's activities.

Photo with the team

Personal life

The bodybuilder devoted himself to contests and competitions, the athlete had practically no free time. Sean Ray's training took up the main stream of his time, so there was little room for girls in life. As the athlete himself recalls, the girls realized that they could not compete with the sport and simply left it.

He could not combine a career and personal life. In 2003, fate played a joke with the bodybuilder, because when he quit his career, he immediately met his future wife. In the same year they played a wedding, and in 2005 he became a father. The daughter was named Asia Coins, a few years later the spouse gave birth to another daughter, Bella Blue. Now the family is almost always together, because the way of life and the chosen job allow Sean to devote maximum time to his family and friends. However, he continues to be a famous athlete. Now the photo of Sean Ray is decorated not only with sports magazines, but also sites of a similar theme.

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