Matte manicure and nail care

Every self-respecting girl under any circumstances of life, nails should always be well-groomed. Currently, this is very easy to achieve: just go to a specialist and get a manicure.

matte manicure

Types of manicure

  • European (unedged);
  • Japanese;
  • French (very popular at present);
  • American;
  • Spanish;
  • edged;
  • Art or Nail art manicure;
  • aquarium;
  • male;
  • art french;
  • SPA manicure;
  • business;
  • mini manicure;
  • wedding;
  • basic;
  • Delux manicure;
  • maceration or wet manicure ;
  • Nail piercing (piercing and inserting rhinestones);
  • manicure for children;
  • gel manicure;
  • hardware
  • matte manicure.

It is about the last of the types of nail decoration that will be discussed in this article.

how to make a matte manicure

Pros when using matte varnish

  1. Thick in consistency.
  2. It is applied in one coat.
  3. Evenly distributed throughout the nail.
  4. Quick drying.

How to make a matte manicure with ordinary varnish?

The first step is to pour water into an ordinary pot and put it on fire.

The next step is to prepare the necessary tools (do not forget about nail polish remover).

Next, thoroughly clean the nail plate from the previous varnish.

Using a nail file (preferably medium hardness), give your future "canvas" the desired shape.

matte varnish manicure

Use regular nail polish. Do not forget that your "art" should be applied in turn, first on one hand, then on the other. This is necessary because the varnish does not become dull if you bring it to the boiling water with a delay.

After you finally decide to “steame” your nails, you should hold them over the pan for several minutes. Then it remains only to repeat this procedure with a second hand, and a matte manicure is ready! Feel free to show off beautiful nails in front of your girlfriends.

How to make a matte manicure with a special varnish?

This procedure is performed very quickly in three stages:

  1. Cleaning the nail plate with nail polish remover.
  2. Its alignment and polishing, shaping.
  3. Painting nails with matte varnish.

Another way to obtain such a manicure is to use the eponymous fixer. This tool is designed to convert ordinary varnish to matte.

Currently, this type of manicure is gaining more and more popularity. Girls complement it with rhinestones, stickers, in general, decorate as you like. It turns out very nice, but the main thing is not to overdo it. Using a matte varnish, it is better to make a manicure modest, with the addition of small decorative elements. So your nails will look more impressive than if you fasten a bunch of sparkles on them. Yes, and guys scare too excessive.

Matte manicure with a glossy pattern of the same color is very beautifully combined. This coating will look no less elegant in combination with several variants of such varnish, supplemented by a sticker pattern (only glue on one or two nails, no more).

matte manicure with gloss

Speaking of complexity, we can conclude that matte manicure is quite easy to do. The main thing is consistency and patience. Of course, the first time the perfect coverage may not work, but no one bothers to repeat the procedure several times! In extreme cases, you can seek help from video tutorials or a specialist who will definitely make you a great matte manicure.

And finally, a few rules for nail care

  1. Do not varnish your nails constantly. Take breaks in two to three days (this will help to avoid unwanted yellowing).
  2. Do not scrape off the remaining varnish with improvised means. There are appropriate devices for this.
  3. Always watch the varnish: as soon as it has peeled off, immediately wash it. In no case do not go “into the people”, groomed nails can change even the most pleasant impression of you.
  4. Dishes should be washed with gloves, not otherwise.
  5. Too long nails look vulgar. Give preference to medium length.
  6. Regularly (once a week) do special baths using WARM water.
  7. Regularly clean the space between the finger and the nail plate - there is the largest accumulation of bacteria (just washing your hands, you won’t get rid of them).

Follow all the rules and your nails will be healthy and strong. And do not forget to visit a manicure specialist at least once a month or two.


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