How to get rid of the smell of tobacco on clothes: quick and effective ways

The smell of tobacco and cigarette smoke few people like. Most heavy smokers do not tolerate the “aroma” of used ashtrays and smoked clothes. Those who do not smoke, have even harder - they feel in the air any hint of a tobacco smell, and it is extremely unpleasant for them. The problem is compounded by the fact that the smoke from cigarettes is very corrosive - if you smoke regularly in the room, then even the walls are saturated with a mixture of resins and poisons, and it is almost impossible to get rid of the “aroma”. The same thing happens with clothes.

In this regard, the question arises: "How to get rid of the smell of tobacco on clothes?" There are many ways, among them there are both quick and simple, and more complex and very effective. Which one to use - you need to decide depending on the circumstances.

washing clothes


How to get rid of the smell of tobacco on clothes most effectively? The first thing that comes to mind is washing. Modern detergents not only cope with severe pollution, they also contain powerful perfumes that give things a pleasant aroma. Air conditioners have proven themselves well in solving this problem.

However, regular washing will help if the clothes were slightly smoked, for example, if a person went into the smoking room for a short while or was “smoked” at the bus stop. In situations where you need to get rid of the smell, the clothes of a heavy smoker, and also worn more than one day, a single wash may not help.

How to get rid of the smell of cigarettes on clothes at home in this case? Pre-soaking for half an hour or an hour will help. It is possible in a strong soapy solution, but an ammonia solution will be much more effective - for 10 liters of warm water you need to add two tablespoons of ammonia. Then the item is washed according to the recommendations on the label.

Washing with the addition of vinegar and soda will also help. These components in equal volumes can be added to the machine, or can be used in a solution for pre-soaking. To get rid of the tobacco stink, things must be washed at the maximum permitted temperature.

Still smoked things can be soaked before washing in water with alcohol - for 10 liters of water at least 20 ml of alcohol. After smoked clothes, the washing machine itself often smells not in the best way - in this case it must be started at a maximum temperature (90 ° C) with an unloaded drum, and as a means of cleaning, pour half a cup of soda inside.

how to get rid of the smell of tobacco on clothes


People often ask about how to get rid of the smell of tobacco on clothes with steam. Many people have modern steamers, so some people think that things can be refreshed with their help. In fact, after steaming, the old smell of tobacco may increase.

Nevertheless, steam can help in the fight against an unpleasant odor: for this, a smoked thing must be hung over a cup of hot water and a little vinegar. The smell should fade after a few hours.


Not all situations have the ability to wash things. In this regard, the question arises of how to get rid of the smell of cigarettes on clothes quickly and without washing. You can recommend using the "student" method, namely airing in the fresh air.

airing things from tobacco

Before you hang things on the balcony, they should be shaken well or vacuumed - so a large amount of dust will be removed from the surface, which contains unpleasant “aromatic” additives.

To speed up the process, clothes are pre-sprinkled with talcum powder or baby powder - this substance serves as an absorbent for nicotine resins. After an hour in the fresh air, things are shaken and put on. If there is no time limit, they are left overnight.


But what if a person does not even have an hour to air? How to get rid of the smell of tobacco on clothes quickly with a minimum of time for collection? In this case, you need to hide the tobacco "flavor" behind others, no less strong.

First of all, perfume or eau de toilette comes to mind. Some persistent and intense perfumes interrupt smoke well. But some form an unpleasant mixture with the smell of tobacco, so you need to choose wisely. It is better to refuse sweet and sugary aromas - the result will be too unpredictable, fresh and light perfumes do not mask an unpleasant smell, floral ones also do not have the necessary intensity.

Therefore, you should pay attention to chypre, as well as all those compositions that contain bright notes of wood, moss, earth, coffee and patchouli. Do not forget that there are special perfumes and eau de toilette that go well with tobacco smoke - perfumers made sure that even the most heavy smokers could smell pleasantly.

how to get rid of the smell of cigarettes on clothes quickly

Other methods

Since you can quickly get rid of the smell of cigarettes on clothes with a masking scent, you need to consider other options besides perfumes and toilet water. Coffee helps well - grains are poured into a pocket or things are put in an airtight bag for half an hour and a few grains are poured there. The latter method is preferable, since in a confined space, clothes are more intensively absorbed by the smell.

coffee smell

Mint leaves in pockets will also help.

For especially difficult cases

In especially neglected cases, when you need to act quickly, the thing is sprayed with a solution of isopropyl alcohol and ventilated. The action of this method is based on the high volatility of alcohols, which, when evaporated, will take with them an unpleasant odor.

How to get rid of the smell of tobacco on clothes is now known. But what to do when it comes to a leather jacket or fur coat? You just can’t wash them, and you won’t be able to mask an unpleasant “aroma” for a long time.

If we are talking about a leather thing, it must be wiped with a damp sponge dipped in a soap or alcohol solution. This will wash away contamination from the surface, and with it the majority of nicotine resins. With a lining, everything is not so simple - you will either have to wash it or intensively spray with perfume.

With a fur coat, the situation is even more complicated. The fur absorbs like a sponge. Therefore, in the presence of a tobacco smell, the fur coat will have to be dry cleaned or special anti-smoking sprays for fur things should be used.

Important information: if we are talking about a fur coat, masking smells, especially strong perfumes, can greatly aggravate the situation.


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